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Text by Biagio Maglienti from Motorcycling

Ciro said stop; enough with the Dakar and the races. "At the age of thirty-eight," says Alessandro De Petri, in art "Ciro” — it is also necessary to be able to stop.. Knowing him we know how much this decision may have cost him. So much so that he wanted to end an important parenthesis of his life in an un traumatic way, siding at the start of the 16th Dakar as a simple participant, almost a tourist. "But do not think it was still easy — continues the bergamot - to repress my instincts. I had to impose a form of self-control. In the first stages, De Petri prevailed as a driver. I didn't make it.; i opened the handcuff as usual, risking like a 10458928_10203400208157276_1120159053910473021_n - CopyCrazy. Absurd! At the end of the second special I was 35th; I left and started pulling. I've overtaken almost everyone, coming a minute from the first. I passed them in the most unexpected places, Difficult, risking the whole thing. Then I reflected; i realized that wasn't the reason why i had decided to take part in this race again. In the next stage I started and, routes ten kilometers, i stopped. I put the bike on the easel and waited a quarter of an hour. It was a real pain to see others pass by and I stood there still; but in the end I did it. Curbed competitive instinct I started my real Dakar; a Dakar from “Explorer”, to appreciate everything in these eleven years I had missed. New emotions, places and people; i photographed everything in my mind and soon, indeed very soon I will tell it in a book. Of course, not for protagonism or for profit (the proceeds will go to charity). Only to give once and for all the real face of a race too often not understood..


Alessandro De Petri said enough at thirty-eight years old, after winning for three times the Pharaohs Rally, two tunisia, collecting a total of 67 partial stage successes. For years he was the Italian symbol of this type of competition. He missed it, perhaps more out of bad luck than for other reasons, the important victory. The Dakar daydreamed on several occasions, of which he heard the scent several times and which adverse fate has always denied him. But De Petri doesn't seem to care about this “small” Particular.

"It is clear, it weighs me never to have won a Dakar, because as a professional pilot as I was, don't win this competition it's kinda’ See 11140119_10204842355488178_6697427028410064163_nfade the dream for which you have committed all your strength and part of your life. However, by objectively analysing the problem, without making any illusions, i'm equally satisfied. If I had run this race with another head I probably wouldn't have missed the success. My exuberant character prevented me from. With this I deny nothing of what I have done in recent years. I'm so in the race and in life, I couldn't have behaved differently. If I were to go back I would do everything, I would not change anything and above all I would never change my partial successes with a final victory".

The Dakar is a tough race, Unlivable, but that's why fascinating. "It is unique in the world," continues Ciro, "and only those who participated in it can really understand the motivations that drive pilots to face superhuman efforts, putting a strain and sometimes exceeding the limit of endurance for any living being". And ten years of Dakar don't forget so easily. Especially if, as in the case of De Petri, were an integral part of his life as a pilot and inevitably as a man.

I didn't make it.; i opened the handcuff as usual, risking like crazy, Absurd!

So Ciro begins: "What an incredible adventure. My past is inextricably linked to the motorcycle. I started competing very early and with good results, in the cross and enduro. Third in a world cross 125 and European enduro champion. Then I decided to abandon racing to devote myself to my main activity, that of dentist. But the future was about to reserve me something extraordinary. At twenty-eight I heard about a race with a “Crazy” that crossed the entire desert to Dakar, starting from Paris. He competed against cars and won.".

For the record, the “Crazy” it was Neveu and the race the Paris-Dakar "I had no doubt and embarked on what would later become, shortly, my true profession. I went to Farioli and asked for a motorcycle; then I bought a used Range-Rover and hired Felicino Agostini (Brother of Giacomo and brother-in-law of De Petri) and Giacomo Vismara. The adventure had begun..


You look at him and his face betrays the emphasis. The first experience and the last one are undoubtedly the ones that involve him the most on an emotional level. Memories fill it up and overlap. He remembers to Claudio Towers, an illustrious stranger, but… "The Dakar, i wouldn't fall into the rhetoric, it's a real school of life. It teaches you to fight, to get away with it yourself and help you understand people. One character in particular remained in my heart. A “Private”, the Milanese architect Claudio Torri. He showed up at the start with us in the 1983. It was for everyone the first experience, but for him it was even more so. He had already half destroyed (Physically) prologue and continued his work of annihilation in the continuation of the competition. When boarding for Africa he risked not expatriating; had laid his papers and wallet on the saddle of the bike. When the helicopter got up in the air the air shift lifted the documents and money that ended up in the water. Then, a few days later, bordering on the comedian and the grotesque, in an attempt to straighten the handlebars of my bike, helping Agostini, took the hammer in his hand and absent-mindedly hammered himself in the head. For almost the entire race Torri was the protagonist of a continuous event of this kind. Never a lament. Consecutive hours and hours in the saddle without saying a word: fantastic and amazing!».

