Algiers 1990-1

Luigi Algiers and Dakar 1990

The course in Milan had occurred in a setting somewhere between silly and resigned. then in the race showed what we knew then and at the finish line with a motorcycle definitely unkempt.

You were presented with the bike on cart, but then…
«It is true, at that time I had everything with me and I hadn't even partners with none for spare parts.
In Paris I loaded a bag on the truck to Gargate and an engine on a Tatra; This would serve to Agadez, only the truck wasn't there and I wouldn't be able to replace it because I had a fever.

So in the second part of the Dakar I no longer could use the fourth since had become loud and I was afraid to remain on foot: I ran with single shock absorber, practically blown up, I managed to replace just before the finish line.
My bike was a Yamaha TT already employed by Maletti in Dakar ' 87, I disassembled and reassembled as it was originally.

As for my result, (33° in the absolute n.d.r.) I lost some time because, Besides the engine. even the rear suspension gave serious problems forcing me to makeshift repairs».

Special thanks to Alfredo Margaritelli for collaboration.