Terruzzi 1988

Claudio Terruzzi, a nice “manetta”

"Obviously I raced the Dakar to win it; full throttle from dawn to dusk and I was well prepared to run and going strong. The first year I won the rookie of the year award – best newcomer – but I had no idea it was so hard.

When I arrived in Dakar had a sense of having lived 15 years in 15 days, for the experience, for voltage, the thrill. I swear to the finish I got changed, If you know what I mean!

I lived the experience more extreme dShe my life: often alone, No civilization around for hours; hundreds of kilometers without technical assistance, with stops maratahon from 900/1000 km.

In that issue, the 5 stage, Michele Rinaldi has forfeited because he deemed too tough. I remember people crying at camp, stages finished late at night, pilots arriving at 5 in the morning.

You do realize that for six months in Milan I had nightmares, I woke up suddenly, I saw the red light on the tv and I thought it was the encampment. "

Photo provided by Claudio Terruzzi
Honda 1988

(source red-live.it)