Dune Motor's Lalay tribute

“We wanted to write a long description of how this bike came about and what it represented, but in the end rereading we realized that just a few words. This very long work is a tribute to the never-forgotten Gilles Lalay, and all those people who directly or indirectly helped to imagine, realize and bring to the race one of the most incredible and fascinating bikes that have ever crossed the African tracks.”

Thank you to all of them.
Philip and Angelo Dune Motor.


Giorgio Grasso Dakar 1988

Garrison fueling his Yamaha BYRD during the Dakar 1988. Edition not very lucky for him ended for fall and fracture in the leg.


Gualini racing with Yamaha to Dakar 1992

Do it yourself for three, and in the name of autarchy funny «Gualo» has managed to become one of the most significant characters of the environment, Perhaps the most famous private ever.
Eight times in the race in Dakar, organizational staff member Camel Trophy, pilot and journalist, for once captain of representative of Bergamo to games without frontiers, made them really all.

Two years ago he was also the first private citizens on arrival of the Dakar, While in ' 91 fell down. Has 38 years and not spring!
Official cannot be defined 100%, But even more privatissimo: for Paris-Le Cap Gualini has got one of the Yamaha OW C5 shipping to race last year by pilots BYRD, similar to those used in this edition of the rally from Mas and Cavandoli.
The twin-cylinder 750 cm3 should allow some good exploits at bergamasco, that assistance has a Mercedes Unimog truck driven by Silvanus Daniel and Luigi De Podest, two items from the Camel Trophy which already last year accompanied him to Africa, as Claudio Macario, Airborne mechanic.

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For photos of Lacchiarella thanks Clement Canino


Cover Magazine Moto Verte 1986

Cover dedicated to Andrew Marinoni on Yamaha Moto Verte 1986.


Angel face ready for Dakar 1989

He dreamed of making the skier, Instead it has become a famous enduro champion who will seek glory and fame in the Paris-Dakar, While it is true that before him other enduro riders have conquered the capital of Senegal a place on the podium. Meanwhile Angelo Signorelli, This year, you are satisfied to win the European Championship, then the six days enduro, always with KTM 125, and is still fighting to win the Italian title.

At the races came in the footsteps of his uncle Joseph as the champion now established and pilot Officer introduced him very young to Fantic Motor, to work as a tester. Little by little, Angelo became pilot-test driver, and end up doing only the pilot thanks to successes in small displacements. Afoot by the withdrawal of Fantic and age of military service, Signorelli becomes part of the Fiamme Oro passing in 1982 the Kramit and later, from 84, the KTM-Faison. Always available at the interview and on a charge of sympathy not indifferent, Signorelli is referred to by many as the Playboy of the enduro, Since away from racing, But even on the race, It is not uncommon to see him in the company of lovely fans, After appearing in some advertising pages of the KTM a few years ago with a beautiful Oriental girl in his arms. Bachelor and inveterate Heartthrob, Signorelli is however unquestionably a very serious professional and a real «Professor» di tecnica in trials and in the development of every detail of the bike, as well as natural talent indisputable.
The friendly character and the great will to succeed, typical of the people of Bergamo, They then made it possible to achieve all the goals it has set itself from time to time, becoming first champion in small 50 CC, then in 80, then again in 125. Now who will run the Paris-Dakar race with Yamaha Chesterfield Scout Team may also acquire that experience which already partially owns to emerge even on long African raid.

"I'm under no illusions» says Signorelli "the Dakar is for me a new race and although I am new to running of Lina in the desert, I still need a lot of experience».

– But what led you to accept a three-year contract with the Yamaha Belgarda?
"Last year I had run the RaIly of Pharaohs with Belgarda and certainly I had made a good impression before the accident that cost me a fractured clavicle and a hand when I was among the first. Towards the month of July I was again contacted by popes who offered me a program determined mind interesting. I talked to Faisal and after long meditated on the decision I chose, Although reluctantly for the whole environment KTM to which I was bound for 5 years, to sign a three-year contract with the Belgarda. My next programme includes participation in the most important rally that will take part in the Team and the various Championships of enduro where should I run or in 250 with a new bike or in 125, or in 350 4 T».

– As they took the KTM this your decision?
"Every driver always receives the proposals at the end of the season. But as often unfortunately happens the streets can be divided. I am still sure you have chosen the most stimulating program. It is not however was an easy decision because it leaves the KTM meant leaving people with there I lived for five years with a relationship that was now gone far beyond the mere fact of being a driver».

How do you think will be addressed and solved your problem to run this year's Dakar, Since the rally will start on 25 December and your contract will expire only on 31?
"I hope that everything works out for the best though I have yet to tackle the problem with Faisal which for me has always behaved in a more than correct.

