Alexander Depetri Dakar 1992

Ciro De Petri and his Dakar 1992

Paris – Sirte – Le Cap 1992: the southern border of Chad marks the entrance of black Africa, but not for everyone. For Alessandro De Petri the black Africa has become many kilometres before, in Niger. He managed to get into motorcycles in Dirkou, but he did it with the right clavicle fracture. Unable to start the next day.
So, One more time, «Cyrus» seen escaping from the hands a race that he felt could win, and his anger is almost palpable, made even stronger from the amazing dynamics of incident.

«I arrived to refuel before everyone — is unleashed but km after being broken down I removed one hand from the handlebars to seat the road book, because the paper flowed. I've never done!
I was taking it easy, but I took a hole and the bike went sideways. I haven't even had time to bring the handlebars, and with one hand I really couldn't hope to check my Yamaha, Moreover, with full. Threw me in the air and I hit hard. That stupid incident!».

Dalia freewheeling talks, without stopping. Fails to accept the withdrawal, can't imagine the bad luck that continues to haunt him.
"You can't explain how you feel when something like that happens to you. You can't accept stopping so after 8 months of preparation.
Hours and hours spent in the gym every day and a team of people working to prepare your race. Immediately after the fall I couldn't keep my eyes open, and i blacked out. When there I shot I felt like I was waking up from a bad dream, as if everything were to end there. Yay, I thought, but when I put on the helmet of Peterhansel, I had stopped to help me, I understand that unfortunately was not just a dream».

«Cyrus» however did not want to resign himself to retire. Not yet. (source MS)