Juan Porcar, and Spain's Bones pioneers to Dakar

One of the names that we cannot forget celebrating the Dakar is to Juan Porcar, that was the first Spanish driver to enter the competition and on top of him riding a motorcycle iberica, the Bones!

Juan Porcar He was a journalist and devoted mainly to follow the worldwide motorcycle information , He competed from time to time, and following the first edition of 1979 He began to think of preparing a motorcycle and attend the Dakar. Project that was able to achieve in 1982.
At that time, was aware that the Dakar rally was a little’ other than what she had known until then.
The assistance of name but not in fact and navigation issues and interpretation of the notes could cause serious problems. Especially the thirst could be fatal in a competition like the Dakar at the time. Unfortunately this was the reason for his abandonment. In the early stages of the race, was lost in the wilderness and remained without water for a few days, until he found a village with a well from which decided to quench your thirst without taking proper precautions.

This choice, depended on the long deprivation, proved to be poor. The water was not just like that of a source of mountain, and Porcar began immediately to suffer from a terrible fever that forced him to abandon. But the adventure did not stop there. Medical assistance reached him in the village where he had found a welcome, but after the first aid and a promise to transfer it with appropriate means ... I forgot!
Porcar had to arrange his repatriation in Spain on its own initiative.

Other times. Today the participants of Dakar they have big media, but then “The African” (as he was affectionately called Juan Porcar) He had logically talking GPS, talking balises, no assistance, not a lot of resources and few replacement parts .

Apart from this distressing adventure, remains the experience of running with a motorbike 2T the Ossa Desert 350 CC with his backpack two pistons, the oil for mixing, a water bottle cage, but especially a tremendous enthusiasm.