Rinaldi 1987

My Dakar 1987 by Michele Rinaldi

Perhaps not everyone will remember the fleeting involvement of Cross world champion 125 Michele Rinaldi to Paris Dakar 1987.

The bike was a Suzuki DR 650 standard prepared by the team of French importer, flying at the brothers Joineau.

The race for Michele didn't go very well and by his own admission: "in all the experience was useful, Since I created a wealth of experience that will be useful to me – confirmation Rinaldi. I'm glad the decision even though in some cases I damn the day I thought I'd subscribe to Dakar. It was not only physical problems, down easily overcome, but also of mental and physical problems that underlie a marathon long and exhausting as the Dakar. "

Supports Rinaldi :"in Paris in the prologue I also managed to enjoy myself convinced that this was already the real race. The best to remain aloof, I wonder why? I found out at my expense, they knew that the real race begins after Tamanrasset. I rather like a good freshman staring already and committed my promo big mistake. We would have thought Africa to calm down ".

"I still remember Balestrieri, winner of the second stage, tell me – You Michele did not understand anything about this race ".
Unfortunately the 9th stage, a fall left shoulder dislocated already in 1984 and Michael gave his salute to Dakar.
The experience of Suzuki at the 1987, was not completely negative, as one of the motorcycles he saw the finish line, in an Honourable ninth place in the absolute with Marc Joineau.