Guido Maletti Dakar 1998

Guido Maletti 24° to Paris Granada Dakar 1998

Boano 1998

Boano and its Africa Twin up in Dakar in 1998

Who has made a business out of normal is Roberto Boano, forty-seven years and five Dakar behind. Boano, In fact, led to the finish an Africa Twin, a bison to ride on the road, Imagine desert dunes.

"I have a special feeling with this bike, because although heavy is magic, at least on certain occasions.
Certain, with a Honda XR 400 I can also go back to Dakar, but never more with l’Africa Twin. Also because the race has changed a lot and not having fun anymore to ride a bike. But when you get to the Lake Rose forget everything and, suddenly, the 18 days of hell become a beautiful memory».
Roberto Boano finished 38°!

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Later we found an interview in which he spoke of this bike:

Today still uses the Africa Twin to speed?
“The red one by race, not the Marathon, I use it always, why invite me to see the old dinosaur do the donkey around and I soon again, I'm going to do some racing left and right and I must say that I still enjoy like crazy. But the Marathon I gave up using them because I'm sorry demolish them. Then this Marathon 004 He used my little son, Ivan, and basically he demolished. You know, Ivan is the most dangerous, Jarno a little’ He headed, Ivan no”.

What were the weaknesses of the bike, those on which you intervened to go running a Dakar?
“Vacuum fuel pump and regulator to keep an eye on. Otherwise it was a mule, think we brought down always the clutch plates and we haven't changed one…”.

Of controllers you were behind two or three?
“No, No, I have never burned or a pump or a regulator, but the fear was so great that one you were still behind”. Reinforcements to the frame if they were? “No, nothing. Watch the bike, If you had the courage to hold open, She broke you, but she never broke. Then I fell ever, why raise's bike with 50 litres of petrol, It was almost impossible for a saw like me…”.

Excerpt from an interview with Roberto Boano on Motosprint
Thanks to Roberto Pacheco

Bivacco 1998

Stage finish at Dakar 1998

Gian Paolo Quaglino, himself gentleman-veteran of crossistiche sources, just like Winkler with whom he shared middle ranking positions throughout the rally. Here we see committed to fix his Honda; in the background are Maximum Chinaglia, with the only Gilera in race, and Emanuele Chari, that they failed to reach the finish line of the Dakar 1998.

Thurs Hall 1998-1

Giovanni Sala to Dakar 1998

Very pleased Giovanni Sala, debuting at the Dakar 1998 and the first real experience with road book and GPS.

"After the first week – tells the enduro champion – I thought I had learned all the tricks of navigation; then I got lost a few times and I knew… not understanding anything. But how do they read the notes?».

John still consider the positive experience and the Dakar an interesting race. Here are the differences with the enduro.

«The most incredHow is that I work out every day, I go into motion at least twice a week, then came here and I'll get a big payday from the belly and the cigarette in his mouth! Enduro you always drive to 100% While here you have to strike the right balance between speed and navigation.

Surely it is an experience to be repeated, Although it is the most dangerous discipline I ever made. As soon as you get distracted, and it's normal when you're maybe ten hours in the saddle, cadi. There are of trails in the midst of the stones where vacations 130 km/h and if you're not used to the speed, If you don't have good reflexes, you end up getting hurt».
Source Motosprint