Gian Paolo Quaglino – Dakar 1998

We respond willingly to the mail of our friends who ask us for info or photos of drivers who have left traces in the desert and in the history of this competition.
In this case we respond to our friend Katie Darnell asking if we had material on his friend Gian Paolo Qadri in any edition of the Dakar.
Looking for among our archives we found some pictures of Dakae 1998, his fifth participation by Gian Paolo where he finished in 29th place most honourable, (on 55 bike to the finish) astride a small Honda XR400, not exactly a bison from 100 HP!!!

Our congratulations to Gian Paolo, private indomitable!


Oliver Collomp 1989

Oliver Collomp – Dakar 1989

A fantastic picture of Oliver Collomp to Dakar 1989 on Honda Africa Twin Marathon

Sylvain Richet and Gerard Filiat and their Africa Twin

The Dakar by private persons – Honda Africa Twin Marathon

Many have asked us to speak of those heroic individuals who at the end of the years ' 80 attended the Dakar on a Honda Africa Twin little more than standard. We asked Gianpaolo Banelli to to tell us something more.

In the late 80 's it was possible to run the Dakar in the category «Marathon» with motorcycles derived from the series and adapted to the race. For this reason, and also to make up in some way to the next withdrawal of official Honda Rally (After 4 victories at Dakar), on the occasion of the Edition ' 89 Honda France, through the Director Jean Louis Guillot, launched in the fall of ' 88 the operation "50 Africa Twin in Dakar". A first selection was made between 150 candidates and were chosen 50 that were given as many specimens of Africa Twin 650 particularly cured in order to run in the category «Marathon».

Meanwhile was prepared the bike, a Honda RD03 650 already near final made a fine figure at Pharaons Rally 1988 in the hands of Joel Daures (He had run the last Dakar with the NXR officer). 49 bike started then for 11a Dakar; Alsatian Heintz saw its participation cancelled a few days before departure, When bike and gear Honda France had already been purchased, because the Libyan authorities did not accept her entry into the country as belonging to the French army. Among the starters also have a young Oxford shoe, Alex Lacombe, But even an Italian (Roberto Boano) and some riders of other nationalities (Spain, England, Senegal).

The serial numbers of these 50 motorcycles were starting to 5 How about RD03 standard (Hence the need to be true experts of means to recognize the true Marathon of false and Tarot).Normally for the Dakar a number of parts of the bike were punched and numbered with the same race number of pilot, to prevent them from being used unauthorized parts, This should help. The operation had some success: 18 At concluded the race and Patrice Toussaint (16th overall) and Patrick Sireyjol (just behind him) they finished the first two places in the class Marathon, with our Roberto Boano 4° by category.

The following year, for the 12th edition of the Dakar rally, they were then set up other 50 bike, slightly different from previous series, marked by a number of different frame that starts to 6 (from 600001 in 600050). Twenty aircraft were delivered in France while others were destined for other countries, at least 3 in Spain. Only fifteen of these machines reached Italy, in mid November ' 89 and then for many too late to join the rally. At least one was driven at the last moment by Ermanno Ban (49th overall in the Dakar 89 with a Yamaha) but he ran a few steps and then run into a serious fall, that forced him to immediate hospitalization in hospital and to leave the vehicle in Libya (where was seen years ago by some tourists!).

Spanish Antonio “Toni” Boluda, he behaved very well, resulting 18th overall in Dakar ' 90 and winner of the Marathon. Asad Maher ran the Pharaohs ' 90 with one of these bikes, entrusted to him directly from Carlo Fiorani, then responsible for HRC (that is returned for a while’ After the Ferrari experience). Also very few specimens were built in ' 90 (It just seems 8) «Marathon» 750 but during the Dakar ' 91 were “clean up” in class Silhouette, because they had a single disc front brake instead of 2! Great though the provision of Boluda and Boano, respectively 10° and 11° in the absolute and behind our Luigino Medardo among the Silhouette! In Marathon Dakar still ran some 13a RD03, including the one entrusted by Fiorani to Ban, recovered from the accident the year before thanks to the care of Dr. Costa, those of our Paladins and Nassi, and another dozen, of which unfortunately only to Sireyjol came to the end.

(top photos: Sylvain Richet and Gerard Filiat and their Africa Twin)
Photos and texts provided by Gianpaolo Ba

Patricia Wolf, Honda XR250

Patricia Wolf and Frank Zotti: Dakar goal centered with success!

Friends dakariani, We found among the dusty stacks of magazines, an interview with Motosprint to Franco Zaki and the late Patricia Wolf. There seemed dutiful and respectful to not give it a space on this site.

The Paris-Dakar race is a race hard enough in itself, but there is always someone who decides to complicate it further with some outlandish idea as to leave the French capital on three wheels, in sidecar or trike, or relying on reduced power of a 125 or a 250, being then to flounder at walking pace in the sand.

Usually these initiatives where they believe little even the same protagonists, that reflect the way home after a few days of Africa. Make exception to the category Franco Zotti and Patricia Wolf, departed from Italy to reach Dakar Edition 1989 riding two Honda XR 250 four-stroke.

"I did it because if you get to the finish line with a 600 you're Nobody explains Zaki — while finishing the race with a quarter of a litre is worth something more».

Gorizia, Twenty-nine years, Zakaria is the second Dakar after a brief participation in the 88, of which you spoke because to try to increase the budget jumped into water from a high bridge 22 metres. This year instead of to finance itself has quit his job…

«Risk his life by jumping into a river to raise pennies is madness, for this I gave up. I quit my job and settling for the ten years that I worked as ma-gazziniere I paid membership. For the bike, the mechanic and the expenses I made of debts. Once home I'll find another job and to pay. Isn't it crazy. Everyone has their dreams and if I arrive in Dakar I will have fulfilled my».