Among the memories also the myth, sabine's. Dakar is linked to this name for better or for worse. De Petri remembers him like this: "It is not DePetri_1994_1he was never wrong, was able to make important decisions, on which depended the safety of the entire caravan of the Dakar He was always right and the pilots, the mechanics and all the entourage following the race began to blindly trust this French out of nowhere, until his figure has become a constant point of reference for all of us, a beacon to follow. And when he missed, when the news came that the helicopter had crashed to the ground, the whole caravan in silence has returned in its own footsteps going to the site of the tragic event. It was night; when we arrived there was an apocalyptic scene: sheets scattered everywhere, there was not the slightest sign of life. I can never forget..

This is the Dakar, in its strongest accents, remembered by Ciro De Petri. The terrible accident at the Pharaohs in the 1992 convinced him to abandon. "Yes probably the spring that triggered in me the decision to stop also came as a result of the accident. Two months in a coma is no joke. But, it's going to look weird, a nonsense, the accident was an opportunity to get back in the saddle again, for the last time. Coming out of the horns I slowly recovered, but I was left with a kind of numbness and tiredness; a real torment. One morning, three months ago, i decided i'd come back to run. I resumed training and immediately i passed all the ailments; i'd already won, even before starting the race".


DAKAR 1987 – Disqualification challenged by Dalia

NIAMEY – Is the hot afternoon of 14 January, in the morning the competitors of Paris-Dakar have abandoned the comforts of the capital of Niget, sharing a breeze for Gao. The pool at the luxury Hotel Gaweye only riders withdrawn from the year's toughest race and some reporter; in a dozen of the many rooms of the hotel injured people complain about waiting for flight scheduled for the night of the following day that will bring everyone in Europe. Among the Palm trees and the cool pool water, in a scenario worthy of Simon Le Bon, We will have a long talk with Alexander «Cyrus» Dalia, one of the fastest men ever seen in action on African roads, in the limelight, Unfortunately, to be one of the riders disqualified from TSO at the start of the stage Agades-Tahoua.


De Petri is much more relaxed than the morning of 13, When Patrick Verdoy not handed him and Gates the roadmap, putting them so out-of-competition. That morning at Agades I had almost afraid to interview the pilot of Cagiva, furious about the exclusion of the race. By the pool, though, the tension inevitably Saeed and Cyrus proves to be more talkative and quiet at the microphone of my recorder. The first question is of course dedicated to the "situation" in the stage of 5 January.

Then Cyrus, the bike has been replaced?
"No, I had a problem with the clutch and I had to stop. Shortly after they arrived Gates and Picard and, together, We started working on the bikes. The Cagiva has the clutch handle of type De-Petri-1987-2plumber and work on it is very laborious: There is also to bleed. Let us not forget that it was the first special stage and we were quite nervous. In that moment time seems to fly when reassembling the hulls of confusion and we did three bikes».

But don't you have noticed that the helicopter of the Sierra (the company that films the exclusive Paris-Dakar) you ran over your head?
"Certainly,, and there was nothing wrong, even we noticed that the operator was leaning out to recover». You have been disqualified based on photographic evidence and filmed, but your motorbikes have been verified in the evening, the stage finish? "No, Neither night nor on subsequent days».

What exactly happened on the morning of 13 on departure from Agades, When you have been put out of the race?
«I was presented, like all day, the briefing, but before this started I realized that the compass does not work and are then returned to the “Villa” Cagiva team had rented in Agades, to remedy this problem. Made the replacement of the instrument are returned upon departure, the briefing had already ended and I noticed that everyone was looking at me. Before you ask me the reason for so much attention I came to meet Gates, I said we were out of the race and that they wouldn't deliver the roadmap. I thought he was kidding, but then came the confirmation of Auriol. Anyway I told Gates to follow me until the start of the special stage. Arriving at the departure Verdoy told us that if within two minutes hadn't returned to Agades would also disqualified Auriol».

