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The Dakar at the time of heroes – The Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré BYRD Marathon

Transformations rallying marketed by Belgarda for Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré have been taken towards the end of 1991 (After the official presentation of the Ténéré 660); they were designed to make the new bikes adapted to African marathons; BYRD was a project made in collaboration with Acerbis that has materially polyurethane netting tanks product.

Beppe Gauri busied in the various tests of motorcycle equipped with the new rally kit.

In the book of Paris Le Cap 1992, are listed 31 XTZ 660, but from the documentation registered motorbikes BYRD BYRD-Italy were 7, plus three strong torque 750. The French have entered 6/7 with France-blue and tank configuration as the marathon then sold.
The Italian team would be composed of three or four bikes in addition to the seven directly addressed to BYRD. The kit Marathon consisted of many parts and each one could be mounted without necessarily buying the complete kit. The BYRD provided together with pieces, the manual in which they explained all the steps for the installation of various components.

The bike was bought by Ettore Petrini of Bastia Umbra (PG), to take part in the Paris-Le Cap of 1992; his race number was 55 (Fabrizio Meoni the same year ran with the 56 with a Yamaha Marathon identical to Petrini).

Ettore Petrini will withdraw from a fall during one of the first stops in Africa. The same Petrini had participated in previous editions of the Paris-Dakar with mixed success (remember his 42 ND place upon arrival of Dakar 1990). His Yamaha is now owned by the Dr. Livio Fioroni, a collector of Perugia that bought it a few years ago; the medium is in excellent condition even if you removed some accessories typically rally drivers (instruments and other small components) and you have performed a painting that gives the Middle a livery close to Yamaha France officers following years; the current features of the medium allows for a particularly pleasant street use with the awareness and satisfaction of being aboard a medium who took part in the world's toughest motorcycle race and fascinating. A feature that enhances the interest of this medium: still has all the hallmarks of Paris-Le Cap of 1992.

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  • Gianluca Ferrini

    I found an image of the time when you see the complete kit BYRD!