Walter Surini #30

Walter Surini to the finish in Cape Town in 1992

Twice at the start and twice at the finish, back in ' 91 in Dakar, 36th, in Cape Town, 20th. Walter Surini has again shown to have the ability and temperament to deal with grueling African Marathon. Defending the colors of Kawasaki LP Italy paid off the great trust accorded him by bringing the 500 Kle twin-cylinder four-stroke from one end to the other of the dark continent by tapping the success in the category 500 (It has long been leading the provisional merit list) and hitting the 500 International, reserved for drivers with good results in international rally.

The pilot of Mangalore completed his second adventure in Dakar finishing twentieth absolute on Kawasaki – the jump of a stamp for a well known errata for road-book cost him a penalty of 12 hours.

Great satisfaction upon arrival. Maletti is winner of the cat. up to 500 CC.

Great satisfaction of Surini with teammate Maletti upon arrival.

– And’ been more exciting to reach Dakar last year or Cape Town this year?
“They were both beautiful sensations. It was the first time in Dakar, It was the end of an adventure waiting to be discovered, in Cape Town I was impressed by the welcome we have bestowed, the enthusiasm of the spectators. If I really have to choose was nicer arrival ' 92 because the race was more difficult, more tiring and stressful. That's not true, as has been said and written, in the second part the race was a walk. Yes, There are more twists at the top of the rankings but we crossed treacherous paths and very hard, It was not a vacation, I can assure you. Who said the opposite or withdrew halfway through or made transfers by plane.”

– It was nevertheless disappointing one cannot deny. If it were part of the organization that changes would?
“I would still bet on complete crossing of Africa but I would carry out the race in contrast, from South to North, from Cape Town to Tripoli. Think, in early stages with short postings just to create the right climate and then, in the desert, the great final selection. Of course there would be disadvantages in this case, for example the transportation in South Africa would affect the timing of, but from a competitive point of view you would come up with a competition more interesting and uncertain until the very last.”

Surini. Dakar

Walter Surini on Kawasaki KLE 500 IP Team Italy

– From 36th in the twentieth was a big step forward. Merits of more experience or even what else?
“First could be even much better, without the jump of timbre in the final and the subsequent heavy penalty I could earn up to five positions. Some experience has played a significant role but crucial was the reliability of my Kawasaki, a bike sometimes inadequately powerful, with a non-specific trim but very reliable. Than twelve months before I have troubled a lot less, did not have serious breakage even if for a few days I ran without the fifth gear, I could get to the bivouacs within a reasonable time and then come back much more rested and polished at the start of the next fraction. And all this despite our Organization has had to do without very soon helping truck forcing us to limit replacement of worn parts and often begging some tarpaulin or other spare parts.”

– But exactly what happened that day who missed the passage control?
“That was a deadly stage, really very challenging, and the incident happened to me has happened to several other drivers. Sure I arrived a few minutes late to the morning briefing but what led me to the error was a false note of the road-book. It made me take a runway parallel to the one, in the middle of the vegetation, and I couldn't help noticing the stamp, that maybe was very close to where they transited. I was penalized with twelve hours, the inconvenient cost me really expensive.

– Its levels are unable to equalize the costs or even participate in this race involves economic sacrifices?
“I tied the score but objectively after such a grind, having spent a month between dust and sweat, their ground thousands of kilometres I don't seem to mean a heresy when I say that something in your Pocket should also remain. Besides us pilots were so, the passion too often makes us do irrational things.”

– Now in his future what's?
“At the end of February account to achieve the commercial helicopter pilot while pilot patent expect Kawasaki defines its upcoming programs. Certainly account to participate in some important rally.”
by Danilo Sechi


Patrick Faure, My Dakar

Category Malles Bike: i.e., the organization takes a case with your spare parts and, I think, two wheels. You in a field set, lighted, with various services type: gazebo, compressor, idropulitirice, welding machine, mechanics of the organization when available, place for tents, showers ... you have to deal with it to do everything.


Pretty much what in Africa in the years ' 80 and ' 90 was a semi-official pilot treatment. In those years the private started with Backpack, and at most, some spare parts on a truck. The most "rich" had a mechanic along with other pilots and some extra spare.
Then there were ten "officers", but they were on a different planet. I could feel lucky, Thanks to a friend, I had loaded on a truck in the race, a case with oil, filters, inner tubes and a replacement motor. And a bag with some clothes over the ones I was wearing since the verifications in Rouen.

