Unfortunate Dakar 1991 to Gauri

The previous year was the best by private persons, in 1991 must try now to preserve the Platonic title. A task, not easy for the pilot-old bergamasco, He still has from his participation in the Dakar rally and thirty seven Gauri 1991Africans. Has a & #8217; enviable experience combined with a great skill in public relations.

Switched to Honda after years with Suzuki, race riding a & #8217; Africa Twin in marathon not having had the time to prepare the bike for category proto: l & #8217; agreement with Italian importer #8217; in fact was reached and only all & #8217; last time, so much so that the sympathetic «Gualo» (but his real name is Giusi) He had to skip the Pharaohs. For assistance has a truck #8217; & Mercedes Unimog led by Dell & #8217; Anna Dalvie, from the Camel Trophy, and Claudio Macario, Airborne mechanic.

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N.d. r. Beppe Gaulini retired after only 3 stages, working off a broken collarbone.
The bike now owned by Roberto Pacheco who gave us the images

Dakar 1991, the glorious cavalcade of Edi

Clips from a ’ era never forgotten. Bakul Assomoto Team, EDI and his Cagiva, Ciro grappling with an eraser, MAS making gasoline, Montebelli self service…wonderful!


Antonio Cabini: There is no 2 without 3!

True to the adage there's no two without three Antonio Cabini, After you have completed the previous two editions of Paris-Dakar, He arrived at the finish line of the marathon in Africa also in 1991. Riding a Yamaha which he himself prepared the 34-year-old Charboneau led to share seven its holdings to the fascinating event as it was presented for the first time in 84, among the first Italians; He tried again with no luck over the next two years, was the game as Navigator drive in 87 and missed only the Edition 88.

It ended with much satisfaction the Dakar motorcycle 1991 Cabini Antonio, «veteran» of the race with seven stakes. From an individual with a Yamaha Thumper.

This time, as already two years before, ranked 38th po-am, an outcome may not end but always comforting for those who Outstand occurs only with a mechanic avio-transported and some cash spare bi on a truck.

It is the third time in a row that reach Dakar. It's always a considerable satisfaction at the first time is unrepeatable?
"Actually the first time gives special emotions. In my case, then, I had pursued that goal four times without success and as a result I really wanted to do it. This year was the uncertainty of the bike, I had prepared myself, After that in the two previous editions had rented a motorbike former officer from Belgarda. There was the fear of not being able to get to the bottom but all in all it always went well and I did it again. The biggest satisfaction was to reach Dakar with a half prepared.»

You met more or less difficulty than before?
«As the Dakar ' 91 I judged more selective, harder. As far as I'm concerned I had problems limited lump and I never was the purpose of the. I was twice out of gas after missing the track due to a limited autonomy, but mostly I slowed a wrong choice of the fil-tro. I aspired not enough air and could not take advantage of all the power. Unfortunately, the drawback was no longer once ri-medibile parties and I resigned… are the typical inconveniences of visitors that come to fit the last pieces in a hurry, maybe even on Christmas day. "

The Organization has increased the stages marathon to promote, According to him, private drivers. Did you think about the right choice?
"The intention was good but the results were not those promised. The factory before the marathon stages have the possibility to review the best means and therefore hardly, less than falls or particular unfortunate events, meet then problems. They can then find the system to be let on the runway a few pieces to be replaced and on arrival, While we have to make do with sleeping bag, they always find someone to provide tents and other amenities. Anyway if I think back to two years ago, When I had the mechanic on plane, This time for me was after all a Dakar bearable. "

Most of all drives you to face this marathon?
«Is its diversity from all other races that attracts. It's a race where not just about ranking but also arri-vare down, overcome any obstacle and prevailing wind, reward you even without the victories. After a certain age you feel like something different, something that goes beyond the sporting result and in this sense the Dakar is one of the few, If not the only, that can give this kind of sensations.»

What are gorgeous and inconsiderate thing of the event?
«Beautiful I find places traversed, the landscapes, all places where hardly a simple tourist can get, I find it too stressful to the European part of the race, especially before the start. Between checks, transfers, gangways and the like do not wait to arrive in Africa, especially for individuals is one unfortunate phase.»

With sponsors can you settle the score or this Dakar gives you expensive?
«I have helped the firm lcas and Top bearings but obviously you need to integrate his own pocket this revenue in order to participate in a Dakar. For an individual of my spending level is around 50-60 millions. We should perhaps try to gang up and thereby limiting common expenses. In this sense I say have played to a good job Combined team.»

Between Dakar and the other attending other races?
«In past years I couldn't. Lately work absorbs me too. I raced in the Rally of Sardinia, Cross country trophy, at Atlas. I come from enduro and before Dakar I indulged in regional and national field.»

In the next edition we will again?
«I haven't decided yet. I might find some new stimulation. The fever of Africa, Anyway, It also affects me and I can't wait to finish in spring I start to feel the nostalgia. Ve-dremo.»

