Ecureuil BMW Hutin of the Dakar 1989

Ecureuil BMW Dakar 1989

Official BMW twin-cylinder boxer engines using 1020 CC, the team Ecureuil recurs at Dakar 1989 with the same revolutionary bike used the previous year. French is the prerogative of the bike futuristic monocoque made of composite material of carbon fiber and kevlar, that replaces the usual tube frame.

The entire shell weighs only 6 kg and is broken down into three pieces: the front fork supports, the upper floor doubles as smain tank and the lower contains motor, return and attack of the swingarm. In case of breakage during the race, the same driver can remove the motor. The steering column is adjustable in inclination in order to adapt it to the characteristics of the route.

The main changes compared to the previous model relate to the shock absorber upper attachment properly reinforced, and fastening of the swingarm, now more robust and better designed. The fork is “overturned” with a range of 300 mm, the swingarm is made of light alloy and acts on two damping places much forward to bolstering understanding rear wheel travel is now giving 280 mm.

Dry weight declared is less than 170 kg; an outstanding result due to the massive use of lightweight material used at compo-site. The German engine is eighty horses of accredi- 6500 RPM; distribution pushrod and rocker arm with only two valves per cylinder, Automatic ignition advance electro-electronic, nagalla also for Bing Carburetors power vacuum from 40 mm. The clutch is dry, five-speed gearbox and final drive shaft.

Motion by Francis Farah
Photo by Yogesh Chandra