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Matteo Graziani and the Dakar never ride in 2008

Matteo Graziani from Forlì, Italian old guard riders was always a tough race, able to fight without reverential fears with the pilots of the official teams at Dakar. I should have done in 2008 with a motorcycle finally winning, a brand new KTM 690 Rosso corsa, This time supported by a sponsor of exception, Alfa Romeo.

The team was made, leaning as always by a team of friends, with the same spirit that linked passion, determination and will to fight. The conditions for running a leading Dakar there were all the reasons were big. Unfortunately for him the Dakar 2008 did not start never. Note that for reasons of public policy the Organisation decided to cancel the race. Four French tourists were murdered in Mauritania near the start of the rally, and the State where the tragedy would have to accommodate well 8 stages. Objectively risks were too high. Matthew Garrison, class 1968 then he had 39 years and unfortunately had no way to line up at the start of the Dakar.

Her career began as a child with minicross like so many, but to 18 years. So late to have professional ambitions, If only Matthew was not a true phenomenon! We can talk about a talent who became alone. Matthew has always worked while the pilot, especially in the fields and this makes him more honor. At the beginning we worked with motocross, with remarkable achievements at national level (third of Italian Cadets) then move towards the enduro and then find its ideal size in cross country, where he could express and mix his skills as speed, rationality and tactical intelligence.

Motorcycle rally you have to go fast while looking for the road, scrutinizing the notes in the roadbook. That's where the challenge. Let's say that Matthew this challenge won big: Ben 57 Italian titles between cross country-Raid, Tout Terrain and Enduro. A true “alien” of category! This natural predisposition to combining speed with note reading has certainly assisted in 3 Dakar in which he participated, always from private, always by patently inferior to officers. The results have always been of high level: in 1999 the first participation, 18th overall. In 2004 He finished 11st overall and 1° in category 450 (winner of the prologue) and in 2005 15th overall and 2° by category.