Interview: Danilo Sechi

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Paolo Paladini Dakar 1991

A heroic Paul Paladins do you portray during the Dakar 1991. Behind him the bike with a Honda Marathon she finished 10 Boluda° in absolute!!

Nassi Fabio 91

Fabio Nassi Dakar 1991

Fabio Nassi su Honda Africa Twin Marathon alla Dakar 1991

Suzuki SR43

Suzuki DRZ 750 Sr43 Dakar 1991

For Franco Picco was supposed to be last year's issues of revenge after Dakar, instead hasn't even started: the 23 December Franco Picco fell while he was practicing on the field cross di Arzignano riding a Suzuki 250, to lock the front wheel. Batted and after performing a somersault in the air fell violently beating the basin.
Hospitalized at the hospital in Valdagno (Vi) He was found a fracture to the pubic symphysis and a crack in the sacrum, no serious damage but still force him to at least two months of immobility, the Team of Gaston Rahier had thus relinquishing his top driver for the most important event of the season. Franco Picco, whereas its contract with Suzuki expires in July, It is still determined to get back in the saddle in order to participate in the Rally of Tunisia.

SUZUKI DRZ 750 – Base remained the same last year's bike, currently the only single competitive ranking even if not too strong in terms of reliability. For this we have worked a lot on the engine, a four stroke with cool-ing four-valve air-oil mixture, double switching electronics and power supply through two Carburetors Mikuni shot. Despite the name DRZ 750 the actual displacement is 830 cm. a solution which has been arrived after numerous tests. The Exchange remains five-speed and clutch in oil bath.
The Suzuki, that rally turned totally to the team run by Rahier, He renewed the chassis: a split single cradle with Full Floater rear suspension linkage system modified, Kayaba fork and disc brakes in front and back; you are not, however, overlooked the speech of aerodynamics and comfort, that led to redesign the tank group, two front and one rear for a total of 62 liters, and the windshield. Numerous the reductions leading to a dry weight of 154 kg, driven by an engine that delivers a maximum declared power of 71 CV to 7.000 RPM.

62 – GASTON RAHIER His temper is simultaneously its greatest advantage and his worst fault. Caused him problems of living with some riders of his team but at the same time allowed him to reap exceptional results. Three world cross 125, two Paris-Dakar and three Rallye des Pharaons are but a small part of a sporting curriculum that has few equals.
Owner of the team that bears his name and who does run the official Suzuki, in 43 years played Rahier is still a man to keep an eye on, able to win a couple of stages even in the previous edition of the Dakar rally and get good results.

64 – JEAN-CHRISTOPHE WAGNER Eternal fast assistance team, He always played diligently its task and this sometimes penalized its performance. Though he got good placings occasionally, proving that Rahier had good nose to ensure the presence on the team of 22-year-old Frenchman when it still hadn't played more than national racing.

65 – AKIRA WATANARE It is not a new name for fans of cross, who remember ' 78 cross world champion and also starred in subsequent seasons. He returned to Japan in 84, He never stopped running-road passing though enduro where he won the national title. Dear pilot from Suzuki, in 36 However the Charter of rally attempts practically years to debut, having only attended the last edition of the Pharaohs.

The team belong to four other men: Swiss Andy Brunner the French expert Raymond Loizeaux and two Italians who also last armo reached in good position for the beach in Dakar, Franco Zotti and Giampaolo Abbasi. While running with Team Rahier and riding the Suzuki are unofficial: their bikes are derived from the series, but still receive some assistance from the French education, consistent with the needs of the four drivers.

Ed: It was not a particularly glorious Dakar for Team Suzuki, Rahier finished only at the 13rd place, Brunner 17°, Watanabe 23°, Loizeaux 29°.

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Special thanks for photos Stefan Heßler


My Dakar by Ermanno Ban

After 13 motocross years pursuing a dream that even came close several times, I've never been able to make it my profession, I thought I would close at least in beauty this interlude of life.

In those years the Paris Dakar held the world attached to television, to newspapers and magazines. And then I thought it was the right race, a dream very tempting, so it become a pleasant obsession by participating in 3 editions, from 1989 at 1991.

Already, but with what money, by what means!?
I remind you that I've always been a worker and cover the 50 millions need has always been an ordeal ... I had one Yamaha XT Ténéré and it was my first bike that took me to the finish 49° on 60 riders arrived at the finish line.
The prepared in my usual cellar 4×3 Mt (who says you need mega workshops are wrong) and just for the tanks I asked help from VRP. The engine was "fresh" only had 18.000 km so I replaced the piston and cylinder covered by “warranty” my friend's pirate dealer. I remember the day I fell and racked up 2 the trip master, so I drove without notes until the end, I followed the tracks, dust and my gut. Just following the traces left in the sand by pilots as Franco Picco and Edi Orioli, I managed to finish, Therefore they deserve in their merit and my highest consideration, Perhaps the strongest riders I've ever met at Dakar.

