Dakar 1985 | story of a Dakarian find

Text by Nicholas Bertaccini
Despite having been on so many posters hanging in the room or garage, the paris-dakar pilots have always been normal people, neighbors, classmates, childhood friends. They all have behind them stories similar to those of all of us, only at some point they pursued with great conviction a dream. A beautiful poem says that "taking yourself seriously is the only weapon of those who can't build talent from skills".

Our "heroes" have been able to recognize their talents and turn them into talent, that's why they don't need to take it too seriously and people remain in hand, Genuine.
Over the years we have told stories that have affected them, some of which reported directly by them. This one that follows is a nice story, that we happened to facilitate, Somehow.

It all starts with the #8217;meeting with Beppe Gauri at the beginning 2019, step that led to the realization of Dakar Lens. Beppe was one of the first to confront the potential return of image of certain companies. He who had started almost begging for sponsorships and ended up building a career. Like many, especially at ’beginning, what was advancing from one edition became part of the budget of the next. Then equipment was sold, motion and what’ to fund the next #8217;enterprise, at least the #8217;start.




When we spoke to Beppe he confided to us that he had slowly recovered much of the material concerning him, going up between buyers and collectors.
But the passion for Paris-Dakar has also put us in touch with fans and lovers of the race. One of these, maybe the most iconic one, it's definitely Pietro Manganoni, african race lover and guzzista up to the marrow.

One day he sends us pictures of a race suit he found in a market., a suit that the seller says belonged to one who "did the Dakar".
He sends us the photos and it's clear that it's a Gualini suit, that of 1985 riding a Yamaha Ténéré.
Let's turn the pictures to Beppe who confirms that those pants and that jacket are just his.


Whatsapp Image 2021-07-02 at 18.37.45 (5)

At that point Peter contacts the seller again and opts the complete. You see it in pictures, white and red with the patches of all the sponsors that the good Beppe had collected, Acerbis to Brembo.
The next step is to connect Pietro and Beppe for a rendezvous in Bergamo, hometown of both. For the occasion#8217 peter will also involve Claudio Towers, bringing together a part of that Bergamo battalion that gave the #8217 assault on the Dakar in the 1980s.