A “heroic” Black Jersey

A story in the history of Dakar 2007. And’ the story of Ennio Chary. Because the Italy that doesn't win more running and has less members of Poland, view her sample on reverse, 135th and last in bike 78 27 ' 42 hours”, that is more than 3 days behind the leader. A different Dakar, heroic, tremendous: «I'll be dropped 300 or 400 times, but I have always raised and distributed», explains Ennio.
Chary has 45 years: was born in Belgium but has Italian citizenship: «Dad leccese, mom abruzzese, about half of the helmet I have 4 World stars, on the other the Tricolor. I run with the Luxembourg license because I feel European and for years I've been running the Championship Belgian speed, In addition to the 24 Hours and Bol d'Or».
A ride in pursuit: «From Black Jersey. Being last is a catastrophe. You fall out of favor and anything goes. I have a xenon headlight that I eat the battery.

Every time I have to stiontare the bike to take the spare battery and start over. I almost burn engine: He had broken the water pump, each 90 km I had to wait for a car that would give me water. Then I began to fall off because I couldn't take it no more. I was sleeping 20 minutes to reload the human battery, I was leaving. And I restarted with a thousand other woes».
This is my ninth Dakar. No so hard. Am I the only one to have two extra batteries, I'm the one who ran over night. An ordeal. When I arrive I, the track is like the battlefield of Caporetto or vegetables. And you must continue to bite the bullet.

My bike, a Ktm 660, is the heaviest and highest. I thought I had the right physical, Instead it drives me nuts».

The important thing is not to give up: «You, It is a tragedy of Dogol. At the end you don't want to give up ever, because it's like live or die. When I was racing in speed, a Ducati, I competed in all possible positions for broken bones. This is the only race in the world where less than 50 percent of starters. And I ended already twice».
(source Gazzetta)