Angel face ready for Dakar 1989

He dreamed of making the skier, Instead it has become a famous enduro champion who will seek glory and fame in the Paris-Dakar, While it is true that before him other enduro riders have conquered the capital of Senegal a place on the podium. Meanwhile Angelo Signorelli, This year, you are satisfied to win the European Championship, then the six days enduro, always with KTM 125, and is still fighting to win the Italian title.

At the races came in the footsteps of his uncle Joseph as the champion now established and pilot Officer introduced him very young to Fantic Motor, to work as a tester. Little by little, Angelo became pilot-test driver, and end up doing only the pilot thanks to successes in small displacements. Afoot by the withdrawal of Fantic and age of military service, Signorelli becomes part of the Fiamme Oro passing in 1982 the Kramit and later, from 84, the KTM-Faison. Always available at the interview and on a charge of sympathy not indifferent, Signorelli is referred to by many as the Playboy of the enduro, Since away from racing, But even on the race, It is not uncommon to see him in the company of lovely fans, After appearing in some advertising pages of the KTM a few years ago with a beautiful Oriental girl in his arms. Bachelor and inveterate Heartthrob, Signorelli is however unquestionably a very serious professional and a real «Professor» di tecnica in trials and in the development of every detail of the bike, as well as natural talent indisputable.
The friendly character and the great will to succeed, typical of the people of Bergamo, They then made it possible to achieve all the goals it has set itself from time to time, becoming first champion in small 50 CC, then in 80, then again in 125. Now who will run the Paris-Dakar race with Yamaha Chesterfield Scout Team may also acquire that experience which already partially owns to emerge even on long African raid.

"I'm under no illusions» says Signorelli "the Dakar is for me a new race and although I am new to running of Lina in the desert, I still need a lot of experience».

– But what led you to accept a three-year contract with the Yamaha Belgarda?
"Last year I had run the RaIly of Pharaohs with Belgarda and certainly I had made a good impression before the accident that cost me a fractured clavicle and a hand when I was among the first. Towards the month of July I was again contacted by popes who offered me a program determined mind interesting. I talked to Faisal and after long meditated on the decision I chose, Although reluctantly for the whole environment KTM to which I was bound for 5 years, to sign a three-year contract with the Belgarda. My next programme includes participation in the most important rally that will take part in the Team and the various Championships of enduro where should I run or in 250 with a new bike or in 125, or in 350 4 T».

– As they took the KTM this your decision?
"Every driver always receives the proposals at the end of the season. But as often unfortunately happens the streets can be divided. I am still sure you have chosen the most stimulating program. It is not however was an easy decision because it leaves the KTM meant leaving people with there I lived for five years with a relationship that was now gone far beyond the mere fact of being a driver».

How do you think will be addressed and solved your problem to run this year's Dakar, Since the rally will start on 25 December and your contract will expire only on 31?
"I hope that everything works out for the best though I have yet to tackle the problem with Faisal which for me has always behaved in a more than correct.

How do you see placed in a team that has big ambitions of winning the Dakar?
"I know very well Marinoni. Peak a little less, even if I found myself perfectly during the last year of the Pharaohs RaIly. Little or no Neveu. I didn't however no ambition in that my focus remains to gain experiences and a good support in the role of domestique. Next year if all goes well I hope to be a little more free and who knows that in three years I can dress up as top driver».

– The 1988 has so far been a golden year for you. Did you expect it would be so?
"When at the beginning of the season, Faisal told me I had to run in 125 I was so happy because all the 1987 I had run into 500 never failed to express myself to the best of my ability. I started hard preparation in all respects intensifying even more workouts when I saw that the results were increasingly positive».

– In the environment you are loved d everyone and especially how you are one of the most popular drivers ever by girls. How do you justify this, Whereas some teams there is a high friction?

"That win or lose I always remain what they are and it is perhaps for this reason that I am nice to everyone. The story of the girls, or that I am a Playboy is absolutely not true although I don't mind dwell to speak or to learn more about the girls… Of course the most possible cute!».

– The fact of being named "wingman" of Cyril Neveu doesn't scare you a bit?
«The second to Neveu who in his career has already won five times the Dakar is a great honour for me».

– Why do you call yourself wingman when you have the chances and also the ability to not be?
"I repeat: I think I need to do much more experience than I have already to Dakar performing to the best of my job shadow of Neveu. If in a few years I became the new Oberoi…I would be obviously very happy»

by Dario Agrati (Motosprint) Bg/SignorelliA/ASignorelli.htm




Advertising Yamaha Chesterfield – 1987

Yamaha XTZ 660 BYRD 1987

Yamaha XTZ 660 BYRD 1987

New colors for Yamaha Belgarda singles from 660 CC. participating in the Paris Dakar 1987, strictly impa-rentate with winning ones at the rally of the Pharaohs.

Technically there is the adoption of the rear disc brake 200 mm in diameter that goes alongside the front from well 300 mm, you have also the recovery of gas that previously was overflowing from the trays of Carburetors, through the vents, adopting a little pump of ric"Circolo.

In fact, power is by means of a vacuum pump which shall withdraw first from the fuel tanks on the sides and then the main. Note that the latter is built in two distinct sections longitudinally hinged at the top; gull-wing opening facilitates maintenance and, in case of a fall, would limit the leakage of gasoline.

In the image from above we can see clearly the location of the air filter cartridge while bareback, It is clear the conformation of side tanks that hold the seat and pigtail; Here there will be space for water supply, to be transferred into the front spoiler only in longer stages.

Alexander Depetri Dakar 1992

Ciro De Petri and his Dakar 1992

Paris – Sirte – Le Cap 1992: the southern border of Chad marks the entrance of black Africa, but not for everyone. For Alessandro De Petri the black Africa has become many kilometres before, in Niger. He managed to get into motorcycles in Dirkou, but he did it with the right clavicle fracture. Unable to start the next day.
So, One more time, «Cyrus» seen escaping from the hands a race that he felt could win, and his anger is almost palpable, made even stronger from the amazing dynamics of incident.

«I arrived to refuel before everyone — is unleashed but km after being broken down I removed one hand from the handlebars to seat the road book, because the paper flowed. I've never done!
I was taking it easy, but I took a hole and the bike went sideways. I haven't even had time to bring the handlebars, and with one hand I really couldn't hope to check my Yamaha, Moreover, with full. Threw me in the air and I hit hard. That stupid incident!».

Dalia freewheeling talks, without stopping. Fails to accept the withdrawal, can't imagine the bad luck that continues to haunt him.
"You can't explain how you feel when something like that happens to you. You can't accept stopping so after 8 months of preparation.
Hours and hours spent in the gym every day and a team of people working to prepare your race. Immediately after the fall I couldn't keep my eyes open, and i blacked out. When there I shot I felt like I was waking up from a bad dream, as if everything were to end there. Yay, I thought, but when I put on the helmet of Peterhansel, I had stopped to help me, I understand that unfortunately was not just a dream».

«Cyrus» however did not want to resign himself to retire. Not yet. (source MS)