Honda EXP-2 Dakar 1995

Honda EXP-2 Dakar 1995

Surely with the simple code of Honda EXP-2 very few will understand what I'm talking about, but this bike was one of the most interesting innovations in the Park competition of Granada Dakar (sigh) of 1995. The motion brought forth by the genius of designers Honda, It was certainly not the first 2s designed for the desert (as we saw with the KTM 495 of 1981) but it was meant to be revolutionary and successful.

In its debut not only saw the beaches of Dakar, but in the Pyrenees,Jean Brucy finished with an excellent fifth place overall, second Honda at the finish (behind Meoni) and first in the category under the 500 CC: a striking result for a prototype born from a new project, and considering also that the bike was only 400 CC, Thumper too!
But why this bike was revolutionary? First the ' Honda EXP-2 has been designed to provide electronic fuel injection, a utopia for the time, and burning then takes place without the use of candle (that is present but is activated only in particularly low schemes), explained in a very simplistic…It was like a diesel!

The use of this technology allowed the engine to release ben 54 horses, just under 20 compared to rivals 800 CC four stroke, but weighed over 100 Kg less than rivals, had significantly lower consumption and intermediate certificates even around 3 l/100 Km in combined and around 6 l/100 Km race.

Still remains a mystery to understand why this bike, the potential enormous, There was no result in competitions to follow.