Cyril Despres, the career of a Dakarian myth

With his fifth win at the Dakar Cyril Despres ranks among the first rallyers of all time and in fact as one of the greatest drivers ever. Some say it is the natural successor of Stéphane Peterhansel and his exploits are useful for the extraordinary athlete and man who lies under that helmet often covered by sand or mud. A professional of the highest level and unique sample that in recent years in thirteen participations in the Dakar has conquered 5 WINS, 5 second place finishes and two thirds.
Nevertheless Despres Dakar but a rider who has not only embarked in almost every rally, often won, But even extreme enduro events (victorious in two editions of the Erzbergrodeo).

Cyril was born on 24 January 1974 in Fontainbleau, the nfanza is serene without any fans of two wheels able to transmit to him "the disease of the piece" until his parents move to Nemours and become friends with Couturier Pascal, trial sample. In 13 When his peers to receive the traditional communion crosses, chains and bracelets so dear to the Catholic tradition, He can receive envelopes with money totalling about 4000 Franks (600 Euro) that immediately will mutate in a Fantic Moto Trial 80, that bike that is now exposed in the living room of the House where he lives with his family.

With Pascal begins with the most demanding disciplines facing an Enduro from the physical point of view, requiring prcisione, Constance, skill, patience and strength.
His passion led him to work as a mechanic in a garage in Paris and the evening finished working hours preparing the bike that uses in its first enduro races. The debut came in 1998 in a national competition in Plomin and immediately WINS! A victory that galvanizes and immediately takes him to dream of the race that will give lots of emotions, the Dakar.

In 2000 with the support of his friend Michel Gau the Dakar project becomes concrete in the mind and in the will, the problem are the sponsors and budget. Sometimes more than the money need some ideas so with Michel after studying merchandising actions typical of Dakar decides to buy bottles of Bordeaux, Saint Chinian and Chablis and label them with the route of the Dakar. "We needed to 80 000 francs each. Thanks to year-end holidays, and especially considering it was the new year of the new Millennium, by selling the bottles to friends and businesses we were able to raise the funds to leave.. “


Unable to sign up and leave for the first Dakar in his life with a Honda 400 XR : "I had the first glimpse of the thrill of the open spaces in the desert. It was a revelation". A revelation accompanied by an incredible result, 16th overall and 2nd in its class.
Love for Africa is now shot, continue with what was left of the wine and with the support of some sponsors joined the Rally of Tunisia and scores first podium finishing in third place. Official teams notice him and in 2001 the call comes from BMW, It is now a factory rider.

In 2001 ends 12th of Dakar, scoring his first stage victory. The same year is second to the Gilles Lalay Classic and wins dubai's UAE Desert Challange. The following year repeating the success in Dubai, wins the Rally de La Pampas and the Erzberg in which private Honda puts lined up all the squadron KTM. This feat led him to make a deal with the House that will give all the most important achievements, the KTM.

2001-1 Despres

In 2003 the Dakar special won three and finished second, WINS again in Dubai and at the Erzberg, and with a second place finish in the Rally of Tunisia and won the Rally of Morocco won the World Rally Championship.


In 2004
Despite the four stage wins concludes the Dakar in third place, He won again the Optic 2000 (Rally of Tunisia), and the Red Bull Romaniacs in Romania, is third in the Rally of Morocco and according to Baja in Spain in Aragón.


In 2005 first victory of the Dakar "That day will remain etched in my memory forever. Win the world's toughest race, and podium surrounded by crowds Senegal -. Wow, that a great feeling".


The victory and the following months are a mix of emotions and moods because in a few months he lost teammates, friends and teachers who had taught him so much: Richard Sainct a few months before and Fabrizio Meoni died in the eleventh stage of that Dakar that had seen him triumph. Fabrizio was that after the death of Sainct died in the previous rally turned to Cheryl telling him that the best way to pay tribute to teammate was bringing a KTM to cross before the finish in Dakar.

With similar events that would upset anyone manages to surpass those days and 2006 ends according to Dakar with four stage wins and going to the podium in other Rally. In 2007 back to her the Dakar, starting the relay which will last until 2013 She wanted him and Coma alternating victories. In that same year wins Red Bull Romaniacs and conquer several second places in Baja races and rally.

depres 2006-3

Geopolitical problems on African soil prompt the unseeding of the edition of the 2008 and in this year he will win theUAE Rally Desert Challenge di Dubai and the Rally of Sardinia, In addition to the usual second places that alternates from year to year with victories.
With a new location at Dakar, South American land takes a second place behind than usual Marc Coma, wins the Rally of Morocco, of Tunisia and the Red Bull Los Andes, will be as per the UAE Desert Challange and third in the Rally of Morocco and the Red Bull Romaniacs. Will win this year, his second World Rally Championship.

He is preparing as world champion for yet another adventurer on South American soil but a few months before the start KTM decides to withdraw the official team from the edition 2010 following the decision of the organizers to restrict participation to a maximum displacement of 450 CC. "with Red Bull and KTM help we still formed our team". It was an incredible ride, he dominated the race from third day till the end, conquering with absolute supremacy his third Dakar.In the same year he won the Rally of Morocco and the Kenny Enduro, one extreme Enduro race, proving once again his ability to deal with extreme situations.

In 2011 is according to the Dakar, at Red Bull Los Andes and at the Rally of Sardinia, winning the Rally Dos Sertoes. We arrive to the years of double success already: 2012 (where he also won the Rally of Morocco and Desafio Litoral Argentina).
In 39 years on the eve of the Dakar 2013, despres just a win at the dakar to reach that myth that is pethersanel and it's sunny 4 stage wins for eguaglliarne the primacy (33 Petheransel and 29 He).
Ed: Despres will win the edition 2013 and came 4th in the edition 2014, his last motorcycle competition.

A pilot in his class, in his navigation skills and determination in facing extreme challenges is an example of how there are people who have a gift and are able to maximize it. His, to ride the bike in extreme conditions, He assisted and fed with a professionalism its only of the greatest athletes and sportsmen ever.

A man who still hasn't forgotten the passion of African origins and the magic of the Earth. That land in which today often travels to continue that activity conceived and built by his late teammate Mahroof.
Also why Despres is in fact one of the greatest of all time.