Maximum Montebelli and Fabrizio Meoni Dakar 1992

In memory of Max Malik

Talking and writing about characters who have left an indelible mark in the sport and they are no longer among us is never easy, We have therefore preferred to remember the words of those who knew him well.

Maximum Montebelli had participated in seven editions of the Paris-Dakar. In five of these had managed to cross the finish line and in 1993 It was his best finish, eighth, in front of many famous and overpaid professionals.

With him I think he's gone uNo piece of history of Dakar, the real one as he liked to call him, had won the Marathon class at the Paris-Le Cap with Meoni on the same team, the Yamaha BYRD, I like to think that we have found ourselves up there and continue to talk about racing sand dunes and special stages.

But the bike was also his work, especially with regard to the implementation of special tanks. For this he was nicknamed, and known throughout Italy and also abroad, like the wizard of aluminium.
(Maximum Source Marcaccini – Riders)