Yamaha XT 660 Sonauto 1987

That of 1987 is the latest Paris Dakar for a Yamaha Thumper formally, the French team Yamaha Sonauto team townhouses Serge Bacou and patron Jean Claude Olivier on FZT 900 4 cylinders, while Thierry Charbonnier on easier reliable XT 660.
Fitted with a single cylinder 660 CC that was providing about 52 CV to 7250 RPM, It was powered by two Carburetors from 27 and 30 mm. Due to its simplicity, the weight was content only 154 kg dry weight that andaadded compartment 30 lt main tank and 25 lt that under saddle.

Classic 17 ' rear wheel, While he could choose between the classic front 21 Thierry ' or the smallest 19 '. For brakes, a big 300 at the front and a classic 230 mm at the rear. With this bike Charbonnier finished in eighth place, removing the satisfaction of winning a stage.