Maletti 1987-1

My Dakar 1987 by Guido Maletti

Guido Maletti, Reggiano, join the Paris Dakar 1987 in 29 years. Runs for passion, driven by a passion for motorcycles and adventure. Running with a Yamaha 600, little cared for under the area's look, so much so that friends of Team GR remind him of, often riding the bike more ugly than the entire Dakar. In Tahoua, under the starry sky, for the wing of a Fokker for airport runway asphalt mattress chat before bed.

Guido what is for you the Dakar? «A great adventure that I think is within my reach for which I decided to break the piggy bank of my savings to be here, struggling to get».

And the high score list you don't care? «Little».

Though the Italian rider never fails to make me notice its good positions behind the officers… Inevitable, then, the question on relations between individuals and officers.

«Great respect, they are very good but they have too many advantages, think my bike on sand "fly" around 115 timetables, their far greater speed whizzing instead. In addition they simply have to think only to run, Instead we always arrange».

Maletti has just put its ugly and indestructible Yamaha, eating a hot chicken in sauce fantasy to Africatour and lies down in my sleeping bag with the sky as a roof and the asphalt as mattress.

Guido Maletti will conclude the Paris Dakar at 12° place, third Italian at the finish line.

(On the web photos and info on Guido Maletti is not very, a private from the "handcuff" heavy. If you have any material we invite you to publish it and share it).

Source MotoSprint