List of winners of the major motorcycle Raid

We are happy to publish the work of Carlo Alberto Malan who checked a number of very interesting data for all lovers of African raid. Below you will find the pdf of:

List of winners of the African raid

List of Italians participating in the Africa Eco Race

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Philippe ed Erick Al Hamad Dakar 1987

The brothers Philippe and Erick Auribault on small Yamaha DT 125 the Parisian Prolog Dakar 1987. Behind you recognize Martin-Ville on Yamaha Motorcycle Shop Team FD.

Hanson 1989-1

Hédouin and Scheck Dakar 1989

In the mist springing the Africa Twin of Hédouin and Maico 500 by h. Scheck during the Dakar 1989.

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Paolo Paladini Dakar 1991

A heroic Paul Paladins do you portray during the Dakar 1991. Behind him the bike with a Honda Marathon she finished 10 Boluda° in absolute!!

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Ciro De Petri Dakar 1984

Ciro De Petri hurtling toward the finish line of his first Dakar, in 1984. End 37° on KTM GS 560.


Serge Bacou Dakar 1982

Pedro Amado 1992

Pedro Amado Dakar 1992

A heroic already used to, Pedro Amado in the race during the Dakar 1992 and regularly at the finish of The Cap at 28° location on a Yamaha XTZ 660 Marathon!

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J.C. Olivier Dakar 1986

J.C. Olivier in mechanical version, working on Yamaha 600 to Charbonnier during the Dakar 1986.


Edi Orioli Dakar 1992

The Cagiva Elefant of Edi Orioli – unofficial the pre departure Lacchiarella, on the occasion of the Dakar 1992.
Photos of Clement Canino


Jutta Kleinschmidt Dakar 1992

Huge Jutta Kleinschmidt, that led to the finish of The Cap the heavy BMW in a prestigious 23rd place in the absolute Edition 1992. Heroic dakariana!