Twelve luxury private to Dakar 1992

Not enough four factory riders, together with them the BYRD took him to Africa other twelve private pilots with a figure definitely reasonable could enjoy an almost official assistance. A sales promotion, which required a great deal of effort, but that was also acclaim: 32.000.000 liras for buying a Yamaha XTZ 660 all ready to run in the marathon category, Racing apparel and rest, transport of bike and rider in Paris for the departure and especially transport of spare parts and mechanical assistance in the running, with the ability to have personal sponsors.

Joseph Viziale, the former pilot who was entrusted with the responsibility of the operation, He showed himself very confident, and in fact the formula was successfully tested in the past by several houses: could reduce the figures and at the same time enjoy adequate assistance, crucial in a race like that. The parts were traveling on two trucks, a Unimog and a Liaz, and in addition there were also some airborne mechanical headed by ing. Adriano Magherini. It is worth mentioning that it is precisely with a similar initiative two years ago Honda won the marathon category, with Spanish Toni Boluda.
These are the 12 drivers and their race number:
53 Emanuele Chari
54 Malloe
55 Ettore Petrini
56 Fabrizio Meoni – It passed from enduro to rally in 89, and he immediately in evidence. For him the rides were a hobby, practiced at high level. He participated in the Incas twice, and one on Tunisia, While he played in ' 91, Baja 1000, Titan and Pharaohs.
57 Luciano Carcheri
58 Samuele Landi
59 Maximum Maddox
60 Fabio Marcaccini – Be dubbed "the man from Agadez" not enough more to former sprinter from Romagna, two years before he ended up in newspapers all over the world for leading a good stretch of the stage that decided the Dakar ' 90. To aim higher, He decided to abandon the category prototypes, where he ran with motorcycle built by him and by his team-mate Max Malik, and to test themselves in the marathon, where should not suffer the competition of the officers. Great experience, tenacity and skill in orientation: a good base on which to try to build something good.
61 Max Malik – Marcaccini's teammate in the Wild Team, chose him to run in the marathon, and the formula BYRD might enable it to compete more quietly when he was deprived. Supported by a Herculean physique, the romagnolo has always been one of the fastest private two years ago gained success in ranking amateurs.
64 Heinz Kinigadner – Twice world champion of cross 250 in 84 and 85, the likeable Austrian has abandoned the world series not racing: He moved to Ibiza participated in the rally and enduro Spanish Championships, who won won more times. Decided to try the adventure of Paris-Le Cap, He wanted to involve the official BMW with the support of sponsor Camel, but the operation is not andatò in port. " Kini» however you gave up and with the support of Yamaha Austria joined the project BYRD. On his speed is not discussed, on his grit even.
63 Jeremy Davies
62 JMN Claude Morellet "Fenuil""I race for the fun of it, If I had searched for the money i'd competed as Navigator to Citroen or Mitsubishi ". An explanation that didn't make a wrinkle, the organizer of the Rally of the Pharaohs, He had behind 7 Dakar motorbike (a third place finish the best placement) and 3 drive, as Navigator, all played in top positions. He was the first to cross the Sahara on motorbikes in Solitaire, in ' 74, and Africa took several satisfactions. But to 46 years had not yet want to quit: the adventure has no age.

Source motosprint