Aubert Auriol 1987

Hubert Auriol, When the pilot becomes a myth

A root, a root to break both legs.
A root to 20 kilometers from the finish.
A root on the road to victory at the Dakar.
A root in his fate and that of Cagiva.

Marc Joinea found Hubert Auriol just metres from that root prey to cries of pain he was trying to get back on bikes, helped him get back in the saddle, started the bike and agree to his will: getting back on the bike, continue to get to the finish line.
At the start of the stage was seven minutes ahead of second. Seven minutes..
His direct rival for the win, Neveu arrived to the finish line and from there began the count.
Neveu and cronomesti watching them l ’ horizon, to wait for the arrival of Hubert ’.

Seven minutes.
The first in the standings at the end of the stage, having regard to the short transfer to the next day's Rose Lake,would win the Dakar.

Seven minutes.
Seven minutes and that root.

It was Wednesday 21 January 1987 and Hubert Auriol cut the finish line of stage after five minutes of arrival of ’ Neveu: He still had a little less than two-minute head start. Was still in first place.
The motò stopped. Under the helmet you could hear screams and a desperate cry, l initial adrenaline ’, the one who restarted, After those 20 kilometers of suffering may have vanished.

None of all who ran meeting could imagine her condition and the reason for those tears.
Helped him get off the bike, the stretched themselves on the ground and took the helmet. The drama of his condition recur as soon as they were taken off the boots: ankle bones right out of the skin!

Rene Metge, the race Director, squeezed his hand while his doctors injected the morphine attenuated the pain.
Rahier approached him saying something, for his reply Hubert in form of lucid sincerity I drove out with my hand: He had suffered too much in the past.
While it was uploaded sula stretcher Hubert made the victory sign with their fingers while a smile was born out of that mask of pain.
Pernat in an interview with us issued told us that l ’ stronger and intense emotion in his long and intense career the ’ lived on the helicopter carrying Hubert to ’ hospital.