Yamaha YZE OW08 850 Dakar 1993

In 1993 We ran the 15th edition of the Paris-Dakar, tough competition through the African wilderness, from Paris and arriving in the capital of Senegal. Strange issue with only 46 bike that presented themselves at the start and all it has distinguished the Yamaha YZE OWD8 of Sephane Peterhansel, winner of the two previous editions.

A truly unique piece, even more so than rare this Yamaha which has been for sale on the site
The motorcycles for sale was the very official version from 850 CC, established on the basis of 750 Road but completely revolutionized by Yamaha Motor France in collaboration with the Japanese Racing Division. The engine was a parallel twin, as tradition, and the front panel with the fuel tank the quaint oval headlight lens headlight, make it undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dakariane of the years ' 90.

This bike belonged to the collection of Yamaha Motor France for 20 years It was not remotely touched after crossing the finish line in Dakar ' 93. In essence, It was a motorcycle kept and well washed.
The scratches, the peeling paint on some points, The fairing and the tail broken, the carter ruined by the defenders of the boot, they are all “battle wounds” telling the story.

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Henno Van BergeiJk in Dakar on an XT500

When trying to find the adventure…in the adventure the quote is practically a must.
Was the 2006 When a Dutch driver, HENNO VAN BERGEIJK, took it into his head to attend the Lisbon-Dakar (that year, he departed from Portugal) on a bike prepared entirely by myself.
And so far nothing strange, except for the bike with which he entered to tougher competition in the desert was an old Yamaha XT500!

To the eye the bike was very similar to the version that he participated in the early years 80, except the front fork (upside-down type) and the front disc brake…safety first.
For the rest, from the engine, the dual shock absorbers (gas) Retrospect, follow the basic configuration.
Obviously the ambitions were not ones to reach the heights of high ranking, but demonstrating the goodness of the medium and the ability to reach the finish line with a medium, the most considered “obsolete”.
They reached the finish line…in last place, but after many years, his company has remained in the memory of adventure fans.

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Philippe ed Erick Al Hamad Dakar 1987

The brothers Philippe and Erick Auribault on small Yamaha DT 125 the Parisian Prolog Dakar 1987. Behind you recognize Martin-Ville on Yamaha Motorcycle Shop Team FD.


Serge Bacou Dakar 1982

Pedro Amado 1992

Pedro Amado Dakar 1992

A heroic already used to, Pedro Amado in the race during the Dakar 1992 and regularly at the finish of The Cap at 28° location on a Yamaha XTZ 660 Marathon!

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J.C. Olivier Dakar 1986

J.C. Olivier in mechanical version, working on Yamaha 600 to Charbonnier during the Dakar 1986.

Al Hamad 1989

Philippe ed Erick Al Hamad Dakar 1989

Brothers Racing, Philippe and Erick Auribault. Paired arrive in Dakar in 1989 in 52° and 53° position. EPIC!


Giorgio Grasso Dakar 1988

Garrison fueling his Yamaha BYRD during the Dakar 1988. Edition not very lucky for him ended for fall and fracture in the leg.


Gualini racing with Yamaha to Dakar 1992

Do it yourself for three, and in the name of autarchy funny «Gualo» has managed to become one of the most significant characters of the environment, Perhaps the most famous private ever.
Eight times in the race in Dakar, organizational staff member Camel Trophy, pilot and journalist, for once captain of representative of Bergamo to games without frontiers, made them really all.

Two years ago he was also the first private citizens on arrival of the Dakar, While in ' 91 fell down. Has 38 years and not spring!
Official cannot be defined 100%, But even more privatissimo: for Paris-Le Cap Gualini has got one of the Yamaha OW C5 shipping to race last year by pilots BYRD, similar to those used in this edition of the rally from Mas and Cavandoli.
The twin-cylinder 750 cm3 should allow some good exploits at bergamasco, that assistance has a Mercedes Unimog truck driven by Silvanus Daniel and Luigi De Podest, two items from the Camel Trophy which already last year accompanied him to Africa, as Claudio Macario, Airborne mechanic.

Source motosprint
For photos of Lacchiarella thanks Clement Canino

Comte 1979

Gilles Comte Dakar 1979

Those in a hurry, view that the thing that is going to make
It's too big for him.
(Lord Chesterfield)
Gilles Comte Dakar 1979