At the second stage in Libya on my friend's truck Stefano Pirola Lissone breaks, decide to save what can be saved on my way home. All I managed to do was deliver the bag with clothes in a car by a French team, a Toyota Team South which remained very private walk two stops after. Just in time to leave the bag at the bivouac, the sleeping bag no, What if they left him in the car ... I came months after home with greetings and gadget South Team.


So at the bivouac of the second leg in Libya, I found myself as I was for days, only boots on the feet, without a drop of oil for motorcycle, without sleeping bag (the tent was not expected), filters or anything for the unexpected. The clothes that I found were the last thing I needed, I had been traveling for years alone without providing anything for me, just for the bike, and see me deliver the bag by two gentlemen of bad luck on 4 wheels, It seemed a tease, but they were so beat up that ringrziai, We spent a fine evening together, We exchanged addresses us by promising a nice car and motorcycle team for the following year (dreams from bonfire under the stars).

At the bivouac of the first stage I couldn't even find my truck, the chaos was total, a storm of wind and rain had reduced the area close to an airport in a quagmire of mud and sand. I remember Montebelli and Mabuya, friends who I sold the bike, maintain their 660 under a makeshift space from flood Yamaha BYRD. I I wandered until dawn trying to lie down on the plastic sheeting of whom had managed to open the curtains below a large gazebo. From there onwards, until my abandonment for breaking change between Keep and Chad, I lived by tricks, to latch around, to sleep wrapped in the tarp by survival curve under trucks.


Read today that you are tired because you're sleeping 3 and a half hours, because "touches" the Malles Bike, It makes me smile.

In the picture, are the year after the second stage in Morocco, Guido right foot still on the engine, the platform remained between Montpellier and Marseille maybe got stuck in the machine of Paul Maurice, a drunk that he cut the road in transfer. I left around the ditch all the tools, the headlights, Hull parts, pigtail, waterproof suit (It was raining there, too ...), the little finger of his right hand and two ribs. See Franco Picco and Edi Orioli help me and, a backslapping telling me "by hold on", He let me continue, always with my cash from an individual to seek a platform compatible to be welded with the brake lever stub that I had left.

I left there too, in Algeria, I arrived in late stage over the departure of the day after, 980 km inside and outside the great Western Erg, the classic stage of pruning that relieved the TSO in view of the entrance in black Africa. From the day of the accident in France I slept (bad) just that first night, the ribs were waking up., for four stages do not I lay ever. At the start of each stage doctors, they knew of the accident, I made a visit to see how I was put, pressure, eyes, reflections and other rubbish that I avoided again, just to put things in motion (lights required for es.).


I went home in motion as in my travels, with Tunis-Genoa, fitter than when I started, with the bike crushed but finally in place and efficient.

In ' 97 I discovered the category wellness Malles Bike. To have my mechanic still don't speak. Find me all those services at, It seemed another world, clean the filter with compressed air is important stuff, have a mechanic and a tire shop that sooner or later you over your wheel or spare part (only for owners of ktm at time) sgravava me a lot of hours of work that I could take on the road book and make that beautiful work with colored highlighters that you often see in today's pictures. Always sleeping cheap anyway.

I dropped out of the race between Mali and Senegal before hurt seriously, I took too many risks to keep going at all costs, We left from Dakar and the heat was too. Well for me that I was the hair of lucidity to decide to stop. Bad went to a French colleague who saw him on the ground with the cars around on a red track with ruts funds as the whole wheel. At the bivouac you knew was dead and I was impressed, perhaps too, or fortunately.


FL-1997Even today this Dakar us stories and characters to the limit of endurance, I like less than the Paris-Dakar, but it is still a good race. Pity about all that "civilization" that I see around the pilots, too many people, too many services, too all (at the bivouac turn even of fine ladies ...).

Africa and the Sahara are unique, Luckily I tried.

Pedro Amado 1992

Pedro Amado Dakar 1992

A heroic already used to, Pedro Amado in the race during the Dakar 1992 and regularly at the finish of The Cap at 28° location on a Yamaha XTZ 660 Marathon!


Edi Orioli Dakar 1992

The Cagiva Elefant of Edi Orioli – unofficial the pre departure Lacchiarella, on the occasion of the Dakar 1992.
Photos of Clement Canino


Jutta Kleinschmidt Dakar 1992

Huge Jutta Kleinschmidt, that led to the finish of The Cap the heavy BMW in a prestigious 23rd place in the absolute Edition 1992. Heroic dakariana!


Gualini racing with Yamaha to Dakar 1992

Do it yourself for three, and in the name of autarchy funny «Gualo» has managed to become one of the most significant characters of the environment, Perhaps the most famous private ever.
Eight times in the race in Dakar, organizational staff member Camel Trophy, pilot and journalist, for once captain of representative of Bergamo to games without frontiers, made them really all.