For Patricia Wolf instead, to run with a 250 wasn't exactly a choice. "In reality, After the course the Pharaons Rally didn't even come to Dakar the idea came when I was at the car dealership will run in to order the bike with which Ormeni 89 Maximum Orme-ni offered me to participate with a bike identical to that of Zamindar that was ready. I couldn't refuse».

27-year-old German Darmstadt, Patrizia is coming to Italy three years ago for one of his first races and hasn't most gone.

"I started running in the enduro in Germany, but is Bergamo the capital of this specialty, so I stop-ta finding a sponsor in IPA (a company that manufactures prefabricated) that today is also the company I work for. Eventually I'll have to leave Dakar but basically my favorite specialty is enduro. To run just a motorcycle and away, without much trouble to support».

Graduated in architecture at the University of Frankfurt, ipersportiva (to train practical jogging and cycling), Patrizia discovered in Africa love of motorcycles. It was in Algeria, in Tamanrasset, to practice free climbing, another of his favorite specialties, and he saw every day some biker departing or returning from the slopes. Until someone didn't try. "I enjoyed it very much and so I ended up changing sport, also because I came back from Africa all flayed for a fall while climbing a wall and because I no longer friends with the same passion».

His second Paris-Dakar rally was the only woman in the race. Traveling at a speed that in the sand does not exceed 60 km/h frank and Patrizia travel one side by side, helping each other to get out of trouble when needed. Shoulders have a bundle of seven to eight pounds between tools and replacement parts. All you need for luck. The imperative is to stop only in Dakar.

Ed. Franco and Patrizia regularly arrived in Dakar on their little Honda, at 31° and 32° position, on 60 bike to the finish!

Bassot MC 1984-2

Eliseo M. C. Dakar 1984

Bassot Marie Clare ottima 19A alla Dakar 1984

Guillet 1982

Michel Guillet Dakar 1982

Michel GUILLET – HONDA XRR 500 # 72
22° the Dakar 1982

Balestrieri 1986-2

Vinod b and the podium at Dakar 1986

He was the only Italian among the officers not to win a special stage at Dakar 1986, but in the end, Vinod B was the best with the third position proving a great passista. Dowry conferred him at least as much as that of an exceptional Navigator.

"I have finished the race in two hours and fifteen minutes from Neveu explains Crossbowmen and can tell you exactly where I got this delay: an hour and a half left in the Ténéré and surroundings, another half hour just arrived near the border with Senegal, in Red, where did I go wrong track. I took one seemingly parallel, that led me astray. But at that point I had to attempt even though the posting was important and there were not many chances to recover on two cylinders of Neveu and Anita».

You've had, After the race, a chance to try all the bikes featured this year in testing arranged for printing. What were your impressions?

"In two words I can say that the Yamaha FZ 750 is exaggerated, but an unfavorable utilization curve, Besides being too heavy. And’ a monster hard to steer, So congratulations to Olivier Yamaha mono is more or less similar to our Honda. Altogether are equivalent. The twin-cylinder Honda has good power, distributed very well, but you can still work on the frame, While the BMW surprised me altogether: good engine, great couple, good driveability. It is not surprising, in fact: first with Auriol then with Rahier, BMW has done a great deal of experience, now the exploit.

Source motosprint

Pilet 1989

Pilet on Honda XR 250 R

M. Pilet on Honda XR 250 R, 21º in General of the Dakar 1989 only 20’00”30 by Anita!

Al Hamad (22°)- Drobecq- (2° at the finish) Rafferty (ritirato) Vane (ritretired

Four Honda in the desert – Dakar 1983

Departure of stage of Dakar 1983, you will recognize from left the Honda XL 500 by Auribault (22°), Drobecq (2*), Rafferty (RIT.) and Vassard (RIT.)

Boano 1998

Boano and its Africa Twin up in Dakar in 1998

Who has made a business out of normal is Roberto Boano, forty-seven years and five Dakar behind. Boano, In fact, led to the finish an Africa Twin, a bison to ride on the road, Imagine desert dunes.

"I have a special feeling with this bike, because although heavy is magic, at least on certain occasions.
Certain, with a Honda XR 400 I can also go back to Dakar, but never more with l’Africa Twin. Also because the race has changed a lot and not having fun anymore to ride a bike. But when you get to the Lake Rose forget everything and, suddenly, the 18 days of hell become a beautiful memory».
Roberto Boano finished 38°!

10665294_ 1196818620345455_7327851124434534079_n

Later we found an interview in which he spoke of this bike:

Today still uses the Africa Twin to speed?
“The red one by race, not the Marathon, I use it always, why invite me to see the old dinosaur do the donkey around and I soon again, I'm going to do some racing left and right and I must say that I still enjoy like crazy. But the Marathon I gave up using them because I'm sorry demolish them. Then this Marathon 004 He used my little son, Ivan, and basically he demolished. You know, Ivan is the most dangerous, Jarno a little’ He headed, Ivan no”.

What were the weaknesses of the bike, those on which you intervened to go running a Dakar?
“Vacuum fuel pump and regulator to keep an eye on. Otherwise it was a mule, think we brought down always the clutch plates and we haven't changed one…”.

Of controllers you were behind two or three?
“No, No, I have never burned or a pump or a regulator, but the fear was so great that one you were still behind”. Reinforcements to the frame if they were? “No, nothing. Watch the bike, If you had the courage to hold open, She broke you, but she never broke. Then I fell ever, why raise's bike with 50 litres of petrol, It was almost impossible for a saw like me…”.

Excerpt from an interview with Roberto Boano on Motosprint
Thanks to Roberto Pacheco