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The cover of Motosprint dedicated to accident to Giampaolo Marinoni


Advertising Cagiva 1986

Video pubblicitaria Cagiva Lucky Explorer Dakar Replica 1986

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Not only Boxer! BMW K75 GS

Not just BMW boxer to Dakar! These images depict the prototype Car that IPR team took at the start of the Paris-Dakar rally Edition 1986 with driving the Frenchman Yves De Chalon.

The news of this project are not many, We rely to friends of the network to find information.

Balestrieri 1986-2

Vinod b and the podium at Dakar 1986

He was the only Italian among the officers not to win a special stage at Dakar 1986, but in the end, Vinod B was the best with the third position proving a great passista. Dowry conferred him at least as much as that of an exceptional Navigator.

"I have finished the race in two hours and fifteen minutes from Neveu explains Crossbowmen and can tell you exactly where I got this delay: an hour and a half left in the Ténéré and surroundings, another half hour just arrived near the border with Senegal, in Red, where did I go wrong track. I took one seemingly parallel, that led me astray. But at that point I had to attempt even though the posting was important and there were not many chances to recover on two cylinders of Neveu and Anita».

You've had, After the race, a chance to try all the bikes featured this year in testing arranged for printing. What were your impressions?

"In two words I can say that the Yamaha FZ 750 is exaggerated, but an unfavorable utilization curve, Besides being too heavy. And’ a monster hard to steer, So congratulations to Olivier Yamaha mono is more or less similar to our Honda. Altogether are equivalent. The twin-cylinder Honda has good power, distributed very well, but you can still work on the frame, While the BMW surprised me altogether: good engine, great couple, good driveability. It is not surprising, in fact: first with Auriol then with Rahier, BMW has done a great deal of experience, now the exploit.

Source motosprint

Torri 1986

Claudio towers and the “Caporetto” Guzzi to Dakar 1986

Has not been lucky the Edition 1986 the Paris-Dakar Rally for team Guzzi. Parties driven by the enthusiasm of towers, that the past year had reached relatively smoothly Agadez before retiring, the franco-Italian army composed of three mini bike (led by Towers, Rafferty and Drobecq) two Pinzgauer and a truck, all sponsored by Neff and Total, He raised the white flag already in Tamanrasset, a decidedly lower than that achieved in 1985.

"Unfortunately we have had a number of drawbacks such as to force us to take a hard decision is the comment of: same Towers probably match bad universal joints. The fact is that the transmission shaft was very frequent, so I can say that in this Dakar was more the time I was still at the edge of the track on bikes».

Without this inconvenience would be competitive?

"Hard to say, What is certain is that the engine finally pushing strong. Even the chassis was improved significantly compared to that of the motorcycle driven by me in 1985, deserve this for asking the French importer whose enthusiasm had made sure that that was a little’ my personal obsession to become a real team and with companions such as Drobecq and Rigoni. To continue would have been too painful: the bike, gimbal break apart, fine. Because of poor location of us we left rather forward and we have seen how difficult it was for the opponents collect us. Then, Unfortunately, the driveline is incredible and points to us were kicked in long waits. After repair we'd pick, but we pulled so much to solicit the clutch just overreacting, so were other stops. Personally I considered demeaning the situation. The Guzzi is not a bike that can make up the rear in this way».

One of the bike is also destroyed, because?

«Rafferty wanted to continue starting in Assekrem special, fell, the motorcycle caught fire».

Despite this “Caporetto” We see that the team is still held together here in Niamey, How come?

"We do it for the sponsors in spite of everything we wish to introduce ourselves on the beach in Dakar to thank them in confidence. I think they realized that our liability is limited and that the team has done everything possible for that matter I think the intention is to continue because the Guzzi still has potential to exploit».

Source motosprint


The Cagiva Elefant of Giampaolo Marinoni

The story of the tragedy which ended with the disappearance of Giampaolo Marinoni is b.s.. One of those that we wouldn't have wanted to tell. A series of terrible coincidences, all despicable, all unavoidable. Cagiva rider had hitherto a Dakar 1986 quite satisfactory, 13th in the absolute and winner of a stage, the Dirkou-Agadem. But he was not satisfied. Inside was convinced he can achieve a better result, If only he could attack before. He felt that that last damn special could have win to give satisfaction to the Castiglioni. The final day of competition consisted of two stages made especially for twins, a fast stretch of sand that would see one winner among the Favorites: Rahier, Neveu, Olivier or Giampaolo Marinoni. The first was imposed upon Gaston Rahier and Giampaolo was finished second. The second stage saw the street determined to win.