Two years ago he was also the first private citizens on arrival of the Dakar, While in ' 91 fell down. Has 38 years and not spring!
Official cannot be defined 100%, But even more privatissimo: for Paris-Le Cap Gualini has got one of the Yamaha OW C5 shipping to race last year by pilots BYRD, similar to those used in this edition of the rally from Mas and Cavandoli.
The twin-cylinder 750 cm3 should allow some good exploits at bergamasco, that assistance has a Mercedes Unimog truck driven by Silvanus Daniel and Luigi De Podest, two items from the Camel Trophy which already last year accompanied him to Africa, as Claudio Macario, Airborne mechanic.

Source motosprint
For photos of Lacchiarella thanks Clement Canino


Group ferry Dakar 1992

Ferry towards The Cap during the Dakar 1992, recognize Sotelo, MAS, Lalay and Morales.

x 1-Rallye _ dei_Faraoni_1991 _

Yamaha XTZ 660 Wild Team 1991

The dream was running a Dakar riding a motorcycle tailored: Maximum Montebelli and Fabio Marcaccini thought for the first time on a bike intended to run in African rallies during a night buianel January 1988 When, in the company of several other private pilots were forced to withdraw from the race course of the long leg (In addition 800 kilometers) that led the pilots of the Paris Dakar from Bordj Omar Driss in Tamanrasset. To return the two began the creation of increasingly popular special designed to run in the classic Africa.

The Wild Bikes prepared for the season 1991-92 He had already won with Marcaccini on 13rd place in the tenth edition of the Rallye des Pharaons and is ready for the first participation of Dakar.

This special is built around the single-cylinder Yamaha that Mans XTZ 660 Ténéré. The engine is the part subjected to minor changes. Only the profile of the cams, controlling the 5 distribution valves was vicious to increase power. On any other component we wanted to intervene, thus preserving the robustness and reliability of the Yamaha single-cylinder. Even the electric starter was kept, which on one hand penalizes a few pounds the bike, on the other hand, proves very useful in lighting after the inevitable falls and related flooding. Water cooling uses a large frontal radiator taken from a Cagiva Mito on which was mounted a electric fan, driven both by a thermostat and manually by the pilot via a button on the handlebars.

Strictly series is also the dual carburetor body YDIS, that has changed only the adjustment, adding a little carburation. The engine is not only a happy exception. The original Yamaha 660 Ténéré, Hence the Wild Bike stems, only the registration numbers on the tube of the frame. Everything else was rebuilt with materials and geometries, starting from the angle of the Steering head who is now 28°. Quite remarkable for a bike that, Although special, remains a-road bikes. But in the desert, in the sand, more than agility we need a great stability in mixed-fast features of African roads.

Dry the bike, excluding 55 LT fuel contained in the tanks, weighs only 165 kg. A very good if we don't think we are faced with a master from some official team, with so many resources and technologies but before the result of the work and passion of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, dividing head office and workshop with a carpentry workshop in an old farmhouse. Of course, massive was the use of special materials and the end result is not achieved at the expense of general reliability: of the three motion presented by Wild Parisian Paris-Dakar Team at the start of the 1991, not one presented during the race problems and sagging.

All three could get the satisfaction of supporting the wheels on the beach in Dakar with good positions. The chassis has undergone radical cure and remade virtually from scratch. The end result is the result of experience at the forefront of motorcycle riders boarding only and open the gas, but that they spend the night between one stage and the other working on their middle. The project focused on the search for greater resistance in the most stressed areas (as attacks the Steering and shock absorber), and defining a different weight distribution (with a clear imbalance towards the rear, that helps the front wheel to float on the sand thus enhancing easy-riding the bike).

For the construction of the cradle, adopting the classic solution to split motor ship, Columbus tubes have been used known chrome-moly TIG welded with the process (Tungsten Inert Gas). Frame and swingarm have been tempering treatment, to balance the different stiffness between pipes and welding to prevent breakage for different loads tensions.
Proud of your work, the boys of Wild Team do not hide the help and recommendations received by BYRD Although accepted and processed independently, starting with the design of the rear and its kinematics porcellone crux of the bike and its guide. The swingarm, in Anticorodal, It is now well 32 mm longer than the one mounted on the Yamaha 600 TT and with extraordinary stiffness.

Of course completely revised was the Mono-shock suspension group, He now uses components of White Power, that, In addition to materials, provided the team advising. Before you put a fork of 40 mm upside down. A solution is not common among the bikes dakariane, but that, According to the pilots, has led to a considerable increase in torsional rigidity of the fork, absorbing magnificently the warping which are imprinted on the front when approaching at high speed bumps and oued, or when braking.

