Magnaldi 1991-1

Thierry Magnaldi Dakar 1991 – Here counts only win!

Thierry Magnaldi was the revelation of Dakar 1991. He went strong even in the previous edition, with a Yamaha Thumper who had brought in fourth place; This year however he almost win, missing success for very little. "We had believed confesses shyly but not at Tumu, When I found myself at the top: It was too early to make the accounts, especially in a race that has to be lived day by day. It was the penultimate stage, When I went lone command. For a moment I hoped, then I realized that simply Peterhansel was too because I could hope to recover all in a single stage».

A difficult fight against a fellow quadra.

«In the race we're adversaries but also friends, I'm glad if he wins, and vice versa. This time he won and I finished third: is life. The team still treated us as equals, were not made differences».

Though you had a previous bike of the year.

«You, the new one is a little’ more maneuverable and has better suspension level, But even if I had a Yamaha ' 91 the result would not change».

You too, like other, you made a call for waiting.

"Now that the bikes are reliable, that the equipment made it easier navigation and fast riders are several difficult is that there are major gaps. I didn't want to force because it is not appropriate: is the interpretation of the road book that can make a difference. Only in the stage of Kayes tried to push really loud, though I fell and I lost second place. But in Dakar only counts the first, the other positions are all equal».

It was a tender this year, with all first always grouped together.

"The fact is that travel-related interests are ever increasing, and therefore I am more responsibilities. Everyone must win and no one can afford to make mistakes. This brought forcibly to a race in which most of the time you traveled together, checking each other to make sure that nobody could take advantage decisively».

Source motosprint