But this desire for glory and harsh reality stands the fate, in the form of a ruinous fall in 20 km from the start of the Special. He was rescued by his companions, and stoically despite severe pain, and when his will a man becomes hero, He decided he could continue. Aided by Crossbowmen to climb into the saddle and escorted by Picard until, Giampaolo eventually rose Dakar Beach. Unfortunately we all know what happened after a few hours.

Many times we wondered how worthily and with a friendly smile this unfortunate driver who left a beautiful memory in the hearts of all lovers of enduro, and when the grandson of Giampaolo, Fabio and his son Michele have contacted us to let us know your intention to send us pictures of his Cagiva Elefant Dakar 1986, who jealously guard home, We did not feel right. What better way to remember, by publishing the photos of his bike, to commemorate the exploits of a pilot that after 30 years is still alive and immortal.

Thanks to Fabio and Michele.

Marinoni Giampaolo 1986   Dakar

The tragedy of Mad

The Paris Dakar remains a tough competition and reach Dakar is a challenge with oneself against fatigue. Remember the story of an unforgettable motorcycling hero, Gianpaolo Marinoni, that his second P-D in 1986, the proved fatal. Just 40 km from the finish, during the final special stage on the Lake Rose, ran into a fall, from the resulting in seemingly innocuous.

Marinoni immediately went up aboard his Cagiva and although youTTO managed to cross the finish line in 13th position. It was still an excellent placement, in view of the large number of competitors, the exceptional selectivity of the race and the huge percentage of withdrawals.

The same evening, However accused a serious malaise, enough to be admitted to a hospital in Dakar, where doctors realized that the severe trauma had caused serious damage to the liver. Was operated of urgency, but she died two days later, following a serious infection over.


Moto Guzzi V75 1986

And’ the 1986 and at the start of the 8th edition of the Paris Dakar also involves a host of Moto Guzzi notoriously thick card, engine 4 valves of V75 and about 62 BHP made the bike of Mandello del Lario to achieve 170 km/h.

Official team followed by the French importer, the pilots were the Italian towers and the French Drobecq and Rigoni. The bike seemed to be having a good potential: You comportatò well in the prologue, but then he was plagued with reliability problems. In parin particular suffered from frequent transmission problems, especially the gimbal probably undermined by the kinematics of the suspension.


Yamaha FZT 750 1986

In 1985 Jean Claude Olivier, famous driver enduro Yamaha Motorsports and President of France, decided to make a prototype for racing in the desert, starting from the motor 4 cylinder in-line engine used on the FZ 750. After fixing some problems which caused structural failure of the frame in the Steering area, the plan was amended and finally in 1986 is ready for the start of the Paris Dakar.
Using the Genesis of versRoad prototype called ion FZT had a power close 100 HP, but with a significant weight (about 300 Kg) and a questionable maneuvering did not guarantee to be competitive.
Of course not satisfied by the performance of the bike, Olivier asks Japanese engineers to develop an even more powerful engine but he had a better range of use for driving in the desert.
Japanese engineers sent him in France due motori 920 CC 4 cylinders, and Sonauto prepared two moto calls YZE 920. These two bikes were brought by Jean Claude Olivier and Serge Bacou in Dakar ' 87.
Bacou finished seventh, JCO earned 11th place – slowed down by some physical problems Emerson dislocated his shoulder some time before departure, – succeeding anyway coming third on a stage.

*The monster of the desert * had an engine 4 cylinders, 5 valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled, with an output of ben 85 HP.

The bike is equipped with a front fuel tank 55 Lt. and from 20 Lt. rear. The Kayaba fork from a front 43 mm with 300 mm travel. The rear shock has a 300 mm. The navigation system is Yamaha Racing with electrical roadbook holder. The tires are Michelin Desert.
The YZE 920 This is probably one of the coolest motorcycles that have you participated to Raid more challenging in the world.


14 January 1986: nothing will be as before

The 14 January 1986, As always, chasing the race aboard his chopper white. Perhaps due to the excessive weight or poor visibility due to a sandstorm, We'll never know –, the aircraft crashed to the ground. With Thierry Sabine, die the French singer Daniel Balavoine, the journalist Nathaly Odent, the helicopter pilot, François Xavier-Bagnoud and radio technician Jean-Paul Le Fur.

It is a shock for the caravan, but the race goes on.

"I bring to Adventure doors, but it's up to you to open them to tempt fate»

He repeated the creator of Dakar. And challenge the desert is also play with life, jumping on the crest of the dunes or dancing on the sand to over 200 kilometers per hour.

The accident remains the one with the worst budget in the history of the Dakar. Sabine's ashes will be scattered beneath the famous "last tree", near where I wandered the street ten years before.

In that Edition was killed the Japanese motorcycle racer Yasuo Kaneko, hit by a motorist. Will be the most tragic Dakar history with six deaths.