4_ Orioli

Edi Orioli 1988, the champion

You get, Therefore, the Dakar 1988, the tenth anniversary edition. Hubert Auriol, following the accident the previous year, decide to ride in cars. for the first time, After ten investments, Cyril Neveu is forced to retire. for the first time, with a Yamaha, There's Stéphane Peterhansel. Yamaha and Honda line up each two official teams, and both the Japanese motorcycle industry giants are represented by an Italian team. At the end of a “pyrotechnics tussle” the initial Dakar records, sandstorms and of Peugeot by Ari Vatanen disappeared overnight from the bivouac, lights of Italian duel between Franco Picco and Edi Orioli. Peak runs with the Thumper Papi team, While total confidence in her for Orioli Ormeni “Discovery” results in the right to drive the only Honda NXR assigned to Italian team. The battle between the veneto and Friuli has nothing to envy to the epic clash the previous year which saw the protagonists Auriol and Neveu, and ends to keep all Italians with bated breath. The Dakar enters forcefully in the popular imagination, subtracts “expert commentators” to football.

Until Arlit, He won two special peak and is leading the race. But Edi Orioli won the special stage of Agadez and, At last, jumping over the opponent winning, in a move of cunning, the next one, at Tessalit. In this on bare profitably puts all his duel Orioli potential technique and talent. For him it is even more important, Basilar Artery, do not commit the slightest error, always stay perfectly focused. What you gain with the perfect stopover is nothing compared to what you can lose with one mistake, a fall, a navigational error within twenty days. The Dakar one must be able to take fast decisions when necessary, and be able to sneakily whenever the opportunity. And it is precisely M this occasion that Orioli plays masterfully his first trump card. l 22 January, on the beach of the Lake Rose, the Dakar the crowns winner. For the first time it's a Italian. The magic of that victory is rampant and Orioli was consecrated in dual role as champion and character. On his return to Italy the champion is greeted like a star and for months he is the athlete more invoked by the media, from newspapers and TV.

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