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The Dakar at the time of heroes – The Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré BYRD Marathon

Transformations rallying marketed by Belgarda for Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré have been taken towards the end of 1991 (After the official presentation of the Ténéré 660); they were designed to make the new bikes adapted to African marathons; BYRD was a project made in collaboration with Acerbis that has materially polyurethane netting tanks product.

Beppe Gauri busied in the various tests of motorcycle equipped with the new rally kit.

In the book of Paris Le Cap 1992, are listed 31 XTZ 660, but from the documentation registered motorbikes BYRD BYRD-Italy were 7, plus three strong torque 750. The French have entered 6/7 with France-blue and tank configuration as the marathon then sold.
The Italian team would be composed of three or four bikes in addition to the seven directly addressed to BYRD. The kit Marathon consisted of many parts and each one could be mounted without necessarily buying the complete kit. The BYRD provided together with pieces, the manual in which they explained all the steps for the installation of various components.

The bike was bought by Ettore Petrini of Bastia Umbra (PG), to take part in the Paris-Le Cap of 1992; his race number was 55 (Fabrizio Meoni the same year ran with the 56 with a Yamaha Marathon identical to Petrini).

Ettore Petrini will withdraw from a fall during one of the first stops in Africa. The same Petrini had participated in previous editions of the Paris-Dakar with mixed success (remember his 42 ND place upon arrival of Dakar 1990). His Yamaha is now owned by the Dr. Livio Fioroni, a collector of Perugia that bought it a few years ago; the medium is in excellent condition even if you removed some accessories typically rally drivers (instruments and other small components) and you have performed a painting that gives the Middle a livery close to Yamaha France officers following years; the current features of the medium allows for a particularly pleasant street use with the awareness and satisfaction of being aboard a medium who took part in the world's toughest motorcycle race and fascinating. A feature that enhances the interest of this medium: still has all the hallmarks of Paris-Le Cap of 1992.

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Spirits of Adventure – Videos about Yamaha of Dakar 1992

A nice video dedicated to Yamaha, private and officers who took part in the Dakar 1992.

Danny Laporte and Cagiva to Dakar 1992

Despite not being the victory in the absolute, that of 1992 represents an excellent performance of the squadron Cagiva, that second place American Danny Laporte, in third place Jordi strip contains, Marc Morales at 4°, EDI Orioli to 7th and 10th place Controls to!

Gilles Lalay Paris Le Cap 1992

Gilles Lalay and Chronicle of a death absurd

Gilles Lalay, winner of the Dakar 1989, He died on 7 January 1992 at noon on the dusty track between Franceville and Pointe Noire, in Congo.

The Yamaha rider Italy was in a stretch of transfer, 130 kilometers after the “Special”. A dell machine’ organisation of Paris-Le Cap, a coach of first aid that went in the opposite direction, swept Lalay. A violent impact, the 29-year-old French rider died instantly.

Masters and used to absorb everything, the organizers of the race before they made note that Anita, at that time, was too strong and he had cut a curve, then you are left with the usual considerations: “A tragic sting in the tail of destiny”.
Considered the background, a reconstruction of the accident will never be made with accuracy. The driver of the car, at the time, as an organizer has a name and can not say anything.

In hindsight, called out by the teeth, This is an absurd death in a raid that has no technical meaning and sporty.

He made it with great emotion and elegance Daniele Papi, Yamaha team manager Italy: “We're going home. Without any definite controversy. And died one of ours and we feel wrong to stay here. Certain, all you and’ happened in this race we loved”.
On the dynamics of the tragic accident only shreds of evidence. Angel Cavandoli, a teammate of French Centaur, saw Gilles Lalay ashore, property, no traces of blood on his face.

Why SOS machine goes in the opposite direction to the race there were vague explanations: at first it was said that the car was succoring Jean Christophe Wagner (He also seriously wounded yesterday), then the machine was a normal relief organisation. In a brief press conference, Gilbert Sabine did not add anything to the doubts that we are and will remain. And of course: “The ride continues”, with an obtuse and dogged tenacity, Although all already decided.

The ranking of motorcycle and’ Crystal clear and can not change, because the slopes from N'djamena in Cape Town are narrow, dusty and trees: No one dares do an overtaking, who starts first can no longer lose.

Who we test is extremely, as they did yesterday The doors and strip contains, which are inevitably fallen. The same speech (maybe even more) applies to machines.

