Anquetil nephew 1984-2

Small, but big Veronique to Dakar 1984!

Twenty-four years, Petite and kind traits, Veronique Anquetil in everyday life does the job and when laying next to his Yamaha 600 TT seems even more fragile. Actually this girl has just won the female results, It's also got 15ma absolute!

In its third experience in Paris-Dakar is finally able to see the arrival, enduring the previous year the sadness of withdrawal only 400 km from Dakar.

What prompted you to join?

«I like the rides, says before the start of the special that from Sali Portudal will finally in Dakar. I participate in enduro races in France, but there the trials are shorter and unsuitable for a woman. Here in Africa, Instead, count on knowing how to administer. I never went very strong but I never stop, I didn't fall that four times, and not excessive speed. Meanwhile the boys broke their bikes, they fell often… I did a race waiting because I have a strong physique, that tolerates fatigue smaltendola day by day».

You've suffered some inconvenience for the fact of being a girl in a race so manly?

"I would say no, is a matter of habit. I'm considered a rider like others».

What was your position this year?

«Attending officially sponsored by Pastis 51 from Sonauto and the Total with a service vehicle that was sharing with journalist Pierre Marie Parker».

Source motosprint
Photo Mimine Magnin