Al Hamad 1989

Philippe ed Erick Al Hamad Dakar 1989

Brothers Racing, Philippe and Erick Auribault. Paired arrive in Dakar in 1989 in 52° and 53° position. EPIC!

Damalie 1989-2

Damalie Dakar 1989

Daures during the Dakar 1989, full throttle and fly over the difficulties! For the record ended at 8th place.

Tresseras 1988

R. Tresseras Dakar 1988

A heroic Tresseras R. in the dunes of the Dakar 1988 a Honda XL 600 LM very close to the model of series. Backpack, sleeping bag and leather saddlebags. EPIC!


Giorgio Grasso Dakar 1988

Garrison fueling his Yamaha BYRD during the Dakar 1988. Edition not very lucky for him ended for fall and fracture in the leg.

Gilles DESHEULLES 1984-3

Gilles DESHUELLES Dakar 1984

Gilles DESHEULLES on “Bison” 2T the Husqvarna 500 WR in Dakar 1984. In contrast to his teammate Bernard Rigoni who arrived 28° at the finish, Gilles withdrew before arriving in Dakar.

Arrival 2005

Departure for the final leg Dakar 2005

“The force did not arrive by victories. The struggle and challenges develop your strength.
When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” A. S.

In this picture the beach in Dakar Edition 2005.


Ferry direction Le Cap 1992

Group ferry during the Dakar 1992, you recognize: Gilles Picard, Edi Orioli, Thierry Magnaldi, Marc Morales, Gilles Lalay.

Nakamura 1986

Hiroshi Nakamura Dakar 1986

From rising sun with courage and honour: Hiroshi Nakamura in a surreal landscape during the prologue of Dakar 1986.

Mrugalski 1984

Paul Mrugalski Dakar 1984

Lighted lighthouse, sleeping bag and departure in the night. The Dakar 1984 by Paul MRUGALSKI Thus began and ended in IFEROUANE – CHIRFA. Epic of brave individuals!

Anthony Christian 1979

Christian Desnoyer Dakar 1979

Do not go where the path may lead you; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail behind you.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Working industriously on Honda XL250S of Chistian Desnoyer during the Dakar 1979.