The plates, avional, am billet with a fully manual processing by company Martini Gambettola (FC). The tank is made of aluminum and divided into two semi autonomous shells lashed to the chassis central beam on silent blocks. The latter one, kevlar, doubles as a crib, claiming saddle and rider. Fuel transfer between the two tanks is connected via a vacuum pump, operated from playing carburetor air flow which is connected with a pipe. The left side of the Central tank has a large hole for draining engine hot air flow and is provided with a hole for radio balises.

Between the two halves, above the upper beam that also functions as a motor oil tank, place the battery, It depends upon the operation of the entire electrical installation. Next to the battery is place the air filter element. Paper type, is from none other than by Fiat Uno diesel, and is protected by a box made of aluminium with holes at the rear air inlet. Under the front frame cradle is placed a small tank contentnente 5 litres of water required for regulation.

Mountain wheels magnesium hubs and alloy rims from channels in the classic measures of 2.50×18"and 1.85×21”, on which are mounted Michelin with mousse both front and back. The brakes are sourced BYRD, with before a disk 300 mm and caliper YZ (mounted on models cross of Yamaha) Double piston and back a disk 230 mm Brembo double piston caliper contrasted. Both disks that are floating pumps. Pinion and Crown are made of special alloy from the firm Chiaravalli, that gives the team the chain mod. GY520X0, from exceptional strength during the last Paris Dakar has not had to be replaced!

The bridge is impressive as that of a steamer. front Ergal handlebar, mounting commands and original packing Yamaha, dominates the road book MD electrically controlled. Above and below your trip master: the main one of ICO and the secondary, for the running totals, Honda backgrounds. Sideways is a gyro compass of aeronautical derivation mounted on anti-vibration pads.

Text and photos Fabio Marcaccini

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Interview with Ciro De Petri 1992

The 15 November 1992 He wakes up at noon.

Watch white ceiling, the view out the window, a television hung high on the wall in front of his bed and nothing familiar around. The last memory, the last time before that awakening is a Yamaha twin at full throttle in the Egyptian desert. He opens his eyes and tries to connect the two moments: that hospital room, Bianca and immobile and that bike free and fast in the middle of the sea of sand. It takes a while, ask those around, Arnaldo Faison and Giacomo Agostini and he understands that one day, that 6 October 1992 lasted a bit too: forty days, forty days of coma, forty days of deep sleep. His Yamaha broke the front wheel and he flew to 150 per hour with her face in the sand. When French physicians of the Organization find it, is dying.
Alessandro De Petri, say "Cyrus" for his big nose at Cirano, today is alive but is back in motion just to tell a story, write a book, do charities and open a school in Africa. See you in Las Vegas, giving me an appointment on the shores of Lake Iseo:
"If you want to chat, We're there to throw stones in the water as it was no-brainer. I love coming here, being alone and breathe in this pungent mountain air "long mouthfuls.

It is here that he started racing motorcycles. Around here you don't become football players, You must go in motion, preferably with the wheels clawed.

"As a kid I went into the Woods to watch Eastern samples with their Zundapp and CZ. Came here to train. And I wanted to get on those tracks ".

Yet, from "bad name", does not begin with regularity but with Cross, riding an old Abdelaziz given to him by his friend Dante Sachi. Has 15 years and behind a year's Gymkhana with Malaguti Cavalcone 50. A year later has an official Aspes, is the 1972. I prepare Happy Agostini, the brother of James. Ciro has a clean style but is a tough, never gives up, where there's muck, where is difficult, It puts the power of a bull, the head of a madman and goes on. Where others fear, He opens the throttle. Continues with the Cross until 1977 earning a second place in Italian 125 then, until 1980, runs in regularity: any major victory but is always the first in the European and the third step of the podium for four consecutive years to Six Days, first with the Puch 350 2 times, then a KTM 500.

In 1980, At home, do note that it's time to make adult choices, "getting a profession" as the fathers say. He enrolled in dentistry, the father is a dentist, and detect the activity seems more rational choice ... Too rational.

He doesn't want to be a dentist! Opened a workshop but discovered Africa and pawing, needs space, new air. with those molars in hand he feels like dying, It's not his life. His life is in the madness of Thierry Sabine. Is the 1983, has 28 years and his career began on the day when Headlights gives a Kappone.