How you react to this news?
«By disappointment at a decision which I define shocking that ran counter to what I thought of the TSO, an organization that I respected and in which I had the utmost confidence. The Dakar has become a big business for homes, the sponsors and the drivers it is necessary that these interests are protected by a Federation».

Maybe from international, I say mischievous.
"Of course, the Dakar is an international competition and it is essential that such decisions are taken by a body that protects all these huge interests».De-Petri-1987-3

Speaking of the race has changed after Sabine how and the environment after death of the great inventor and soul of Paris-Dakar, What do you think?
"Even with Sabine, or better under his direction, questionable decisions were made, as the penalty imposed on Peak two years ago. Last year during the stage Ouargla-El Golea, There was a complaint against Honda France for a supposed change of bike, but they were not carried out verifications. In any case, this ninth edition of the Dakar is beautiful, great technique with special tests to no end and no nighttime stages: a beautiful and well organized race. What I don't think would have happened at the time of Sabine's do run a pilot for six days, leave to rest one day and then ban him, What happened to me».

You have been put out of the race on the basis of evidence filmed and photographs, you have probably tried to save the situation and continue the race. What happened and, especially, What will happen?
"Our athletic director Azzalin asked to do share Gates and me maybe letting us run sub-judice until Dakar, but Verdoy is still on his decision (wrong for me) and did not accept. Meanwhile, to protect the interests and image of Cagiva, sponsors and also my (Let us not forget that a professional driver prepares for Dakar for about 8 months) you will end up before a court».

You want to maybe the head of Verdoy?
"No, I don't care, We want only to know that disqualify me and Gates was a mistake and especially that in the future there is greater protection for Homes, sponsors and drivers».

The future of specialty care to many and inevitably to Ciro we asked the question that you feel in your environment, as a world rally championship?
"It would be beautiful — answers — and us drivers often talk, a World Championship under the auspices of the International Federation would be a big step forward, but on our part, there is still the need to deal, While Federal environments has not arrived yet effective intervention. Even when we had, After the tragedy of Giampaolo Marinoni, requested that two doctors follow us Italian pilots flying in giving us the necessary security, even psychological».

We talk about safety, for you the Dakar is a safe race?
"The Dakar is a dangerous race. Is the actual product to be, almost a cross between speed (for medium to high) and cross (for the ground on which it runs); In addition nobody knows exactly all the pitfalls of the path: It's a cocktail very dangerous especially if you get lost. If you become injured off piste the risk is so much».

There is solidarity among pilots?
"Yes, Despite the difference between official and private pilots all stop if they see a colleague in distress. In this respect I feel very safe. There is a lot of humanity in this ruthless contest and solidarity on the track is so much».

Interview by Marco Masetti for Motosprint

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Ciro De Petri Dakar 1984

Ciro De Petri hurtling toward the finish line of his first Dakar, in 1984. End 37° on KTM GS 560.

depetri 1984

“Ciro” Dalia debuting Dakar 1984

Completely private even novice Alexander De Petri, Although well assisted by the excellent Vismara who took care of his KTM Farioli.
Sixth at the Rally of the Pharaohs, Dalia had embarked on his adventure with Towers, then came out of the race for a fall that cost him the fracture of the femur.

"To talk about the Paris-Dakar, to explain what you should write a book — says Dalia (It will then ndr) ' it's a beautiful ride and gives a lot of satisfaction, but it is also a dangerous race, full of incidents and that requires great experience. What I've learned this year is that you can also run a race to wait trusting in the inconveniences of others ".

How did they perform your KTM race?
«The bike went quite well; certain, the current state of affairs is not definitive but if I were to try again next year would know where to put your hands. Would not be ever at the BMW and perhaps also of Honda and Yamaha».

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Interview with Ciro De Petri 1992

The 15 November 1992 He wakes up at noon.

Watch white ceiling, the view out the window, a television hung high on the wall in front of his bed and nothing familiar around. The last memory, the last time before that awakening is a Yamaha twin at full throttle in the Egyptian desert. He opens his eyes and tries to connect the two moments: that hospital room, Bianca and immobile and that bike free and fast in the middle of the sea of sand. It takes a while, ask those around, Arnaldo Faison and Giacomo Agostini and he understands that one day, that 6 October 1992 lasted a bit too: forty days, forty days of coma, forty days of deep sleep. His Yamaha broke the front wheel and he flew to 150 per hour with her face in the sand. When French physicians of the Organization find it, is dying.
Alessandro De Petri, say "Cyrus" for his big nose at Cirano, today is alive but is back in motion just to tell a story, write a book, do charities and open a school in Africa. See you in Las Vegas, giving me an appointment on the shores of Lake Iseo:
"If you want to chat, We're there to throw stones in the water as it was no-brainer. I love coming here, being alone and breathe in this pungent mountain air "long mouthfuls.