All would have ended up there after the first edition, having reached my goal, but when the sponsors come knocking at your door and down the street they stop you and ask you for an autograph you realise you can't stop this beautiful dream.
In Dakar 1990 I already had a sale with Crossbowmen to rent one of his Aprilia, then at the last moment everything fell through and my choice fell on an Africa Twin which gave me Boano. The bike was already prepared by HRC with just the instrumentation, the tires and a few other things.

Unfortunately it was not a lucky, a major accident at 4° or 5° round, I don't really remember, compelled me to finish the race in advance (I was on the border between Libya and Niger and cease them my memories, because I woke up in the recovery room at Maggiore in Bologna after 5 days).

For my last Dakar, that of 1991, USAI always an Africa Twin Honda Italy made available to me. Had already been used at the Rally of the Pharaohs, However was in order. Unfortunately that Edition ended too soon, the fuel pump stopped working on the border with Niger (still there, what luck!) and only thanks to a small group of retired pilots, After 3 days we walked up to Tunis where he embarked for Italy.

The bike that definitely gave me more satisfaction and I remember with most pleasure was definitely my first Yamaha, It was the lightest is the most manageable, but he had some limits. Unlike the twin-cylinder Honda, If you want heavier but significantly more in a competition similar.

At this point, What's left of my Africa? I think I've given so much of myself in this race, though it cannot be eternal, I maintain friendships with a few dakariani.
Unfortunately I think the technology has debased the adventure and the political problems did the rest, of old Dakar remained very little. Though it's part of me and I follow with pleasure every time traveling.

A curious anecdote, is when well aware of the importance of physical recovery, of eating and sleeping, to get used to sleeping at low temperatures, problems I encountered in the North to start race, preparing sleeping outside in sleeping bags throughout December!!

Finished my dream I chose another path in sports "much less challenging" he left time to my private life and without giving importance to the competitive side, now to 55 years, a daughter, a classmate and my new passion is triathlon.

Hello everyone.

Ermanno Ban

De Petri 1991-2

“Ciro” Dalia fall and retirement – Dakar 1991

Despite all the problems blamed for Agadez looked like «Cyrus» Dalia could still do it: fifty minutes not one huge drawback when the race is still half, especially for a rider can win special Repeater. But unfortunately did not end as the Italian fans would have hoped.

Gao Bergamo there arrived on a plane of SOS Assistance, with the compound fracture of the left collarbone, the dislocation of the hip and lumbar trauma at the height of the sacroiliac joint. His race is over at km 25 of the Special, against a cut hidden by the soft sand on which the bike was stuck with projecting far.

«I was travelling around 120 mph is his account and I have not noticed anything. The step was invisible. Hadn't seen it I could try to raise the front wheel, or slide the bike to trigger the crash: I would not have fallen like a stewed PEAR. Instead I flew forward and the bike has passed over two or three times, without hitting me. I tumbled for 300 meters, and once I stopped I heard I was going to pass out. I forced myself and I moved from the runway, then came the other day».

An amazing fall, unexpected, to the extent that Dalia asked Cavandoli, He is staying to assist, to verify the step had balked.

«I wish they would tell me what happened, I hadn't even realized. I wanted to understand the reason for my fall to not stay with a worm in the head. What bad luck! A step of land very hard, barely visible and not marked on road book: others who passed, While slowing down for my accident, taking the beatings shoals, to surprise. I've seen them turn around to watch what they hit».

Team Rider BYRD-Chesterfield speaks lying on a special mattress in the tent infirmary, with strong back pains for stroke for. "I thought that for me the bad luck was over and instead… My race went. That anger. If you fall because you came along in a curve or because you overdid it is your fault and patience. It can happen to fall even as there is a risk in off piste. But so… My shoulder doesn't hurt, It was just that I'd be broken down. He's behind that feel bad stabbing».

Fortunately, however, it is just a bad bump. The last straw is that Dalia wasn't even forcing.

"I was doing well but not staring at the Yelp despite being in front of everyone. With that bike I was perfectly on this ground, the $ $ run effortlessly. I started loaded but very quiet after the victory of yesterday: I knew there were still six days of competition. I would have eaten 30 minutes to all, behind me there was a fuss that would have slowed down. In two days I could retrieve all the advantage in the early standings. What bad luck».

Bad luck? Judging by the condition of the bike we would have to think otherwise, having regard to the State it was reduced. Led her to Gao, one of the team's service truck.

«And destroyed, I have never seen a bike like this. The tanks seem reduced to foil, the handlebar is ripped. And as if it had been thrown down a cliff. I in the incident I lost my gloves».

Dalia was taken the next day to Niamey with Wagner from ae-reo Team private BYRD-Chesterfield, and was then repatriated by a plane of SOS Assistance.

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