De Petri 1991-2

“Ciro” Dalia fall and retirement – Dakar 1991

Despite all the problems blamed for Agadez looked like «Cyrus» Dalia could still do it: fifty minutes not one huge drawback when the race is still half, especially for a rider can win special Repeater. But unfortunately did not end as the Italian fans would have hoped.

Gao Bergamo there arrived on a plane of SOS Assistance, with the compound fracture of the left collarbone, the dislocation of the hip and lumbar trauma at the height of the sacroiliac joint. His race is over at km 25 of the Special, against a cut hidden by the soft sand on which the bike was stuck with projecting far.

«I was travelling around 120 mph is his account and I have not noticed anything. The step was invisible. Hadn't seen it I could try to raise the front wheel, or slide the bike to trigger the crash: I would not have fallen like a stewed PEAR. Instead I flew forward and the bike has passed over two or three times, without hitting me. I tumbled for 300 meters, and once I stopped I heard I was going to pass out. I forced myself and I moved from the runway, then came the other day».

An amazing fall, unexpected, to the extent that Dalia asked Cavandoli, He is staying to assist, to verify the step had balked.

«I wish they would tell me what happened, I hadn't even realized. I wanted to understand the reason for my fall to not stay with a worm in the head. What bad luck! A step of land very hard, barely visible and not marked on road book: others who passed, While slowing down for my accident, taking the beatings shoals, to surprise. I've seen them turn around to watch what they hit».

Team Rider BYRD-Chesterfield speaks lying on a special mattress in the tent infirmary, with strong back pains for stroke for. "I thought that for me the bad luck was over and instead… My race went. That anger. If you fall because you came along in a curve or because you overdid it is your fault and patience. It can happen to fall even as there is a risk in off piste. But so… My shoulder doesn't hurt, It was just that I'd be broken down. He's behind that feel bad stabbing».

Fortunately, however, it is just a bad bump. The last straw is that Dalia wasn't even forcing.

"I was doing well but not staring at the Yelp despite being in front of everyone. With that bike I was perfectly on this ground, the $ $ run effortlessly. I started loaded but very quiet after the victory of yesterday: I knew there were still six days of competition. I would have eaten 30 minutes to all, behind me there was a fuss that would have slowed down. In two days I could retrieve all the advantage in the early standings. What bad luck».

Bad luck? Judging by the condition of the bike we would have to think otherwise, having regard to the State it was reduced. Led her to Gao, one of the team's service truck.

«And destroyed, I have never seen a bike like this. The tanks seem reduced to foil, the handlebar is ripped. And as if it had been thrown down a cliff. I in the incident I lost my gloves».

Dalia was taken the next day to Niamey with Wagner from ae-reo Team private BYRD-Chesterfield, and was then repatriated by a plane of SOS Assistance.

Source Motosprint