It is here that he started racing motorcycles. Around here you don't become football players, You must go in motion, preferably with the wheels clawed.

"As a kid I went into the Woods to watch Eastern samples with their Zundapp and CZ. Came here to train. And I wanted to get on those tracks ".

Yet, from "bad name", does not begin with regularity but with Cross, riding an old Abdelaziz given to him by his friend Dante Sachi. Has 15 years and behind a year's Gymkhana with Malaguti Cavalcone 50. A year later has an official Aspes, is the 1972. I prepare Happy Agostini, the brother of James. Ciro has a clean style but is a tough, never gives up, where there's muck, where is difficult, It puts the power of a bull, the head of a madman and goes on. Where others fear, He opens the throttle. Continues with the Cross until 1977 earning a second place in Italian 125 then, until 1980, runs in regularity: any major victory but is always the first in the European and the third step of the podium for four consecutive years to Six Days, first with the Puch 350 2 times, then a KTM 500.

In 1980, At home, do note that it's time to make adult choices, "getting a profession" as the fathers say. He enrolled in dentistry, the father is a dentist, and detect the activity seems more rational choice ... Too rational.

He doesn't want to be a dentist! Opened a workshop but discovered Africa and pawing, needs space, new air. with those molars in hand he feels like dying, It's not his life. His life is in the madness of Thierry Sabine. Is the 1983, has 28 years and his career began on the day when Headlights gives a Kappone.

Decide to go, but not alone. the friend is Frederick Felix. Did "the bowl", the shop assistant from Dante Sachi at the time of Abdelaziz but now he too has grown, He became a mechanic right, the two will split again until 6 October 1992. Ciro should be strong: is third in Morocco at the Atlas, sixth through the Pharaohs in Egypt and arrives at the bottom of the Dakar 1984 (37th). Sixteen years after his first ride, turns Pro. Honda Racing Division offers 15 million and a XL620L Thumper.

"I didn't think for one moment, I closed the workshop with all that there was no mortgage to pay and I left everything ... I'd do it a thousand times!”.

Smaller rallies or falls or breaks the bike like the Pharaohs of the 1985, When is ahead but must retire for the front wheel bearing failure. The Dakar 1985 retires with a broken arm, to that of the 1986 that's better, He won six stages and is fifth. Against the twins there's story, Honda NXR 750 only goes to the French, Ciro has to change:

"Fast stages there was to die with mono, but BMW offered me a motorcycle, I couldn't believe it, It was like going to Ferrari, It was the same bike by Rahier and Auriol. But Roberto Azzalin offered me a Cagiva and the same money (80 millions), I liked the idea, the project, people. With him I have always enjoyed, Besides that engine: every time you opened the gas looked like she vomits, came a roar from prehistoric animal, ".

Cyrus was big, often too. Peterhansel see it remained of stone. "You're crazy" telling him that evening at the bivouac.

"He was right. I played all my life so, When they were giving me off I didn't understand anything. There was a risk that every dune could be "broken", cut after the crest. Others waited to see what was behind before deciding what to do. the no, on 300 Dune those routes could be at most one or two, There was to risk your skin, but I gave a long March to take gas and put downward speed. With this game to life lost, Peterhansel took even 20 minutes on stage. I know that the Rally does not interpret that, though this was my way of riding a bike, whatever the risk and the price to be paid: fisting and the final victory!”.

In 1987 a first major victory, the Pharaohs, the year after winning in Tunisia, the Dakar falls and gets hurt. In 1989 Egypt and Tunisia wins again and is third to Dakar 1990 behind Orioli and Mas winning 6 stages. Home reports Cagiva are good, Azzalin sometimes insults, especially when Cyrus asks him 80 times the same things.

Azzalin still appreciates it, Ciro is training like a madman, in the gym, by bike. in motion. With Franco Gualdi, riding the bike for assistance, will train you to disassemble the motor Ducati from a motorcycle to another. Learn to do it in an hour and a half, Nothing in rallying at the time. But yields to Yamaha's Court, who offers him a YZE750 twin-cylinder. Won in Egypt, for the third time, and falls again to the Dakar that won't win any while entering the legend.