How do you see placed in a team that has big ambitions of winning the Dakar?
"I know very well Marinoni. Peak a little less, even if I found myself perfectly during the last year of the Pharaohs RaIly. Little or no Neveu. I didn't however no ambition in that my focus remains to gain experiences and a good support in the role of domestique. Next year if all goes well I hope to be a little more free and who knows that in three years I can dress up as top driver».

– The 1988 has so far been a golden year for you. Did you expect it would be so?
"When at the beginning of the season, Faisal told me I had to run in 125 I was so happy because all the 1987 I had run into 500 never failed to express myself to the best of my ability. I started hard preparation in all respects intensifying even more workouts when I saw that the results were increasingly positive».

– In the environment you are loved d everyone and especially how you are one of the most popular drivers ever by girls. How do you justify this, Whereas some teams there is a high friction?

"That win or lose I always remain what they are and it is perhaps for this reason that I am nice to everyone. The story of the girls, or that I am a Playboy is absolutely not true although I don't mind dwell to speak or to learn more about the girls… Of course the most possible cute!».

– The fact of being named "wingman" of Cyril Neveu doesn't scare you a bit?
«The second to Neveu who in his career has already won five times the Dakar is a great honour for me».

– Why do you call yourself wingman when you have the chances and also the ability to not be?
"I repeat: I think I need to do much more experience than I have already to Dakar performing to the best of my job shadow of Neveu. If in a few years I became the new Oberoi…I would be obviously very happy»

by Dario Agrati (Motosprint) Bg/SignorelliA/ASignorelli.htm



Peak POWER1 1990

Franco Picco Dakar 1990…It's all gone wrong!

Should have been the Dakar success. Instead for Franco Picco became a ruthless contest, where was forced to bite the bullet to resist very strong stomach bug that has knocked down, meant he had to sweat to get, and certainly not in the position he wanted.

"It was my clear choice tactic to begin attacking just after the halfway stage, but when she arrived I was badly explains Mauritania, I struggled to stay on the bike, and I seemed to have a head full of water. Even I was two days without eating for special trial stops me not, toilet paper in hand, but drinking only water you lose completely the forces. I arrived because conclude the Dakar is still a result, but it is certainly not what I wanted. Third, Fourth, fifth or second doesn't make much of a difference». A total disappointment, In short? "Often gets to make the decision to quit just because you've been working like crazy all year just for that outcome, and then see you lose the race for things like: you drop your arms, It makes you think that it is useless to insist. Sudi, struggling, It also risks hurting really and then just nothing to give everything up in smoke. Like that jump where I fell, in the first part of the race: We all have passed without the slightest problem, It took just a small shot of gas and I spilled. A minute and is likely to blow it up in smoke».

There was also the problem to show up with a totally new bike.

"Already, There were to be remade all experience after many years with single cylinder. But to make things right you should be able to start in February with the evidence, because it takes time for testing, and possibly to change what is wrong. It's a problem because a firm cannot work all year just for the Paris-Dakar rally and the evidence always begin in mid-September, but we must do it, Even so I have more time to train with the race bikes: the longer it goes on, and more training is needed, and maybe I needed to have done a little’ more with the twin, This year».

There is a certain rivalry between you and Oberoi: do you mind I've won? "Of course I regret that won him. But only because it means that I didn't win I!».

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Advertising Yamaha 1992

Advertising page on Motosprint 1992 celebrating the victory of Massimo Montebelli in category Marathon of Dakar.

Findanno 1985-1

Giampiero Fatemian – Dakar 1985

De Petri 1991-2

“Ciro” Dalia fall and retirement – Dakar 1991

Despite all the problems blamed for Agadez looked like «Cyrus» Dalia could still do it: fifty minutes not one huge drawback when the race is still half, especially for a rider can win special Repeater. But unfortunately did not end as the Italian fans would have hoped.

Gao Bergamo there arrived on a plane of SOS Assistance, with the compound fracture of the left collarbone, the dislocation of the hip and lumbar trauma at the height of the sacroiliac joint. His race is over at km 25 of the Special, against a cut hidden by the soft sand on which the bike was stuck with projecting far.

«I was travelling around 120 mph is his account and I have not noticed anything. The step was invisible. Hadn't seen it I could try to raise the front wheel, or slide the bike to trigger the crash: I would not have fallen like a stewed PEAR. Instead I flew forward and the bike has passed over two or three times, without hitting me. I tumbled for 300 meters, and once I stopped I heard I was going to pass out. I forced myself and I moved from the runway, then came the other day».

An amazing fall, unexpected, to the extent that Dalia asked Cavandoli, He is staying to assist, to verify the step had balked.