Decide to go, but not alone. the friend is Frederick Felix. Did "the bowl", the shop assistant from Dante Sachi at the time of Abdelaziz but now he too has grown, He became a mechanic right, the two will split again until 6 October 1992. Ciro should be strong: is third in Morocco at the Atlas, sixth through the Pharaohs in Egypt and arrives at the bottom of the Dakar 1984 (37th). Sixteen years after his first ride, turns Pro. Honda Racing Division offers 15 million and a XL620L Thumper.

"I didn't think for one moment, I closed the workshop with all that there was no mortgage to pay and I left everything ... I'd do it a thousand times!”.

Smaller rallies or falls or breaks the bike like the Pharaohs of the 1985, When is ahead but must retire for the front wheel bearing failure. The Dakar 1985 retires with a broken arm, to that of the 1986 that's better, He won six stages and is fifth. Against the twins there's story, Honda NXR 750 only goes to the French, Ciro has to change:

"Fast stages there was to die with mono, but BMW offered me a motorcycle, I couldn't believe it, It was like going to Ferrari, It was the same bike by Rahier and Auriol. But Roberto Azzalin offered me a Cagiva and the same money (80 millions), I liked the idea, the project, people. With him I have always enjoyed, Besides that engine: every time you opened the gas looked like she vomits, came a roar from prehistoric animal, ".

Cyrus was big, often too. Peterhansel see it remained of stone. "You're crazy" telling him that evening at the bivouac.

"He was right. I played all my life so, When they were giving me off I didn't understand anything. There was a risk that every dune could be "broken", cut after the crest. Others waited to see what was behind before deciding what to do. the no, on 300 Dune those routes could be at most one or two, There was to risk your skin, but I gave a long March to take gas and put downward speed. With this game to life lost, Peterhansel took even 20 minutes on stage. I know that the Rally does not interpret that, though this was my way of riding a bike, whatever the risk and the price to be paid: fisting and the final victory!”.

In 1987 a first major victory, the Pharaohs, the year after winning in Tunisia, the Dakar falls and gets hurt. In 1989 Egypt and Tunisia wins again and is third to Dakar 1990 behind Orioli and Mas winning 6 stages. Home reports Cagiva are good, Azzalin sometimes insults, especially when Cyrus asks him 80 times the same things.

Azzalin still appreciates it, Ciro is training like a madman, in the gym, by bike. in motion. With Franco Gualdi, riding the bike for assistance, will train you to disassemble the motor Ducati from a motorcycle to another. Learn to do it in an hour and a half, Nothing in rallying at the time. But yields to Yamaha's Court, who offers him a YZE750 twin-cylinder. Won in Egypt, for the third time, and falls again to the Dakar that won't win any while entering the legend.

After Hearing Nani Roma: "I have the chills every time I see those pictures of Cyrus and Danny Laporte in Niger. You were on the edge of 200 per hour in a crazy fight. Absurd. Went off the track to seek ways impossible without ever shut off the gas, for hours. There is an indelible image in my memory: an overtaking of two by Medardo with Gilera. The two pass full throttle wide open and filled with catch seems that Medardo dust and stones. I think that is the most terrifying moment in the history of dueling Dakar ".

The 1991 is second in the Rally of Sardinia and Spain wins the Baja Aragon in conjunction with Cavandoli, the 1992 It is the year of the accident and the difficult recovery. But in the 1994 Decides to return to Dakar. that same year part and arrives in Paris.

Runs from a private Cagiva Elefant, does not point to victory, has different motivations. The helmet has placed a tape recorder. want to tell a story for a book. The title is Dakar Borderline, comes out in 2002 It is part of the project "Schools in the Desert" and its sale contributes to the building of the school of Assoda in Niger. Part for Paris directly from home, in motion, in the snow with a heated suit Dainese and ends 31st.

"Of all the Dakar will remember especially Peterhanser the strongest force for head and bolt handle; the goodness of Beppe Gauri, an individual always in deep shit but willing to help even if it was worse than you; the speed of Danny Laporte. Were beautiful years special consignments. That spirit must be recovered ".

Have you ever been afraid?

"If there was fear, the races do not exist. I'm afraid of apathy, the stand still, I fear for my three sons, It seems to me that the world is taking a turn for the worse and there are no signs of improvement. There are no certainties ".

Ciro it gets dark in the face, We remain silent and we throw another stone into the water. To break the silence looks at me and says:

"come on I'll take you in Indianapolis of Enduro".

I leave a stone that I have in hand and watch it with a question mark in my face painting.

"We go to monte Pora, in the heart of the valleys, where the enduro is the real thing ".

But it's almost dark, Maybe next. With Cyrus you are fine: Biker thug and wise man.

Interview by Guido Conter
source: motorcycle store.
A special thanks to my friend Alfredo Margaritelli who provided the material.