After Hearing Nani Roma: "I have the chills every time I see those pictures of Cyrus and Danny Laporte in Niger. You were on the edge of 200 per hour in a crazy fight. Absurd. Went off the track to seek ways impossible without ever shut off the gas, for hours. There is an indelible image in my memory: an overtaking of two by Medardo with Gilera. The two pass full throttle wide open and filled with catch seems that Medardo dust and stones. I think that is the most terrifying moment in the history of dueling Dakar ".

The 1991 is second in the Rally of Sardinia and Spain wins the Baja Aragon in conjunction with Cavandoli, the 1992 It is the year of the accident and the difficult recovery. But in the 1994 Decides to return to Dakar. that same year part and arrives in Paris.

Runs from a private Cagiva Elefant, does not point to victory, has different motivations. The helmet has placed a tape recorder. want to tell a story for a book. The title is Dakar Borderline, comes out in 2002 It is part of the project "Schools in the Desert" and its sale contributes to the building of the school of Assoda in Niger. Part for Paris directly from home, in motion, in the snow with a heated suit Dainese and ends 31st.

"Of all the Dakar will remember especially Peterhanser the strongest force for head and bolt handle; the goodness of Beppe Gauri, an individual always in deep shit but willing to help even if it was worse than you; the speed of Danny Laporte. Were beautiful years special consignments. That spirit must be recovered ".

Have you ever been afraid?

"If there was fear, the races do not exist. I'm afraid of apathy, the stand still, I fear for my three sons, It seems to me that the world is taking a turn for the worse and there are no signs of improvement. There are no certainties ".

Ciro it gets dark in the face, We remain silent and we throw another stone into the water. To break the silence looks at me and says:

"come on I'll take you in Indianapolis of Enduro".

I leave a stone that I have in hand and watch it with a question mark in my face painting.

"We go to monte Pora, in the heart of the valleys, where the enduro is the real thing ".

But it's almost dark, Maybe next. With Cyrus you are fine: Biker thug and wise man.

Interview by Guido Conter
source: motorcycle store.
A special thanks to my friend Alfredo Margaritelli who provided the material.



Cagiva team to Dakar 1988

The pilots are: Serge Bacou, Alessandro De Petri, Gilles Picard and Franco Gualdi.

De Petri 1991-2

“Ciro” Dalia fall and retirement – Dakar 1991

Despite all the problems blamed for Agadez looked like «Cyrus» Dalia could still do it: fifty minutes not one huge drawback when the race is still half, especially for a rider can win special Repeater. But unfortunately did not end as the Italian fans would have hoped.

Gao Bergamo there arrived on a plane of SOS Assistance, with the compound fracture of the left collarbone, the dislocation of the hip and lumbar trauma at the height of the sacroiliac joint. His race is over at km 25 of the Special, against a cut hidden by the soft sand on which the bike was stuck with projecting far.

«I was travelling around 120 mph is his account and I have not noticed anything. The step was invisible. Hadn't seen it I could try to raise the front wheel, or slide the bike to trigger the crash: I would not have fallen like a stewed PEAR. Instead I flew forward and the bike has passed over two or three times, without hitting me. I tumbled for 300 meters, and once I stopped I heard I was going to pass out. I forced myself and I moved from the runway, then came the other day».

An amazing fall, unexpected, to the extent that Dalia asked Cavandoli, He is staying to assist, to verify the step had balked.

«I wish they would tell me what happened, I hadn't even realized. I wanted to understand the reason for my fall to not stay with a worm in the head. What bad luck! A step of land very hard, barely visible and not marked on road book: others who passed, While slowing down for my accident, taking the beatings shoals, to surprise. I've seen them turn around to watch what they hit».

Team Rider BYRD-Chesterfield speaks lying on a special mattress in the tent infirmary, with strong back pains for stroke for. "I thought that for me the bad luck was over and instead… My race went. That anger. If you fall because you came along in a curve or because you overdid it is your fault and patience. It can happen to fall even as there is a risk in off piste. But so… My shoulder doesn't hurt, It was just that I'd be broken down. He's behind that feel bad stabbing».

Fortunately, however, it is just a bad bump. The last straw is that Dalia wasn't even forcing.

