Cagiva team to Dakar 1988

The pilots are: Serge Bacou, Alessandro De Petri, Gilles Picard and Franco Gualdi.


Cover Magazine MotoSprint 1986

The cover of Motosprint dedicated to accident to Giampaolo Marinoni

Orioli 1994-3

ERI Orioli Dakar King… and Paris 1994

Big changes to Dakar 1994. The ride passed into the hands of the ASO Group, changing the rules, penalizing the “formula one” of the desert. We left from Paris and, After a turning point in Dakar, the 16th Edition ended again in Paris.

The Yamaha, contrary to the change in regulation, He resigned in protest. Orioli came running with a Cagiva, still prepared by Azzalin, a version “mortified” derived from production motorcycle went into production in the meantime. The Dakar that year was at least “discontinuous” due to a series of organizational problems that led to the cancellation of some stages.

KTM, which presented for the first time an official team organized around its ACE Heinz Kinigadner, He won the first stages enduristiche, then it was a triumphal March of Cagiva. The strip contains, MAS, Gallardo, but especially Orioli.

The Dakar 1994 focused with a riveting duel between Friulian and Jordi strip contains, just a few months away from that, victorious, of the Pharaohs. Yet in Bordeaux Orioli had to already change its engine, and in the night gives Boutilimit, halfway through the stage “Marathon” that would have ended at Atar, was with sixth gear that wouldn't fit more: everything seemed to have put back in play. The regulation prevented a second change of engine, and it is here that entered the scene Pattono and Minelli, two mechanics Cagiva from great qualities and great-hearted.

The mechanics will make a difference, all night they alighted a motor (the retired Goffoy) and then another (to Orioli), to perform the transplant Exchange gear. A night spent in white, where you worked hard and without interruption, but it was worth the effort, the bike was ready for the next morning.

Orioli would do the rest, outclassing poor strip contains, that on that occasion went down in history as holder of second place with less detachment, Orioli joined like a King, triumphantly on the Champs Elysées.


Claudio Terruzzi – Dakar 1989

A breeze, Despite the two special won, the ranking of the Dakar 1989 for Claudio Terruzzi langue: for him only a 22nd place in the absolute…

Danny Laporte and Cagiva to Dakar 1992

Despite not being the victory in the absolute, that of 1992 represents an excellent performance of the squadron Cagiva, that second place American Danny Laporte, in third place Jordi strip contains, Marc Morales at 4°, EDI Orioli to 7th and 10th place Controls to!


The Cagiva Elefant of Giampaolo Marinoni

The story of the tragedy which ended with the disappearance of Giampaolo Marinoni is b.s.. One of those that we wouldn't have wanted to tell. A series of terrible coincidences, all despicable, all unavoidable. Cagiva rider had hitherto a Dakar 1986 quite satisfactory, 13th in the absolute and winner of a stage, the Dirkou-Agadem. But he was not satisfied. Inside was convinced he can achieve a better result, If only he could attack before. He felt that that last damn special could have win to give satisfaction to the Castiglioni. The final day of competition consisted of two stages made especially for twins, a fast stretch of sand that would see one winner among the Favorites: Rahier, Neveu, Olivier or Giampaolo Marinoni. The first was imposed upon Gaston Rahier and Giampaolo was finished second. The second stage saw the street determined to win.

But this desire for glory and harsh reality stands the fate, in the form of a ruinous fall in 20 km from the start of the Special. He was rescued by his companions, and stoically despite severe pain, and when his will a man becomes hero, He decided he could continue. Aided by Crossbowmen to climb into the saddle and escorted by Picard until, Giampaolo eventually rose Dakar Beach. Unfortunately we all know what happened after a few hours.

Many times we wondered how worthily and with a friendly smile this unfortunate driver who left a beautiful memory in the hearts of all lovers of enduro, and when the grandson of Giampaolo, Fabio and his son Michele have contacted us to let us know your intention to send us pictures of his Cagiva Elefant Dakar 1986, who jealously guard home, We did not feel right. What better way to remember, by publishing the photos of his bike, to commemorate the exploits of a pilot that after 30 years is still alive and immortal.

Thanks to Fabio and Michele.

Marinoni Giampaolo 1986   Dakar

The tragedy of Mad

The Paris Dakar remains a tough competition and reach Dakar is a challenge with oneself against fatigue. Remember the story of an unforgettable motorcycling hero, Gianpaolo Marinoni, that his second P-D in 1986, the proved fatal. Just 40 km from the finish, during the final special stage on the Lake Rose, ran into a fall, from the resulting in seemingly innocuous.

Marinoni immediately went up aboard his Cagiva and although youTTO managed to cross the finish line in 13th position. It was still an excellent placement, in view of the large number of competitors, the exceptional selectivity of the race and the huge percentage of withdrawals.

The same evening, However accused a serious malaise, enough to be admitted to a hospital in Dakar, where doctors realized that the severe trauma had caused serious damage to the liver. Was operated of urgency, but she died two days later, following a serious infection over.

Cagiva Elefant 904 PD Orioli 1990 01

Cagiva Elefant 900 1990

We are at the start of the Paris Dakar 1990 and Edi Orioli presents itself with a new Cagiva who seems immediately born under a good star. Peterhansel is put out racing in the Ténéré, Neveu disqualified, Anita falls. The Cagiva by Edi Orioli and Alessandro "Ciro" De Petri rage desert stages and take flight. Orioli takes the lead in Ghat and definitively his advantage with the stage of Agadez that crossed all the Ténéré. For the friulano is the second success, After that with the Honda in 1988, and it is also the first victory for Cagiva after six investments.

Photo of Alexander Casnedi

Cagiva Ligier 750 1985

The Cagiva debuts in his first Paris Dakar in 1985 with this Ligier 750 riding Ducati Pantah engine from 748 cm ³, power supply: Dell'orto PHM 40 that was providing approximately 70 HP and pushing her at a rate of about 175 km/h. Pilots: Hubert Auriol – Racing, Giampaolo Marinoni and Gilles Picard.

Photo of Alexander Casnedi

cagiva 1987

Cagiva Elefant 850 1987

Is fully faired the Cagiva Ducati 850 CC. they will try to counter the Japanese team and the Teutonic Knights at the Paris Dakar 1987.

The bikes of team Lucky Explorer boast twin engine air cooled, desmodromic, bore and stroke of 92 x 64 mm, power of 80 CV to 8.500 g/m, Weber carburetor, electronic ignition, dry clutch and primary drive helical gear.

The frame is superior in trellis tubes, of metalsI square section and the lower cradle in light alloy square tubes; the fork is Marzocchi 290 mm travel, the mono is a progressive Ieveraggio mounted Ohlins for a wheel travel of 290 mm.
The tanks, feeding the carburetor by means of two electric pumps, have the ability to 33 at the front and 32 liters to the latter; the gross weight is 230 pounds and the maximum speed of 185 kilometers per hour on the trail.

The pilots are deployed Hubert Auriol – Racing, Franco Gualdi, Alessandro De Petri and Gilles Picard