Lorenzo Tumblers on his Honda XR 400 the Dakar 2005

My Dakar 2005 by Lorenzo Buratti

My name is Lorenzo Buratti and childbirth for Dakar 2005 After gaining experience in minor races but still tough as the Pharaons rally or the rally of Tunisia, I feel ready, physically I'm in super good and my little Honda XR400 not no problem.
We cannot count on any assistance I sought an easy bike mechanically, on which to do maintenance at night in the shortest possible time, during the day can I use only my ability to navigate well, certainly not the top speed.

Anyway if you are a private pilot that aims only to finish the race seems fairer strategy.
Throughout the first week the facts give me reason, Let the nonsense to others, every day they withdraw more than ten motorcycles, I I never miss and surplus of just doing my honest work and trying not to fall for not having to work all night on the bike to fix it, were still years where you could face a Dakar that way, now I don't know, It all seems too fast in South America, in Africa people are leaking really ...

Esco absolute from the 57th sixth stage, Zouerate-Tichit, journalists present the will describe the next day as one of the toughest stages of the history of the Dakar, one hell of soft sand that no one had imagined, arrival at the bivouac at midnight and 45 after more than 16 hours in the saddle, I thought I had screwed up and I'm lost, Instead the Park closed there are only 56 bike, at 4 the morning had come only 22 car, the next day they had to cancel the race because all helicopters were out looking for all those who have had to spend the night in the desert, they are proud of me and when I get a day of rest in the middle of the race I feel really happy. I feel that I can do.

When do I need to withdraw because of a problem in the carburetor causing the spill of all petrol are at the end of the tenth stage, approximately in 52nd position absolute on 250 motorcycle games, stuck on a dune floury of Mauritania, two kilometers from end stage. An Italian pilot whose name I can't remember refuses to give me a litre of gasoline that would allow me to get to the finish line, He was afraid of losing is too long.

Tiredness and night was coming they send me into confusion, for a number of reasons I still doubt that it can also be an electrical problem, I remove the fairing and check all wires, the XR has electric start so I try to restart the bike to pedal until collapse, I recover the medical helicopter which I dropped! next to bike and leads me to the end stage where the truck would pick me for fucks at the bivouac ... end.

The morning after the caravan leaves again and am only Italian at the bivouac to await the repatriation flight for Paris, comes the news of the accident to Fabrizio Meoni and the organization is looking for me to communicate that, everything is surreal, all cry, the helicopter arrives with the black sack hung out on the stretcher, I just want to go home ... Hello Fabrizio.

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