"I was doing well but not staring at the Yelp despite being in front of everyone. With that bike I was perfectly on this ground, the $ $ run effortlessly. I started loaded but very quiet after the victory of yesterday: I knew there were still six days of competition. I would have eaten 30 minutes to all, behind me there was a fuss that would have slowed down. In two days I could retrieve all the advantage in the early standings. What bad luck».

Bad luck? Judging by the condition of the bike we would have to think otherwise, having regard to the State it was reduced. Led her to Gao, one of the team's service truck.

«And destroyed, I have never seen a bike like this. The tanks seem reduced to foil, the handlebar is ripped. And as if it had been thrown down a cliff. I in the incident I lost my gloves».

Dalia was taken the next day to Niamey with Wagner from ae-reo Team private BYRD-Chesterfield, and was then repatriated by a plane of SOS Assistance.

Source Motosprint

Arrival 1990 correct

The “our heroes”, the Italians at the arrival of the Dakar 1990

Standing: Franco Picco, Alexander Ciro De Petri, Medardo, Mandelli, Petrini, Marcaccini, Cabini and Malik;
Trussed: Gauri, Algiers, Gargate, Signorelli, Orioli, Mercandelli and Abbasi. In the photo lacks only Zotti.

Honda XL600L

Honda XL 600 l 1986

The motion came directly from Japan in early December; were set up by the research and Development Department, R & D, on the basis of two prototypes used by Balestrieri and De Petri the Pharaohs, so were derived from monoclindriche XL 600 LM.

The team of Honda France had instead of cars driven by twin-cylinder engines developed by HRC, more powerful but their first desert experience. Wire managersItalian action wanted to prioritise the mono for more guarantees that it offered in terms of reliability, However was always considered that to realize these motorcycles in Japan the parent spent, only in study, the beauty of a billion lire.

The machine had a bore and stroke of 100 x 82 mm for a displacement of 643 CC.; the power was not significant due to the poor quality of gasoline found in Africa, However rambled on 51 horses obtained with a compression ratio of 8,5:1 and with a single carburetor 40 mm in diameter.

With gearbox and clutch closely derived from the XL series, the Honda of Dakar could push rates up to about 170 kilometers per hour, Thanks to the new fairing which, the tests carried out in Japan, had proved its worth by allowing you to earn about 10 kilometres per hour.

The wheelbase was 1520 mm, on motion of Crossbowmen and Orioli, While De Petri the machine was a little’ shorter because «Cyrus» had demanded a different inclination of the Steering head tube; the fork is from 43 mm and is of Showa as suspension unit who worked on a Pro Link redesigned with linkage below the swingarm.

Interesting the solution adopted for the hull, three pieces, the bottom had two spare water tanks and about a pound of lubricant to use in case of need; the fuel tank capacity was 36 litres that were increased to 55 rear speakers.

Upon arrival in Dakar they classified; Crossbowmen to 3rd place, Dalia 5° and 6° Edi Orioli.

Alexander Depetri Dakar 1992

Ciro De Petri and his Dakar 1992

Paris – Sirte – Le Cap 1992: the southern border of Chad marks the entrance of black Africa, but not for everyone. For Alessandro De Petri the black Africa has become many kilometres before, in Niger. He managed to get into motorcycles in Dirkou, but he did it with the right clavicle fracture. Unable to start the next day.
So, One more time, «Cyrus» seen escaping from the hands a race that he felt could win, and his anger is almost palpable, made even stronger from the amazing dynamics of incident.

«I arrived to refuel before everyone — is unleashed but km after being broken down I removed one hand from the handlebars to seat the road book, because the paper flowed. I've never done!
I was taking it easy, but I took a hole and the bike went sideways. I haven't even had time to bring the handlebars, and with one hand I really couldn't hope to check my Yamaha, Moreover, with full. Threw me in the air and I hit hard. That stupid incident!».

Dalia freewheeling talks, without stopping. Fails to accept the withdrawal, can't imagine the bad luck that continues to haunt him.
"You can't explain how you feel when something like that happens to you. You can't accept stopping so after 8 months of preparation.
Hours and hours spent in the gym every day and a team of people working to prepare your race. Immediately after the fall I couldn't keep my eyes open, and i blacked out. When there I shot I felt like I was waking up from a bad dream, as if everything were to end there. Yay, I thought, but when I put on the helmet of Peterhansel, I had stopped to help me, I understand that unfortunately was not just a dream».

«Cyrus» however did not want to resign himself to retire. Not yet. (source MS)