Terruzzi Honda 1988-7

Claudio Terruzzi, for friends “the Teruz”

Claudio Terruzzi better known as "' The Teruz"; He lived the Dakar by pilot officer always at full throttle riding Honda and Cagiva, winning stages and risking even to win the 1988.

What was for you the Dakar?

"The strongest memory? The high downs 200 meters that Djado bordering Niger, water lilies floating in small rivers and especially the stages where, Provisional ranking leaders, I left first; before me no trace of the Middle engine, behind 600 man and the desire to go even faster to win: 1500 and more mixed feelings of fear and adrenaline. "

The first Dakar and why.

"Because of a couple of friends: Ciro De Petri and Arnaldo Faison! In 1980 I had participated in the 6 days in France, but it was a massacre and had stopped the pilot. But all it took was a phone call just to tease me, then the Tunisia rally went very well ... and the desire to run I returned. The 6 days of San Pellegrino, for anything coached, Massimo Ormeni of Honda Italy notice of my time in line and asked me to run: I auditioned with Orioli and Crossbowmen in Montecatini and ended official driver, in his hands the steering wheel for a Honda XR 650 R ready for Dakar, could I say no?”

Adventure or competition?

"Obviously I raced the Dakar to win it; full throttle from dawn to dusk and I was well prepared to run and going strong. The first year I won the rookie of the year award – best newcomer – but I had no idea it was so hard. When I arrived in Dakar had a sense of having lived 15 years in 15 days, for the experience, for voltage, the thrill. I swear to the finish I got changed, If you know what I mean! I experienced the most extreme experience of my life: often alone, No civilization around for hours; hundreds of kilometers without technical assistance, with stops maratahon from 900/1000 km. In that issue, the 5 stage, Michele Rinaldi has forfeited because he deemed too tough. I remember people crying at camp, stages finished late at night, pilots arriving at 5 in the morning. You do realize that for six months in Milan I had nightmares, I woke up suddenly, I saw the red light on the tv and I thought it was the encampment. "

A story to remember?

"The advice from that crazy Ciro De Petri. In a mixed stage of bumps where you couldn't over, Stony sterratoni and 600 km of special advised me not to listen to instinct that leads you to shut off the gas, but, Indeed, If in doubt always accelerate. He claimed to know by heart a thousand bumps and that at the end of stage I would have gained at least 10 minutes of. Halfway along the route waved flags and helicopters: Ciro has missed a right turn marked on roadbook ... I say no more "

How many have you done and what has been the hardest of all Dakar?

"3 in total, the coolest is undoubtedly was the second because I was pilot officer with Honda HRC NXR750R, fifth overall and 6 stage wins. The first one was more exciting but too hard; the second maybe I could win it if I hadn't had mechanical trouble that made me take more than two hours early.”

What was your first bike?

"Honda XR 650 R Honda Italy "

How much was that participate?

"I was lucky enough to be an official driver and then paid for running: quite a privilege "

Twin-cylinder motorbikes made it dangerous to Dakar?

"Fake, the twins have only changed the way we run the Dakar, OK you were 200 per hour, but on several occasions I flushed out the difficulties without effort, something that wasn't possible with mono. The problem is that the twin-cylinder bike like a pro, to lead you need preparation and maximum concentration which must remain 15.000 km: and it's not easy,I remember stages whose departure was from 4 in the morning and finish beyond the sunset. Remember that the 10th anniversary version – was that Dakar – with the largest number of members and already at the first stage had retired on 40% of the pilots, It was meant as a real race of survival: harsh and stops navigation impossible: you had little information and then on the road-book there was instructed to follow animal tracks to get to the well in the desert, follow the trail? But that c # #o, I'm privileged that I can tell you about that issue.”

The absolute best driver with which you took?

"Edi Orioli, because he has always been able to manage the race knew shut off the gas and then save the tires. The opposite of me, When I was in the lead with the Cagiva I Mauling the rear tire at each stage and instead he no. Like this, going slower than me and De Petri, perfect beat rifilandoci forty steps nailed minutes or an hour. He got me really amazed, even Peterhansel IMHO did likewise: EDI was always cold and shiny. "

What do you think of the Dakar in South America?

"No dai, next question? We're talking about two different sports, the Dakar there is nothing there. It was adventure and extreme sports, courage, survival and as much gas. At the time, the pilots were lost and there were no more, many never knew anything: lost in the desert forever. Today with the Navigator is much easier, all safer, almost boring: better do a race enduro. “

Who wins the Dakar today? The pilot, the team or the reliable motorcycles?

"Wins the best compromise is not necessarily the best pilot."

The Dakar hypothetically back in Africa, you go back?

"No, because the Dakar, the Dakar, never coming back. I still have a VHS of TG1 conducted by Feehan, the first news was talking about Ronald Reagan, the second of Claudio Terruzzi who had won the stage of Dakar. Remember the banners in via Padova in Milan that says welcome back Claudio ... you know what that means? Since I have done 87k kilometres in Africa, Why should I go back? I'm sure I'd find more spirit and adrenaline, Although the idea still delights me, however be aware that the Dakar was life or death; There were fictional characters with backpack and canisters hanging on the bike ... was pioneering pure. Were leaving with the spirit of adventure. Today would be a surrogate. And then ... There I have an age.”

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