depetri 1984

“Ciro” Dalia debuting Dakar 1984

Completely private even novice Alexander De Petri, Although well assisted by the excellent Vismara who took care of his KTM Farioli.
Sixth at the Rally of the Pharaohs, Dalia had embarked on his adventure with Towers, then came out of the race for a fall that cost him the fracture of the femur.

"To talk about the Paris-Dakar, to explain what you should write a book — says Dalia (It will then ndr) ' it's a beautiful ride and gives a lot of satisfaction, but it is also a dangerous race, full of incidents and that requires great experience. What I've learned this year is that you can also run a race to wait trusting in the inconveniences of others ".

How did they perform your KTM race?
«The bike went quite well; certain, the current state of affairs is not definitive but if I were to try again next year would know where to put your hands. Would not be ever at the BMW and perhaps also of Honda and Yamaha».