Eicher Eugen BSA 1985

Eugen Eicher on BSA to Dakar 1985

Eugen Eicher had entered the Dakar 1985 It came from Switzerland, therefore thought fit to shift the utility of the famous Swiss army knife of’ Army, the motorcycle inserting replacement directly on the chassis. The most practical example is the rear sprocket that could possibly serve as protection for the crankcase of his twin-cylinder BSA from 650 CC. Probably many other spare parts were mounted away from the eyes of the uninitiated. I haven't been able to find out more, to my great regret, We appeal to fans of the site to learn more.

If necessary, Eugen was determined to use tools “outdated” like hammer and tongs housed in a leather bag. A photographic evidence that suggests the spirit of adventure that pervaded the competitors of the time.


  • Marc-Olivier Chavanne

    The Original Bike will be presented on the Swiss Moto in Zurich from 20-22.02.2020.

    Come and visit the Edelweiss racing booth. And enjoy the evolution of 35 years compared to an 2017 KTM 450 Factory wich will also be displayed.

    • iron

      Nice bike! 🙂