KTM 660 2003

KTM 660 Dakar Richard Sainct 2003

The Dakar 2003 (We will continue to call it that even though this edition took off from Marseille and arrived in Sharm El Sheikh) will be remembered as one of the “Austrian rule ever” because of the 15 bike “Orange” in the first 15 positions!

For the winner Richard Sainct, the race was more "simple", the bike has held up well and is not involved in accidents and wins the title of King of Dakar, the third after the successes of 1999 and of the 2000 deservedly. The franceIf in 17 total stages of competition has come 5 times first, second twice and third twice: In short, It was simply the best.

Then the curtain falls on this edition of Dakar, Although no longer has the charm of yesteryear, and suffer the effects of globalization and the threats of international terrorism, tourism, She kept her vital showmanship.
The KTM 660 by Richard Sainct proves a perfect desert machine that has caught up with this edition the definitive maturity.