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Project Squirrel ERS 1000

In 1987 It presents a motion from the project very interesting, the Ecureuil 1000 ERS conceived in 1986 by Joel Guilet (Ducati rider at the time Bol d'Or) on the initiative of the journalist and driver Pierre-Marie Poli.
Equipped with air cooled boxer engine BMW 1020 CC, 80 HP / 6500 RPM / min (engine preparation made from Arcueil Motor).

Tank 64 litres made of soft rubber,
Dry weight 170 kg dry weight and 250 kg with full,
Speed 195 km/h.

The originality of the ERS 1000 resided in its modular frame and carbon all disassembled very quickly, in just six minutes giving access to motor and transmission. This feature allows the ability to change the weight distribution and vary the distance. The project will be brought to the Paris Dakar also in 1988 and 1989.