Gilles Lalay he understood very well that the ride was over. Monday night at Franceville ate the last pot of “Spaghetti italiens” of his life: they had cooked Matilde Talib and Federico Felix. It was hot and Anita had been at a table of the small camp of tents near the’ plane of Yamaha, until ten o'clock at night. Had commented on the spaghetti cooking: “Too al dente for me that I live near Limoges”. Then it was almost indirectly lifted off a series of criticisms that came: “He's always there’ in the Group, does not risk anything”. Gilles had understood and explained: “And totally unnecessary risk under these conditions. You can't overtake. You can never say that a race is over, but in this case I can't find other definitions”.

It wasn't the first time Anita spake these things. With its Sports Director, Aldo Betti, the French rider had already confided before the start of the Paris Le Cap: “Or you get in your head to Pointe Noire or is over”. But the absurdity of death of Gilles Lalay isn't in these narrow tracks, in danger of overtaking. This race, It costs to each well 27 and a half million lire registration only, does not seem to offer the necessary safety. Or because they want to cross a territory in war or because the machines in your organization are not familiar with the slopes (as and’ took place this year in N’ Gougmi) or because an ambulance coach goes in the opposite direction to the race.

Then it happens, inevitably, that, the world's most famous rally, a serious professional as Anita may be invested by the organizers. Someone commented that it "was an accident by road”. And you have to put your arms out thinking that at the rally, smuggled to the most beautiful in the world, You can die as the Saturday night near a nightclub in Riccione.

Source: Gianluigi D –

Gilera RC 750 1992

Gilera RC 750 1992

We are at the start of the Paris – The Cap of the 1992 and the Gilera finally decides to leave with a "prototype" and try to fight for the victory in the overall. The drivers are top notch and they respond with the name of Franco Picco and "Luigino" Medardo, the bike is the new RC 750 that is its sole second exit, After a short experience in the Pharaons Rally of ' 91, interrupted prematurely due to the peak and fracture belt snap onTThe bike by Medardo. The bike is a single from 750 CC. with double overhead in 4 overhead valves driven by toothed belt, change is a 5 marches and dry clutch.

An innovative project that goes against the trend of the time: the power and weight of twins are preferred the lightness and handling officers.
Unfortunately the misfortune rages on this project was born with the best expectations, both drivers retire on the same stage, the special Waw El Kbir-Tumu, Medardo to a technical fault, Peak for a fall that will cause a broken wrist.

Alexander Depetri Dakar 1992

Ciro De Petri and his Dakar 1992

Paris – Sirte – Le Cap 1992: the southern border of Chad marks the entrance of black Africa, but not for everyone. For Alessandro De Petri the black Africa has become many kilometres before, in Niger. He managed to get into motorcycles in Dirkou, but he did it with the right clavicle fracture. Unable to start the next day.
So, One more time, «Cyrus» seen escaping from the hands a race that he felt could win, and his anger is almost palpable, made even stronger from the amazing dynamics of incident.

«I arrived to refuel before everyone — is unleashed but km after being broken down I removed one hand from the handlebars to seat the road book, because the paper flowed. I've never done!
I was taking it easy, but I took a hole and the bike went sideways. I haven't even had time to bring the handlebars, and with one hand I really couldn't hope to check my Yamaha, Moreover, with full. Threw me in the air and I hit hard. That stupid incident!».

Dalia freewheeling talks, without stopping. Fails to accept the withdrawal, can't imagine the bad luck that continues to haunt him.
"You can't explain how you feel when something like that happens to you. You can't accept stopping so after 8 months of preparation.
Hours and hours spent in the gym every day and a team of people working to prepare your race. Immediately after the fall I couldn't keep my eyes open, and i blacked out. When there I shot I felt like I was waking up from a bad dream, as if everything were to end there. Yay, I thought, but when I put on the helmet of Peterhansel, I had stopped to help me, I understand that unfortunately was not just a dream».

«Cyrus» however did not want to resign himself to retire. Not yet. (source MS)

Maximum Montebelli and Fabrizio Meoni Dakar 1992

In memory of Max Malik

Talking and writing about characters who have left an indelible mark in the sport and they are no longer among us is never easy, We have therefore preferred to remember the words of those who knew him well.

Maximum Montebelli had participated in seven editions of the Paris-Dakar. In five of these had managed to cross the finish line and in 1993 It was his best finish, eighth, in front of many famous and overpaid professionals.

With him I think he's gone uNo piece of history of Dakar, the real one as he liked to call him, had won the Marathon class at the Paris-Le Cap with Meoni on the same team, the Yamaha BYRD, I like to think that we have found ourselves up there and continue to talk about racing sand dunes and special stages.

But the bike was also his work, especially with regard to the implementation of special tanks. For this he was nicknamed, and known throughout Italy and also abroad, like the wizard of aluminium.
(Maximum Source Marcaccini – Riders)