«I wish they would tell me what happened, I hadn't even realized. I wanted to understand the reason for my fall to not stay with a worm in the head. What bad luck! A step of land very hard, barely visible and not marked on road book: others who passed, While slowing down for my accident, taking the beatings shoals, to surprise. I've seen them turn around to watch what they hit».

Team Rider BYRD-Chesterfield speaks lying on a special mattress in the tent infirmary, with strong back pains for stroke for. "I thought that for me the bad luck was over and instead… My race went. That anger. If you fall because you came along in a curve or because you overdid it is your fault and patience. It can happen to fall even as there is a risk in off piste. But so… My shoulder doesn't hurt, It was just that I'd be broken down. He's behind that feel bad stabbing».

Fortunately, however, it is just a bad bump. The last straw is that Dalia wasn't even forcing.

"I was doing well but not staring at the Yelp despite being in front of everyone. With that bike I was perfectly on this ground, the $ $ run effortlessly. I started loaded but very quiet after the victory of yesterday: I knew there were still six days of competition. I would have eaten 30 minutes to all, behind me there was a fuss that would have slowed down. In two days I could retrieve all the advantage in the early standings. What bad luck».

Bad luck? Judging by the condition of the bike we would have to think otherwise, having regard to the State it was reduced. Led her to Gao, one of the team's service truck.

«And destroyed, I have never seen a bike like this. The tanks seem reduced to foil, the handlebar is ripped. And as if it had been thrown down a cliff. I in the incident I lost my gloves».

Dalia was taken the next day to Niamey with Wagner from ae-reo Team private BYRD-Chesterfield, and was then repatriated by a plane of SOS Assistance.

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Twelve luxury private to Dakar 1992

Not enough four factory riders, together with them the BYRD took him to Africa other twelve private pilots with a figure definitely reasonable could enjoy an almost official assistance. A sales promotion, which required a great deal of effort, but that was also acclaim: 32.000.000 liras for buying a Yamaha XTZ 660 all ready to run in the marathon category, Racing apparel and rest, transport of bike and rider in Paris for the departure and especially transport of spare parts and mechanical assistance in the running, with the ability to have personal sponsors.

Joseph Viziale, the former pilot who was entrusted with the responsibility of the operation, He showed himself very confident, and in fact the formula was successfully tested in the past by several houses: could reduce the figures and at the same time enjoy adequate assistance, crucial in a race like that. The parts were traveling on two trucks, a Unimog and a Liaz, and in addition there were also some airborne mechanical headed by ing. Adriano Magherini. It is worth mentioning that it is precisely with a similar initiative two years ago Honda won the marathon category, with Spanish Toni Boluda.
These are the 12 drivers and their race number:
53 Emanuele Chari
54 Malloe
55 Ettore Petrini
56 Fabrizio Meoni – It passed from enduro to rally in 89, and he immediately in evidence. For him the rides were a hobby, practiced at high level. He participated in the Incas twice, and one on Tunisia, While he played in ' 91, Baja 1000, Titan and Pharaohs.
57 Luciano Carcheri
58 Samuele Landi
59 Maximum Maddox
60 Fabio Marcaccini – Be dubbed "the man from Agadez" not enough more to former sprinter from Romagna, two years before he ended up in newspapers all over the world for leading a good stretch of the stage that decided the Dakar ' 90. To aim higher, He decided to abandon the category prototypes, where he ran with motorcycle built by him and by his team-mate Max Malik, and to test themselves in the marathon, where should not suffer the competition of the officers. Great experience, tenacity and skill in orientation: a good base on which to try to build something good.
61 Max Malik – Marcaccini's teammate in the Wild Team, chose him to run in the marathon, and the formula BYRD might enable it to compete more quietly when he was deprived. Supported by a Herculean physique, the romagnolo has always been one of the fastest private two years ago gained success in ranking amateurs.
64 Heinz Kinigadner – Twice world champion of cross 250 in 84 and 85, the likeable Austrian has abandoned the world series not racing: He moved to Ibiza participated in the rally and enduro Spanish Championships, who won won more times. Decided to try the adventure of Paris-Le Cap, He wanted to involve the official BMW with the support of sponsor Camel, but the operation is not andatò in port. " Kini» however you gave up and with the support of Yamaha Austria joined the project BYRD. On his speed is not discussed, on his grit even.
63 Jeremy Davies
62 JMN Claude Morellet "Fenuil""I race for the fun of it, If I had searched for the money i'd competed as Navigator to Citroen or Mitsubishi ". An explanation that didn't make a wrinkle, the organizer of the Rally of the Pharaohs, He had behind 7 Dakar motorbike (a third place finish the best placement) and 3 drive, as Navigator, all played in top positions. He was the first to cross the Sahara on motorbikes in Solitaire, in ' 74, and Africa took several satisfactions. But to 46 years had not yet want to quit: the adventure has no age.

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