MoriniValentini 85

The last time of Moto Morini – Dakar 1985

The 1985 It is the year of the last participation of Team V di Prato the Paris-Dakar, the team not having received direct support from the factory, is forced to retire after this edition. Antonio Valentini and Bertolatti leave nothing to chance to prepare the bikes that are made by bring the experience gained in previous editions.

Unfortunately Leandro Carter gets hurt at the end of the first week of the race due to a fall and you must withdraw. Gianni Gagliotti It performs very well and after thousands of kilometers is located a few kilometers from the finish in Dakar. It is 17° in the absolute and 2° in its class. On the sand of Dakar and with few km to go the bike does not want to know to go and with the help of Gauri and Crossbowmen tries in every way to jump-start its Morini, supported by the incessant cheers of children gathered on the beach to celebrate.

The finish line is at your fingertips, but the only way to cut it is to being towed by friends pilots to try to restart it. This attempt, however, the costs of disqualification. For this reason you won't find Gagliotti official charts, but morally and after 14.000 km 20 days, that goal he cut it, all right!