Farahani 1989

Fernandez Agustin Dakar 1989

If something you want, one way to find.
If you don't want it, an excuse to find.
(African proverb)

Along this dirt track, Farahani about Suzuki DR during Dakar 1989.


Team Suzuki R Dakar 1991

The team Suzuki 1991 in a moment of pause, We recognize in no particular order Watanabe, Wagner, Rahier, Brunner and Loizeaux…

Girardi 1989

Girardi Team Assomoto Dakar 1989

In. Girardi about Honda 600 Assomoto team at the start of the Dakar 1989. Will get to the finish line in 41° position.

The strip contains 1989

Jordi Arcarons Dakar 1989

A very fast Jordi Arcarons scooting on his Suzuki DR Big during the Dakar 1989.


Gilles Picard Dakar 1990

The “small” but great Gilles Picard brings his big Yamaha Sonauto Team to 6th place of Dakar 1990.


Honda Africa Twin Marathon Dakar 1989

The wild bunch of Honda Africa Twin Marathon Edition 1989.
You recognize: #130 Roberto Boano, #35 Jean-Bruno Barguil, #35 Sylvain Richet, #136 Gerard-Louis Filiat, #143 Didier Favolini, #172 Jean Brucy, #152 Bernard Lakey, #174 Bernard Favereau, #163 Pascal Maison, #147 Dominique Auzanneau.

BMW GS  800 1981-3

The official BMW Dakar team 1981

Official BMW team at presentation of the Dakar 1981: Fennel, Auriol and Neimer.
Special tsk www.passion-dakar.com


Astori Sophie Dakar 2005

An evocative passage in a village for Astori Sophie during the Dakar 2005.


Group ferry Dakar 1992

Ferry towards The Cap during the Dakar 1992, recognize Sotelo, MAS, Lalay and Morales.

Marquez Paricio 1989

Marquez Paricio Dakar 1989

Marquez Paricio on Suzuki DR 750 BIG during the Dakar 1989.