Podium starting Dakar 95

My Dakar 1995 by Erick Farges

Had 14 years when the first rally came in the city where his family had moved 50 years ago, Dakar. French nationality, Erick Farges is already used to the adoption. In 1978 was on Place de la Libération to see the first motorcycles arrive and you are passionate about this rally that would eventually become a myth, the Paris-Dakar. Very soon, in the 1980s, Erick staged his 125, took upon his shoulders a backpack with three bottles filled with gasoline and He left for Mauritania where he wanted to meet the rally and get off with the participants up to Dakar.

"When I left so, alone, I had to find food on the road – Remember – Once I found myself inside the tent of a Mauritanian with all its women and he made me realize that I could drink tea, but then to my health was better run away… Another time instead I came to a hut where there was a woman with children and black slaves. She was very kind to me, and gave me to eat a head of mutton. But the evening her husband arrived with his Sabre and a Kalashnikov and from that moment she didn't look. In ' 91, there was a war between Senegal and Mauritania, and I had to switch from Mali to return home ".

"I can tell many episodes like this, and many more I live; leaving for the adventure I love it ".

And so, every year, Erick Farges found a piece of dream and his friends from the Dakar, because following this way the rally had made many friends among the bike riders.

"The 89 – continues Erick – I was behind Orioli when struck, killing him, a horse. It was on the ground and helped him to his feet and back on his bike. Was very shocked, I followed him up on arrival and every time I fell I helped him. So we became friends, as with The strip contains, Olivier and many more». In 1995 – Go on – the TSO offered two engagements at the Senegalese Ministry of youth and sports, they turned to the moto club of Dakar”.

"So you had a chance to rally (the second pilot was Miki n.d.r. Jovacevic). But I also needed a motorcycle. Some friends they offered me a plane ticket to go all the way to Paris. There I called Jean-Claude Olivier (President of Yamaha-France) to ask for help, and he found the solution: I bought a Tenere standards and Yamaha Motor France he prepared himself for free. Then I was offered spare parts and Olivier gave me even off-road clothing and other necessaries. Saved me, and gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream!”.

A fairy tale that was not a happy ending: Erick failed to arrive in Dakar on motorbikes as he wanted, forced to retire in Ouarzazate for electrical problems. But we will retry: now that the ice is broken, has no plans to stop dreaming.

For the record, Erick took part in the Dakar 1996 always with Yamaha and finally came upon arrival in 48th position!