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My Dakar 2004 by Giuseppe Macchion

Thank you parisdakar.it for this opportunity, how well do you know in 2004 There were no social and communication for private pilots like me was practically nothing!! Although I must tell you that after the first stage the news and sports newspapers have talked about me,
The reason? Because they are arrived 6th overall to stop before Marc Coma!

Something really unusual for those years. Upon arrival I was interviewed on television all over the world and I felt like I was living a dream. Dream that lasted for 3 European rounds, then unfortunately we thought Africa to resize my ego.
From too much throttle I got lost in the mountains of Morocco and from 14° I arrived at end of leg 145°!

Consider that my motorcycle history comes from former air hostess Golden Flames, then becomes Enduro test, but not pro and then with very little experience of navigation! It was extremely difficult to try to catch up chart positions. Dust, holes, Sassi and trucks, I mean hell!

Slowly I managed to climb up the ranking up the 30° position (consider that from 210 starters were in 50).
Everything seemed to go well, until in the second marathon stage, While we slept at the rudder control mechanism, unknown malefactors they stole the bike to me and Luigi Algiers. Disheartened and disappointed we were taken to Bidodiulasso in Burkina Faso to be repatriated. After covering 7000 km and especially when there were only 3 stages to get to get to Dakar, our dream has faded!

In spite of all this was a wonderful experience, born almost on a dare, that required a commitment of a year of training with the help of the cycling team Mapei, which allowed me to make innovative medical tests, the first on a motorcycle racer, subsequently published on magazines!

All of these efforts, physical and economic, clearly continuing to work at a motorcycle dealership!

Text and photos: Giuseppe Macchion