Twelve luxury private to Dakar 1992

Not enough four factory riders, together with them the BYRD took him to Africa other twelve private pilots with a figure definitely reasonable could enjoy an almost official assistance. A sales promotion, which required a great deal of effort, but that was also acclaim: 32.000.000 liras for buying a Yamaha XTZ 660 all ready to run in the marathon category, Racing apparel and rest, transport of bike and rider in Paris for the departure and especially transport of spare parts and mechanical assistance in the running, with the ability to have personal sponsors.

Joseph Viziale, the former pilot who was entrusted with the responsibility of the operation, He showed himself very confident, and in fact the formula was successfully tested in the past by several houses: could reduce the figures and at the same time enjoy adequate assistance, crucial in a race like that. The parts were traveling on two trucks, a Unimog and a Liaz, and in addition there were also some airborne mechanical headed by ing. Adriano Magherini. It is worth mentioning that it is precisely with a similar initiative two years ago Honda won the marathon category, with Spanish Toni Boluda.
These are the 12 drivers and their race number:
53 Emanuele Chari
54 Malloe
55 Ettore Petrini
56 Fabrizio Meoni – It passed from enduro to rally in 89, and he immediately in evidence. For him the rides were a hobby, practiced at high level. He participated in the Incas twice, and one on Tunisia, While he played in ' 91, Baja 1000, Titan and Pharaohs.
57 Luciano Carcheri
58 Samuele Landi
59 Maximum Maddox
60 Fabio Marcaccini – Be dubbed "the man from Agadez" not enough more to former sprinter from Romagna, two years before he ended up in newspapers all over the world for leading a good stretch of the stage that decided the Dakar ' 90. To aim higher, He decided to abandon the category prototypes, where he ran with motorcycle built by him and by his team-mate Max Malik, and to test themselves in the marathon, where should not suffer the competition of the officers. Great experience, tenacity and skill in orientation: a good base on which to try to build something good.
61 Max Malik – Marcaccini's teammate in the Wild Team, chose him to run in the marathon, and the formula BYRD might enable it to compete more quietly when he was deprived. Supported by a Herculean physique, the romagnolo has always been one of the fastest private two years ago gained success in ranking amateurs.
64 Heinz Kinigadner – Twice world champion of cross 250 in 84 and 85, the likeable Austrian has abandoned the world series not racing: He moved to Ibiza participated in the rally and enduro Spanish Championships, who won won more times. Decided to try the adventure of Paris-Le Cap, He wanted to involve the official BMW with the support of sponsor Camel, but the operation is not andatò in port. " Kini» however you gave up and with the support of Yamaha Austria joined the project BYRD. On his speed is not discussed, on his grit even.
63 Jeremy Davies
62 JMN Claude Morellet "Fenuil""I race for the fun of it, If I had searched for the money i'd competed as Navigator to Citroen or Mitsubishi ". An explanation that didn't make a wrinkle, the organizer of the Rally of the Pharaohs, He had behind 7 Dakar motorbike (a third place finish the best placement) and 3 drive, as Navigator, all played in top positions. He was the first to cross the Sahara on motorbikes in Solitaire, in ' 74, and Africa took several satisfactions. But to 46 years had not yet want to quit: the adventure has no age.

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Oliver Collomp 1989

Oliver Collomp – Dakar 1989

A fantastic picture of Oliver Collomp to Dakar 1989 on Honda Africa Twin Marathon

Sylvain Richet and Gerard Filiat and their Africa Twin

The Dakar by private persons – Honda Africa Twin Marathon

Many have asked us to speak of those heroic individuals who at the end of the years ' 80 attended the Dakar on a Honda Africa Twin little more than standard. We asked Gianpaolo Banelli to to tell us something more.

In the late 80 's it was possible to run the Dakar in the category «Marathon» with motorcycles derived from the series and adapted to the race. For this reason, and also to make up in some way to the next withdrawal of official Honda Rally (After 4 victories at Dakar), on the occasion of the Edition ' 89 Honda France, through the Director Jean Louis Guillot, launched in the fall of ' 88 the operation "50 Africa Twin in Dakar". A first selection was made between 150 candidates and were chosen 50 that were given as many specimens of Africa Twin 650 particularly cured in order to run in the category «Marathon».

