DAKAR 1983 | Le Morini Camel 500 three specimens were at the start of the Paris-Dakar.

Source: Messaggero Veneto and Desert Pistons

The tormented path of Transafrica 80 (the race of six thousand kilometers through the African savannas and deserts) was the best development for a prototype of the Morini motorcycle from which the Carne model was obtained! 500, today offered on the market. The preparation of that prototype for the African test was carried out by Antonio Valentini, the same preparer as the three Camels 500 sponsored by Za nussi and participating in the Paris-Dakar. The machine is the result of the competitive experience of Valentini and his team and the technological evolution of the Bolognese company (founded in 1937 by Alfonso Morini) and the collaboration of Zanussi Elettromeccanica which provided the electronic ignition system.


Faced with the difficulties of a route such as that of the Paris-Dakar, that puts a strain on all parts of the vehicle and some specific needs imposed by the characteristics of the race, the twin-cylinder from 500 CC. has undergone some modifications and has been subjected to careful checks on the. First of all the engine organs were controlled at the metalloscope, after a thorough examination of the size. The compression ratio has been adapted to the quality of the petrols available in Africa, poor octane.

The tank has been increased and has a capacity to 34 liters: it is also equipped with an anti-slip sponge. The air filter has been completely moved and is in a dust-sheltered position, sand. stones raised by wheels The saddle, Car. has been equipped with double padding and the lighting system of a double front light. But the most interesting novelty is the elimination of the battery with the adoption of a transistorized system for ignition. A system produced by Zanussi Elettromeccanica of Bologna, company belonging to the Zanussi group of Pordenone.


There are two functions that the plant is called to perform: electronic ignition and power supply of light loads. The system provides electronic adjustment of the most effective value in the alternating voltage provided by the flywheel-magnet-alternator. In electron-ca ignition. the procedure is structured as follows:: the flywheel-magnet-alternator produces alternating voltage, which is partially straightened to charge capacitors placed on high voltage electronic transducers. An electrical signal, which originates from the collector, controls the discharge of the capacitor on the primary of the transducer's high voltage coil.

In this way,. on the secondary connected to the candle, the voltage necessary to make the spark necessary for ignition is obtained. With regard to the supply of light loads. The flywheel-magnet-alternator generates an alternating voltage whose effective value is controlled by the electronic regulator in alternating current on which the light loads are inserted. On these it is established, starting from a minimum number of engine revolutions. an almost constant voltage that is not affected by changes in the number of the engine.



Dakar 1985 | Used Morini motorcycle makes good rally

Typically when it comes to twin-cylinders for African rallies until recently you could only refer to BMW, and after the Rally d'Algeria in November also at the Ligier-Cagiva with Ducati engine. But there's another one of twin-cylinder, italianissima moreover since it is the Morini, which also maintains the compatriots suspensions Marzocchi where they generally focus on the Swedes Ohlins.

Three years earlier the trainer Valentini of Prato he worked hard with a well-prepared team, but he was mocked by a distribution strap that left all the pilots on foot. In 1985 they tried again Cecccherelli - Wikipedia — but unfortunately for him the race lasted only one week (Fracture) — and Gagliotti - Wikipedia that went all the way to the mythical beach, of Dakar with a bike more than used: "Morini went well, helped us a little bit’ luck, and we did it. The assistance was what it was (Valentini and Deganello in the Fiat Campagnola already prepared for 1'83) and he did too much. Motorcycles are just the same as two years ago: chassis and advance as standard, of course tank increased by 38 liters, different shock absorbers. They are certainly outdated compared to the others but overall they have been able to get here. In addition to being 17th until the last stage I am always second in the class up to 500».

Deganello: "This year morini's commitment has not been, the participation was in private form of the Valentini dealer mostly for Gagliotti's determination to make the race. Despite the release of camel's new model with single shock absorber and a certainly better bike we did not have time to prepare it and we preferred the same bike as two years ago. Marzocchi has revised our suspensions (they're not even new so, n.d.r.) and morini the engines. Valentini made available everything that was already there: motorcycle and Campagnola, Spare parts, equipment and himself..


Gianni Gagliotti Dakar 1983

Gianni Gagliotti launch riding his Moto Morini Camel 500 Valentini Team to Dakar 1983

MoriniValentini 85

The last time of Moto Morini – Dakar 1985

The 1985 It is the year of the last participation of Team V di Prato the Paris-Dakar, the team not having received direct support from the factory, is forced to retire after this edition. Antonio Valentini and Bertolatti leave nothing to chance to prepare the bikes that are made by bring the experience gained in previous editions.

Unfortunately Leandro Carter gets hurt at the end of the first week of the race due to a fall and you must withdraw. Gianni Gagliotti It performs very well and after thousands of kilometers is located a few kilometers from the finish in Dakar. It is 17° in the absolute and 2° in its class. On the sand of Dakar and with few km to go the bike does not want to know to go and with the help of Gauri and Crossbowmen tries in every way to jump-start its Morini, supported by the incessant cheers of children gathered on the beach to celebrate.

The finish line is at your fingertips, but the only way to cut it is to being towed by friends pilots to try to restart it. This attempt, however, the costs of disqualification. For this reason you won't find Gagliotti official charts, but morally and after 14.000 km 20 days, that goal he cut it, all right!


Moto Morini Camel 500 1983

In 1983 Team V host 3 Moto Morini Camel 500 and entrusted to three friends V V, Leandro Carter and Gianni Gagliotti that presented themselves at the start, both the Rallye des Pharaons, that the Paris-Dakar!

All three riders early in the race Team Morini Valentini rode top positions in their category, but unfortunately on this occasion no one has seen the beach in Dakar due to technical problems.