Suzuki DR 800 1989-1

Suzuki DR 800 BIG Z 1989

Even the yellow Suzuki Gaston Rahier is practically equal to the motion seen in the edition of the Dakar rally 1988. The more substantial interventions include throttle, plus up to 810 CC increased power and softened simultaneously in the provision to improve its behavior since the minimal throttle openings.

Magnesium crankcase, new carburetors and new air filter increase engine breathing. Their exclusive scooling system SACS most oil-air, with large circulation of lubricant in the head and cylinder.
The distribution is SOHC with four valves and double ignition to accelerate the spread of flame front. Five-speed gearbox and clutch in oil bath. The power exceeds 65 horses with a substantial pair of well 8,7 Kgm right from low revs.

The main tank is made of aluminum as rear speakers, to contain as much as possible the weight, now reduced to 151 Kg dry weight According to official statements.

The line similar to DR Big normally for sale, is characterized by pronounced “beak”, careened to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

The frame is chromoly steel beam with double cradle under the engine with a new geometry and arrangement of weights to improve driveability, already very good.

The geometry of the rear suspension has been revised to change the progression of the shock absorber and fork has been replaced with another more dimensioned, more wide and made from “full”. The right auxiliary tank was reduced in size to accommodate the long tailpipe completely produced in titanium.

Gaston Rahier will conclude the Dakar 1989 11th, Charbonnier 14°.