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Pujol Isidro e Giò Dakar Room 2002

In this video of the Dakar 2002 We highlight some very exciting aspects related to this race: the first is the extraordinary solidarity that exists between the bikers. GIO Sala does not hesitate a moment to succor Isidre Pujol found along the track, While there are those who Dodge at the last and doesn't stop.
Not least is the extraordinary tenacity that characterizes the bikers: Hall asks whether it should operate the Balises to get relief efforts, but that estrometpartnership opens up automatically from the race, but Pujol despite being clearly in pain and in shock from the fall, asks him not to enable it to continue. The caresses of the Hall are from goosebumps and require no comments. For the record, both arrived in Dakar, Pujol in 5th position and in Room 6a.