Peak POWER1 1990

Franco Picco Dakar 1990…It's all gone wrong!

Should have been the Dakar success. Instead for Franco Picco became a ruthless contest, where was forced to bite the bullet to resist very strong stomach bug that has knocked down, meant he had to sweat to get, and certainly not in the position he wanted.

"It was my clear choice tactic to begin attacking just after the halfway stage, but when she arrived I was badly explains Mauritania, I struggled to stay on the bike, and I seemed to have a head full of water. Even I was two days without eating for special trial stops me not, toilet paper in hand, but drinking only water you lose completely the forces. I arrived because conclude the Dakar is still a result, but it is certainly not what I wanted. Third, Fourth, fifth or second doesn't make much of a difference». A total disappointment, In short? "Often gets to make the decision to quit just because you've been working like crazy all year just for that outcome, and then see you lose the race for things like: you drop your arms, It makes you think that it is useless to insist. Sudi, struggling, It also risks hurting really and then just nothing to give everything up in smoke. Like that jump where I fell, in the first part of the race: We all have passed without the slightest problem, It took just a small shot of gas and I spilled. A minute and is likely to blow it up in smoke».

There was also the problem to show up with a totally new bike.

"Already, There were to be remade all experience after many years with single cylinder. But to make things right you should be able to start in February with the evidence, because it takes time for testing, and possibly to change what is wrong. It's a problem because a firm cannot work all year just for the Paris-Dakar rally and the evidence always begin in mid-September, but we must do it, Even so I have more time to train with the race bikes: the longer it goes on, and more training is needed, and maybe I needed to have done a little’ more with the twin, This year».

There is a certain rivalry between you and Oberoi: do you mind I've won? "Of course I regret that won him. But only because it means that I didn't win I!».

Source Motosprint



Bivacco 2005-1

Between one stage and the other, bivouacs at Dakar!

The crazy idea to participate in the Dakar, with the goal of getting to the finish line, assumes a long and arduous journey. Thousands of kilometres, days and days approaching roadmap. The bivouac, the field, or the stage finish, becomes vital if you want to reach your destination. Is a kind of “medicine” by taking daily, the place where you can eat, sleep, repair your own car, call, send an email, read the charts.

Here are many things, all in a rush and automated to save energy and continue the March. The Dakar bivouac, especially in the early stages, It is populated by thousands of people frantic activity. It rises at an airport (If you could call it), almost always devoid of a structure, with the control tower was reduced to a small table, a radio and a wind vane, some hangars and small buildings (useful shelter from the desert wind), usually police and firefighters dwelling. But these airfields are crucial to the logistics of Dakar.

We distribute thousands of meals and bottles of water, tons of bread, even if just for a day: all you have to repeat, the next day, hundreds of kilometers later. In short, the Dakar Bivouac is complex, plus the environmental difficulties imposed by the desert. But we come to life that takes place. Appointments are mandatory dinner at twenty and briefing at twenty-one. The food is excellent, because hunger is much. During the day, In fact, you have just enough time to swallow the ration is necessary because race doesn't give truce. There are those who manage to take a shower, those who remain with their faces and hands covered with dust. At a certain time you can see everything… long beards, shocked but happy faces, even with the strongest hair gel would remain so straight.

The most beautiful and amazing tales are born at the bivouac: everyone has something to tell.

In a nutshell, This is a great meeting place open all night until dawn, for latecomers. Here the champions sit alongside private pilots and eat with them. This is not the Formula One, is a real adventure that gets into the skin… is the Dakar. Only those who participate can understand: It is a true test, in all directions. After dinner, who does not have the will or the strength to mount a tent and sleeping bag takes place in Group shelters. Then a thought runs through the minds of competitors: How will the bivouac of tomorrow?

We'll get? Thus was born the strength to break down at the dawn of the next day, because the race is not over yet and Dakar is always far away.

Text Edi Orioli

Source DeAgostini

Photo Gigi Soldano

Arrival 1990 correct

The “our heroes”, the Italians at the arrival of the Dakar 1990

Standing: Franco Picco, Alexander Ciro De Petri, Medardo, Mandelli, Petrini, Marcaccini, Cabini and Malik;
Trussed: Gauri, Algiers, Gargate, Signorelli, Orioli, Mercandelli and Abbasi. In the photo lacks only Zotti.

Gilera RC 750 1992

Gilera RC 750 1992

We are at the start of the Paris – The Cap of the 1992 and the Gilera finally decides to leave with a "prototype" and try to fight for the victory in the overall. The drivers are top notch and they respond with the name of Franco Picco and "Luigino" Medardo, the bike is the new RC 750 that is its sole second exit, After a short experience in the Pharaons Rally of ' 91, interrupted prematurely due to the peak and fracture belt snap onTThe bike by Medardo. The bike is a single from 750 CC. with double overhead in 4 overhead valves driven by toothed belt, change is a 5 marches and dry clutch.

An innovative project that goes against the trend of the time: the power and weight of twins are preferred the lightness and handling officers.
Unfortunately the misfortune rages on this project was born with the best expectations, both drivers retire on the same stage, the special Waw El Kbir-Tumu, Medardo to a technical fault, Peak for a fall that will cause a broken wrist.