Team Villa

Villa: a bolognese with Dakar goal

Some friends have asked us to find information on the possible participation of a Team that participated in the Dakar 1984 with two bikes Villa 2T. Find information more than 30 years is never easy, but the magic of the network and the passion of many of you, they did the miracle. From the information in our possession, the team actually did exist but there are no traces of participation in the Dakar. Below the article text found on a vintage Motocross. Anyone in possession of more information and want to share with us is the acceptable.

Avid passion for motorcycles, looking for adventure and experience different emotions, a pinch of charm for the risk. These are the main reasons that led Riccardo Taroni and Stefano Bucci to estiverai and participate in the next Rallye des Pharaons that will kick off in October. A decision that actually not surprised much knowing the love of jeeps and fellowship which unites the two, one of Forlì and Faenza, that in the winter just ended have been studying a long term program with the ultimate goal to wrangle at least one test of the grueling Paris-Dakar.

Wisely before delving into an adventure that may be beyond their current experiences, they decided to approach these particular enduro races through a step by step program that will see them, for starters, try the Rally of Sardinia in June, to continue then with that of the Pharaohs in October and get that next year with a solid background on the shoulders.

Of course a similar calendar resulted in considerable technical problems beginning with the choice of the bike and sponsors, essential for a project so large; After a series of negotiations, the choice of the means has been directed on the Villa.

The motorcycle manufacturer will study and expressly for the two pilots and for this kind of competitions, an enduro bike in view also of a likely production.

During the winter I'm so initiates testing of Rommel, a two stroke 410 CC. with which Bucci and Taroni will participate as riders bolognese brand at events scheduled. Many sponsors have joined with on the team as sports Director Tiziano Padayatty: those technicians are the Giemme jumpsuits. the M. Robert who provided the boots and accessories, La Nava, the Wiseco Italy, While a consistent support came also from the Motor Club, from goldsmiths Sunsets, from Baby garden but especially from "The seasons" youth clothing company directed by Eris Good which saw off an advertising vehicle suitable to launch its own brand.

Massimo Zanzani

Departure 1984-1

Departure of Dakar stage 1984

Dakar 1984 jerk it #99 H.Scheck, #2 Vallet, #54 The fountain, #75 Véronique Anquetil, #19 René, #50 Pelletier


Advertising Honda XL 600 Paris Dakar


J.D. Duchaussoy – Dakar 1984

What a shame the poor j.-Daniel DUCHAUSSOY, abandoned by his KTM GS 560 in the middle of the desert!!

Wolf 1984

Jean Jacques Loup Dakar 1984

Swiss Jean-jacques LOUP on KTM Dakar 1984, did not arrive at the finish line.

Bassot MC 1984-2

Eliseo M. C. Dakar 1984

Bassot Marie Clare ottima 19A alla Dakar 1984

Findanno 1984-1

Greetings from Dakar 1984

Postcard with dedication by Beppe Gaulini #29 to Giampiero Fatemian #82 and Vinod B #84.

Photo courtesy of Giampiero Fatemian.

Anquetil nephew 1984-2

Small, but big Veronique to Dakar 1984!

Twenty-four years, Petite and kind traits, Veronique Anquetil in everyday life does the job and when laying next to his Yamaha 600 TT seems even more fragile. Actually this girl has just won the female results, It's also got 15ma absolute!

In its third experience in Paris-Dakar is finally able to see the arrival, enduring the previous year the sadness of withdrawal only 400 km from Dakar.

What prompted you to join?

«I like the rides, says before the start of the special that from Sali Portudal will finally in Dakar. I participate in enduro races in France, but there the trials are shorter and unsuitable for a woman. Here in Africa, Instead, count on knowing how to administer. I never went very strong but I never stop, I didn't fall that four times, and not excessive speed. Meanwhile the boys broke their bikes, they fell often… I did a race waiting because I have a strong physique, that tolerates fatigue smaltendola day by day».

You've suffered some inconvenience for the fact of being a girl in a race so manly?

"I would say no, is a matter of habit. I'm considered a rider like others».

What was your position this year?

«Attending officially sponsored by Pastis 51 from Sonauto and the Total with a service vehicle that was sharing with journalist Pierre Marie Parker».

Source motosprint
Photo Mimine Magnin

Honda XL660 R 1984

Honda XL 600 1984

The Honda is very strong at the start of the Paris Dakar 1984, the new version of the XLR slightly increased engine displacement and led to 630 CC which develops approximately 46 HP also weighs about 145 kg. This is perhaps one of the better prepared, as Honda France worked closely with the parent company.

Gualini2 1984

Beppe Gauri Dakar 1984

When individuals were pioneers. Canisters attached with elastic saddle and table number plate holder riveted on the rack. Beppe Gauri on Honda XL 600R at the start of the 1984.
He came regularly to the finish in Dakar finishing in 45° position.