Meanwhile was prepared the bike, a Honda RD03 650 already near final made a fine figure at Pharaons Rally 1988 in the hands of Joel Daures (He had run the last Dakar with the NXR officer). 49 bike started then for 11a Dakar; Alsatian Heintz saw its participation cancelled a few days before departure, When bike and gear Honda France had already been purchased, because the Libyan authorities did not accept her entry into the country as belonging to the French army. Among the starters also have a young Oxford shoe, Alex Lacombe, But even an Italian (Roberto Boano) and some riders of other nationalities (Spain, England, Senegal).

The serial numbers of these 50 motorcycles were starting to 5 How about RD03 standard (Hence the need to be true experts of means to recognize the true Marathon of false and Tarot).Normally for the Dakar a number of parts of the bike were punched and numbered with the same race number of pilot, to prevent them from being used unauthorized parts, This should help. The operation had some success: 18 At concluded the race and Patrice Toussaint (16th overall) and Patrick Sireyjol (just behind him) they finished the first two places in the class Marathon, with our Roberto Boano 4° by category.

The following year, for the 12th edition of the Dakar rally, they were then set up other 50 bike, slightly different from previous series, marked by a number of different frame that starts to 6 (from 600001 in 600050). Twenty aircraft were delivered in France while others were destined for other countries, at least 3 in Spain. Only fifteen of these machines reached Italy, in mid November ' 89 and then for many too late to join the rally. At least one was driven at the last moment by Ermanno Ban (49th overall in the Dakar 89 with a Yamaha) but he ran a few steps and then run into a serious fall, that forced him to immediate hospitalization in hospital and to leave the vehicle in Libya (where was seen years ago by some tourists!).

Spanish Antonio “Toni” Boluda, he behaved very well, resulting 18th overall in Dakar ' 90 and winner of the Marathon. Asad Maher ran the Pharaohs ' 90 with one of these bikes, entrusted to him directly from Carlo Fiorani, then responsible for HRC (that is returned for a while’ After the Ferrari experience). Also very few specimens were built in ' 90 (It just seems 8) «Marathon» 750 but during the Dakar ' 91 were “clean up” in class Silhouette, because they had a single disc front brake instead of 2! Great though the provision of Boluda and Boano, respectively 10° and 11° in the absolute and behind our Luigino Medardo among the Silhouette! In Marathon Dakar still ran some 13a RD03, including the one entrusted by Fiorani to Ban, recovered from the accident the year before thanks to the care of Dr. Costa, those of our Paladins and Nassi, and another dozen, of which unfortunately only to Sireyjol came to the end.

(top photos: Sylvain Richet and Gerard Filiat and their Africa Twin)
Photos and texts provided by Gianpaolo Ba

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The Dakar at the time of heroes – The Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré BYRD Marathon

Transformations rallying marketed by Belgarda for Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré have been taken towards the end of 1991 (After the official presentation of the Ténéré 660); they were designed to make the new bikes adapted to African marathons; BYRD was a project made in collaboration with Acerbis that has materially polyurethane netting tanks product.

Beppe Gauri busied in the various tests of motorcycle equipped with the new rally kit.

In the book of Paris Le Cap 1992, are listed 31 XTZ 660, but from the documentation registered motorbikes BYRD BYRD-Italy were 7, plus three strong torque 750. The French have entered 6/7 with France-blue and tank configuration as the marathon then sold.
The Italian team would be composed of three or four bikes in addition to the seven directly addressed to BYRD. The kit Marathon consisted of many parts and each one could be mounted without necessarily buying the complete kit. The BYRD provided together with pieces, the manual in which they explained all the steps for the installation of various components.

The bike was bought by Ettore Petrini of Bastia Umbra (PG), to take part in the Paris-Le Cap of 1992; his race number was 55 (Fabrizio Meoni the same year ran with the 56 with a Yamaha Marathon identical to Petrini).

Ettore Petrini will withdraw from a fall during one of the first stops in Africa. The same Petrini had participated in previous editions of the Paris-Dakar with mixed success (remember his 42 ND place upon arrival of Dakar 1990). His Yamaha is now owned by the Dr. Livio Fioroni, a collector of Perugia that bought it a few years ago; the medium is in excellent condition even if you removed some accessories typically rally drivers (instruments and other small components) and you have performed a painting that gives the Middle a livery close to Yamaha France officers following years; the current features of the medium allows for a particularly pleasant street use with the awareness and satisfaction of being aboard a medium who took part in the world's toughest motorcycle race and fascinating. A feature that enhances the interest of this medium: still has all the hallmarks of Paris-Le Cap of 1992.

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